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Start a Video Chat With Single Girls

Over the past decade, for millions of people, the Internet has become almost the only place where you can make new friends, find a soulmate, and meet girls in video chat. The reason is pretty simple — it's comfortable, and all boundaries are erased, including the territorial ones. Today, you can chat with a person from the other side of the world with just one click. Read a detailed guide from on how to choose the website for video chat and have your first successful call!

How to Find the Best Website for Live Video Chat With Ladies

There are quite a lot of resources for live chatting, and it might be tough to pick the best one. When choosing a chat room, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Good moderation. There should not be a lot of fakes, advertising broadcasts, cranky users, and the like. All this can greatly spoil the impression.

Enough valuable features and settings. You should have the ability to select the gender and geolocation of the person you're going to talk to so that, in most cases, you don't have to communicate with people you are unlikely to meet offline. For dating with the prospect of a real meeting, such sites with minimal useful functionality aren't always suitable.

Advanced interface. The platform should have an attractive interface and simple navigation. On the one hand, that doesn't affect the communication itself. But on the other hand, now a garish design is an outright relic of the past.

Premium account. If a video chat website doesn't bring a good income, it's difficult for developers to implement new technology solutions. 

Decent quality of video and sound. You shouldn't try to shout out to a caller and constantly turn the camera to improve the image. Chatting should be a pleasure, not a nervous breakdown.

Prepare Yourself for Video Chat: a Check-List

It's every man's personal business how to look in front of the camera: reserved or playful, in a modest outfit or a bright one. But some secrets will help to make a video dating chat with woman longer. has prepared a few tips for you.

Set Up the Lighting

Before you go out to video chat, see if the light falls well on you. You should know your strengths and weaknesses in your appearance. And the right lighting is your best assistant. You could say it's your photoshop for video chat.

Remove Unnecessary Objects

Pay attention if there is nothing unnecessary next to you. You don't want the cup on the table to draw more attention than you do. Choose a nice background. Women are attentive to everything around you and may even pay attention to the picture behind you. You have to be the main point in a video chat. Still, you can always defuse the situation by showing, for example, your cat that was passing by. Conversely, if you want to focus on yourself, you should remove all unnecessary items not to pique the interest of the person you are chatting with.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Feeling good about yourself is the main goal. It catches the eye immediately. Choose something from your closet that will look good and make you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that those around us like us if we feel confident. 

Smile With Your Eyes

Many women don't believe words at all. Probably, they have already heard pretty words on dating sites too often. They look for answers to their questions in the men's eyes. If you only knew how closely women follow a man in a video chat. They catch every glance and try to see something important and real. So, the phrase “The eyes are the window to the soul” is not such a trivial thing in video chat. Don't start video chatting if you aren't in a good mood or are not inclined to have a pleasant conversation.

Just Be Who You Are

You don't have to play macho. Women can sense fakes and want to see real emotion. It's better to win the girl over with your naturalness than to try to be a bad actor and disappoint her.

How to Impress a Woman on Live Chat?

Skill comes with experience. Over the life of the Internet and various chat rooms in it, the user public has managed to develop a number of quite simple but effective dating video chat techniques, which help establish contact with any stranger.

Get Ready to Entertain a Girl You Like

Read the news, learn a couple of wise quotes, and some funny jokes (but you have to know how to tell them, you may even practice in front of the mirror). Don't forget that appropriate impromptu conversation helps develop a dialogue and seduce with your smart brain. However, the best impromptu is the one that is prepared in advance and well-rehearsed.

Make a Playlist

Make a selection of good music with the expectation that the playlist is always on hand and can be sent to your new companion. It may be a touching gesture.

Be Polite

In video chats, dialogues happen in different ways. Sometimes, it even seems that people have forgotten how to talk normally at all. Thus, a polite and well-mannered user attracts attention. So, why not take advantage of it? Saying goodbye to the person with whom you had a lovely chat, don’t forget to say that you will be happy to see her again.

Best Conversation Starters for Live Dating Chat With Girls

The initiative should come from the man. He provides psychological comfort and seduction. No awkward pauses and phrases. Here are some ideas for conversation starters.

Games for Adults

A truth game can be an option to build a dialogue. You take turns asking questions and answering them honestly. You feel excitement and trust. During the game conversation, try to get the information you need, but be mindful — no one will plunder her soul at once.

Everybody Talks About It

People usually talk about topics as they provide a wide field of communication and an opportunity to get to know each other better. Talk about music, hobbies and leisure activities, drinks and food, childhood, sports, travel, relationships. But don't nerd out by turning a potentially lively conversation into a dull interview. When talking about movies, ask her what role she'd like to play if she got a chance, etc.


Even outstanding speakers can have that awkward moment when there is a pause in the conversation. In that case, have at least five entertaining stories in your head that you can tell a girl. You can start such a maneuver with the magic word “By the way…”

Tell Some PR Stories

Just tell stories that present you in a favorable light, demonstrate your best qualities, increase your value and importance. For example, “I was at a businessmen's conference once and witnessed this interesting situation…” or “Coffee is quite good, but in an Italian coffee shop in Milan, I once tasted perfect coffee…”. The main thing is not to sound snobbish.

Bonus: Universal Topics for Live Chat to Melt the Ice


Start with the question, “When was the last time you went to the movies?” Find out what she likes to watch, if she goes to a late-night movie, talk about new TV shows, and invite you to the movies — job’s done!


For example, you skate or collect stamps. After a little conversation, you can invite her to skate if she doesn't know how — promise to teach. Or tell a romantic story associated with your favorite stamps and invite her to see the collection. Don't forget to ask what the girl is into, and give time to talk about it.

Bad Habits

It’s better to talk about “cute” flaws: the habit of being constantly late, losing pens, or on the contrary — collecting them from everyone you know. The main thing is to have fun.


You may discuss anything — from family dinners with grandma's pies to favorite dishes, exotic seafood, nice cafes, outings to kebabs, etc. An invitation to your favorite cafe or out of town on the weekend would make perfect sense.


You can tell her about your recent travels. Ask where the girl likes to go or drive, ask about her favorite weather for walks, where she would like to visit. What does she like better — the forest, the mountains, or diving into the depths of the sea for treasure.


Here you can ask what kind of guy she'd like to meet, what she wouldn't tolerate: cheating, nerdiness, greed, etc. In response, give your opinions. Ask about friends, tell them about your own. Just don't start going over ex-girlfriends.


 It’s a win-win topic. Does she have a cat, dog, rat, fish, parrot? Ask some questions about it! Talk about your pets and imagine what your favorite iguana and her guinea pigs would do together.

In fact, you can talk about anything. Any thought that comes to mind can be turned into a fascinating conversation. Push the emotion. Make her feel happy, beautiful, and desirable. And you don't try to follow a plan and remember patterns. All the most important things in life happen by chance!