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Guide on meeting single women in online chats

Meeting girls on dating sites is a great option for those men who aren’t sociable in reality and shy to come to noisy parties. You can relax and not engage in “live” conversation in the online space until there is a genuine mutual interest. will tell you how not to screw up when chatting online with girl.

How to Start a Chat With Girls Online

The first conversation is the key to a friendly or loving relationship. Men raise a lot of questions when they start a chat with a lady. During the first dialogue, the guys are in a right mess. How to talk to ladies and not seem boring?

Start With Likes

If a woman is interested in you, she will evaluate your photos in response. After that, you can safely text her. If you don't get any feedback, try to comment on your actions with a message like “Your pictures are so beautiful, I couldn't pass by.” Don't be stingy with compliments about her looks. What girl doesn't love them?

Come Up With a Romantic First Message

You can start an online dialogue with a romantic phrase. For example: “I might have no chance to meet such an amazing girl, but I'll still try my luck. Shall we get acquainted?”. Or, “Your beauty knocked me dead, so I decided to write. Maybe you won't refuse to date me?”

Shared Interests

The reason for e-dating may be a common hobby. For example, in the woman’s profile, it says that she likes watching detective movies. Come up with a motive for your message. For example: “Hi, I saw that you're into movies. Have you seen (the movie’s title)? Is it worth going to the movies? Thanks in advance for your reply.” Be sincere and try to interest the girl so that the dialogue doesn't end with her message.

Ask for Help

You can start your virtual dialogue like “Hi. My niece has a birthday soon, and I want to give her lipstick, although I don’t know anything about it. Could you help me decide, please? Sorry for asking you this head-on. I just think you have perfect taste.” Of course, a girl won’t refuse to help in such an important matter. She will be pleased that you care about her opinion.

Working Tips on How to Talk to Women Online

The best profiles on websites and dating apps are only half the battle for finding a happy and harmonious relationship. To get someone interested, you need to know how to keep the conversation going.

Stimulate Lady’s Interest

Ask not closed questions, but open-ended ones to the girls! Closed ones are those to which a woman can answer either “YES” or “NO.” She answered, and then what? Open questions are those to which she can reply with interest. Let’s look at some examples of correct questions: “How did you study yesterday?” “What happened to you today?” “How do you like the movie? What emotions did it evoke?” And remember: feelings and emotions are important for a female. Instead of “How's it going?” ask her about her mood, well-being, and worries. 

Be Yourself

Ladies feel any kind of falseness. Don't show off. It's better to share what you really have. You don't have to tell her that your day was dull and your colleagues are jerks. Just tell her how you've been successful at solving work tasks, how you're full of pleasant fatigue, and how great it’s to have a little chat with her finally.

Learn How to Make Jokes

Train self-irony and learn how to serve even a bland story in a sauce of irony to make a girl read it with interest. Humor, in general, always saves the day. That's a skill that should be developed, and self-irony is one of the qualities of self-confident men.

Share Pictures With Her

Take selfies and take pictures of what you like. Share images with her and discuss them. Women like that. 

Don't Go Overboard With Touchy-Feely Stuff

Keep in mind that you have to be able to write appropriate compliments to live chat girls.  Fair words have to be on point and directed at a particular character trait. You shouldn’t praise in general, so it will be clear that you made it for pro forma. 

Ways to Impress Ladies Online

Of course, every girl is unique and requires a different approach to win her heart. Trying one of these options will definitely help attract attention to your person.

Tell an Interesting Fact

Here are some facts that don't sound trivial and grab the lady's attention you are reading this article for.

    Pink snow that smells like watermelon falls in the mountains of California.

    In the 18th century, ketchup was considered a medicine, and in the U.S., you could even buy it in pharmacies.

    The heart of a blue whale is larger than a car. You can hear it pounding from three kilometers away.

Learn Something New About Her Hobbies

Talk about a woman's life and hobbies. It seems strange, but guys don’t often pay attention to these things.  Who wouldn't want to talk about themselves?

Reinvent Yourself

If your communication is already in full swing, you might have known more about each other, and therefore, have some idea of your interlocutor. To get her interested, introduce yourself to her in a new way by saying something unconventional about your character or lifestyle.

Add Emotions

It's hard for a man to use those cute yellow emoticons that girls like so much. Men love dots and precise wording. But girls love emojis! They put them in every two words to let you know how funny, good, friendly, or sad she is. For a female, it will be amazing when a man uses an emoji.

Best Ideas for Conversations

Experienced chatters who have been involved in girls live chatting enough time highlight a few topics that are best for getting to know a girl and keep dialogue at an early stage.


Find out what your conversation partner is into, ask her to talk about it in more detail. This way you will show your interest. 

Work and Study

This is something that anyone can talk about for a long time and a lot. But keep in mind that some people don't like to bring up these topics too much.


Such a dialogue will evoke pleasant nostalgic emotions and memories. Thus, the conversation will be more enthusiastic.

Food and Cooking

Don’t ask her directly if she knows how to cook. But it would be nice to ask about her tastes. On a future date, you will already know where to go.


Get to know how she spends her free time. Perhaps, you have a lot of shared hobbies. This will be another good reason to spend time together.

Relationships Between People

That may be about modern society. You can discuss the current realities in your own country or in countries you've already visited.

Top Pickup Lines to Chat Online

Meeting someone online isn’t enough. You need to know the right way to start a talk! The team decided to put together a cheat sheet to help you. 

    I may not be the first person to write to you with a proposal to meet, but the best. Shall we check it out?

    Are you such a beauty in real life, or is your friend a photographer by profession?

    If I were pretty like you are, I would definitely date myself.

    I saw a star fall from heaven yesterday. Then, today I stumbled across your profile. I don't think it's a coincidence!

    I’ve read a ton of advice on how to start conversations with girls, but once I looked at your photos, and I can't remember anything anymore. Let's just get to know each other, shall we?

    Lady, be careful! You almost missed an opportunity to meet a great guy.

    This day seemed incredibly sad to me, but your photos changed everything.

    I've got a piece of happiness lying around, looking for a beautiful girl to give it to. You seem like the perfect fit.

    You look like the girl I've been looking for all my life. Shall we celebrate? I found it, didn't I!

Top Techniques to Chat Online With Girl

Of course, we are all different, and what works for one won’t work for another. However, there are a couple of universal chatting techniques. It's the so-called “base” that every guy should know.

Limit Communication

If you see that the girl lost interest — get offline. Only losers spend the whole day online. A successful, confident man appreciates his time. He won't waste it on idle chitchat on the Internet. Sometimes you can interrupt the conversation without waiting for her response. That will create a little intrigue.

Call a Woman By Her Name

All people are sensitive to the mention of their names. Psychologists prove it. Using this tip actively, you can attract attention and gain trust.


Send her messages at about the same pace she sends you. If you correspond too actively, you will show excessive interest in communicating with her.

Following all of these simple tips, you won’t have any questions about how to meet a girl online, and your chances of getting to know her increase several times.