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FAQ for Mail Order Brides

Are you looking for love and have no idea where to find your perfect soulmate? Sometimes the idea of love is misleading. We tend to think that there is no luck if someone doesn’t appear in our life at an earlier stage. “If only I could avoid spending years dating incompatible people! If only someone could drop my wife right at my doorstep one day!” But what if someone told you it’s not a telltale but a reality and a possibility? Any mail-order brides service would tell you it’s possible to find an ideal partner within a week. 

But who are mail order brides?

Mail-order brides are women you can come across on dating sites. They are managed by special agencies that regulate your process of finding a partner from the beginner stage to the transportation and lodging. And no, it is not an international escort. Instead, you meet women with a single goal of settling down and forgetting about loneliness forever. These are not sexual services but those built based on mutual liking and respect.

Mail-order services can be cheap and expensive, include services of translators and professional matchmakers, charge you for transportation or leave this responsibility to you. Some services work exclusively online, like the well-known, or have a physical office with staff.

These services also make sure the bride gets safe to your destination, provide lodging and help with the documents if needed. 

How do you get a mail-order bride?

Many citizens think getting a bride from overseas equals adopting an international child (meaning a long and hideous process.). But, in reality,  it is easier than you might think. 

All you need to do is find a credible mail order brides chat like, talk to a bunch of women, find your best interest, and ask them to move to your city, either for some time or permanently. You will see additional costs on the site because they usually have a clear policy. Then you will be charged for plane tickets, lady’s lodging to ensure a comfortable stay in your country. Translators’ services will cost to use some additional money if the girl doesn’t speak your language. But, that’s all you have to do because agencies think about transportation and international documents while all you do is talk to beautiful women and wait for them at home. Usually, the procedure takes not more than a couple of months, including getting a visa and the woman’s trip to your country.

Are mail-order services legal to begin with?

Many customers are afraid that mail-bride order services are illegal, and that’s the only reason they abstain from talking to foreigners. But is it so? There are many questions about the legality of this procedure. However, if you are a US, Canadian, or UK resident, be safe because these services are not illegal. Why so?

Each country and republic are guided by a different set of constitutional rules. Of course, if you’re not from the following countries, please revise the constitutional rules to be sure mail-order brides agencies are welcomed and not prohibited. These agencies are allowed even in Arabic or some of these Islamic countries where international marriages are prohibited. There are not many countries that would ban the Foreign Brides Law. Most limitations connected to these services are usually cases containing international grooming, abuse, and the set of harmful actions done to a certain individual regardless of the agencies they use. In other words, abuse of power would be applied to any citizen regardless of whether they choose mail-order brides or not. Therefore, if you do not cause any harm to a foreign immigrant or visitor of your country, there is no rule in the constitution specifically against mail-order brides.

The only country that doesn’t celebrate these services is the Philippines. According to the Anti-Mail-Order Bride Law (Republic Act 6955), Filipino brides have no right to have any compensatory relationship with a foreign man. However, when it comes to the US, the UK, or Canada, there are no rules in the constitution against mail-order brides. Consequently, if you do not cross someone’s boundaries or abuse your power as a citizen regarding a foreigner, you will not be punished for using these services.

What are the best countries to find mail-order brides?


Russia has a significant percentage of mail-order brides because of the country’s massive territory. Therefore, many Russian women strive to find a perfect man. Statistically, there are more women in Russia than there are men. Because of this discrepancy, women are made to find someone outside of their country. These are beautiful, loyal, confident, homely, and extremely sexy ladies ready for a serious relationship with a foreign man. 


Ukraine has some of the most beautiful women in the world. Even though most foreigners think Ukrainians are similar to Russians, it is simply not true. Why? Ukrainians differ in their appearance. Moreover, they are extremely smart and educated, goal-oriented, friendly, and immensely charming. They are great companions and beautiful mothers.


China has one of the highest percentages of mail-order brides. These women are so desirable for international men because they are extremely beautiful, hard-working, and great mothers. These women will not let your relationship go stale, caring about their husbands until death does them apart. These are one of the most loyal women in the world.


Not only are Colombian women one of the sexiest types of foreigners, but they are also very desired as lovers and mothers. Furthermore, these women will make some of the greatest housewives and friends because of their bright outlook and spicy personalities. You will not get bored with such a woman.


Thai women are one of the most loyal and devoted mothers in the world. These ladies know how to please their men because family goes first. They want to make sure the atmosphere in the family is healthy and comfortable for their husbands. They like to agree with their men but will never let them commit an irreversible fatal mistake watching their every step.

How much will you pay for a mail-order wife?

The financial side of this business is more than questionable because everything varies from site to site. For example, some businesses will charge you only for transportation and visa,  and others will include lodging and translators’ services. In general, you will have to dish out from $3,000 to an indefinite number. Why all that money? All of the listed documents and procedures are not as expensive as the act of courting. Courting means flamboyant dating with all the chivalry included – flowers, toys, chocolates and sweets, jewelry, and what did you expect? The most expensive are international shipping services that double up the prices of an original gift. Mail order brides costs vary from country to country, from service to service. 

It’s wise to note that not every cheap site means excellent service and a smart choice. Sometimes you have to pay twice for being gullible and naïve because sites like that are never cheap. The fewer sites offer you to pay, the more financial loopholes you might stumble upon. It’s best to choose the site with all the expenses already listed in a price list to avoid sudden surprises and miscommunications.  

How much does a Ukrainian bride cost?

On average, a girl from Ukraine will cost you from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on her native city and the service you choose to cooperate with. Ukrainian women are expensive because they like gifts and manifestations of chivalry to come from the men they love and wholeheartedly serve. Additionally, location greatly varies, so if the girl is from a  small town or countryside, it will take more to fly her out to your location. 

How much does a Russian bride cost?

Of course, the costs of mail-order brides greatly vary from country to country, but Russia is still among the most desirable places to order a bride. On average, you will have to spend from $5,000 up to $30,000 if you are a person of material wealth. However, the limit does not exist with Russian women because they love expensive gifts, which comes down to your financial capability. These women are ready to give anything in return, but their love and affection are the most important aspects of your future relationship. 

Are mail-order marriages a warranty of a successful life?

No one can surely tell whether mail-order marriages last for life because online relationships are a relatively new phenomenon. But, in general, these marriages are more harmonious and long-lasting for a few reasons:

  • Couples spend plenty of time getting to know each other
  • International marriages lead to a more exciting family life
  • Mail-order brides are loyal and devoted
  • These women don’t have a habit of disappointing their men
  • These marriages are financially reinforced

What percentage of mail-order do marriages end in divorce?

Surprisingly, these stats are relatively low. For example, only 20% of mail-order marriages end in divorces, 20% less than an average American divorce rate. 

As you can see, ordering a bride is an excellent idea if you are tired of spending time and money on strangers who don’t give you feedback. Mind to have a try?