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Yulia , 25

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January 6, 1999 (25 years)

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About me

Middle School
medical assistant
I do not drink
I do not smoke
I live:
with neighbors
have children
White roses
Christmas day
Not filled
Not filled
Friendship, Communication, Meeting, Family, Children
My main hobby is gardening it is like meditation for me, which improves my efficiency, interest and skills. This hobby gives me peace and makes my day rewarding. Every early morning I admire my flowering garden, slowly growing plants, which my son helps me to take care of. Every evening I play football with my son or collect puzzles as an evening for family leisure .. I also try to plant new and ornamental plants in my house to improve its appearance and beauty and add comfort to my corner. My favorite pastime is reading books and gardening, but I always prefer gardening, because with flowers I can take my soul away.
About me:
I have a good sense of humor, I like to joke and be positive. I am sociable, I like to chat with friends, for this I always have topics of conversation. I always try to help with another matter or even with some practical advice. I am active and try not to sit still. I am also fond of reading and gardening. I love animals, recently, at the request of our son, we got a dog, and now it is our beloved friend. I really like to travel around our area, in the future I want to see the world, sometimes in my free time I like to walk with my friends and my son. He very often keeps us company on walks in parks and squares, he is also my active child. I am also an ambitious girl, I love it when the house is tidy and smells of delicious food. Attentive, caring. I look at life optimistically, because life is beautiful and you need to appreciate every minute. I hope that I will meet my love, and I can share my passion with him, and we will create our own nest.


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Body type:
5' 7"
165 lbs

Perfect Man

18 - 65
Type of man:
For me the ideal man should be charismatic a little tough courageous so that I feel like I am behind an impregnable stone fortress in any situation. Of course he must be successful in business purposeful and clearly sees what he wants to get. Must be sociable and able to quickly adapt in any society find a common language with any people. I would like him to try to understand a woman. This is a very important criterion. Because a man who does not want to understand what a woman wants in principle will not be able to give her anything either on a physical or on a moral level. Let him not be a romantic but he must understand that all women love give flowers more than once every six months and then on holidays and be able to present such a surprise that a woman will not forget for a very long time. I would like his family to come first that he would love his children and would like to help and participate in their upbringing.