Libra Women Dating

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Libra Women Traits

A distinctive feature of representatives of this sign is the desire for harmony in everything. They are sensitive to the beautiful, have steadfastness of spirit, and have an unshakable will to win in any rivalry. Libras often act as judges, as well as lawyers at all levels. Ladies are workaholics who want to improve the lives of other people. They are well-known due to their good sense of humor. Positive qualities of Libra include sociability, tact, and honesty. They are loyal, selfless friends and wise advisers who are able to rationally assess the situation and draw the right conclusions. However, impracticality and excessive dreaminess stand out among their shortcomings. Libras tend to fantasize and think rather than act, fearing defeat and failure.

How to Cause Awe in the Soul of a Libra Woman?

You need to clearly define your goals in order to decide the ways to conquer a Libra woman. She may not open her heart even for your arranged trip abroad. She takes all signs of attention for granted. Remember that Libra women pay attention to all the details of your suit and other parts of your clothes. She is especially biased towards smells and she feels both the smell of a good perfume and the smell of the body, which she is able to navigate on an unconscious level due to her subtle scent. 

Libra Woman in Bed 

The Libra woman in sex needs delicacy. Her body may need sexual excess but the mind requires moderation. Never behave with her like an animal and do not seduce her in an inappropriate place for love pleasures, for example, in a car, otherwise, you will be rejected. She prefers comfortable conditions and a long languid foreplay because the night is made for love and there is no point in rushing.

The woman will enjoy sex if you voluptuously massage her naked back, slowly rising from the buttocks to the shoulder blades, and then turn her over and do the same with her breasts. This will cause an even greater reaction on her part if you can also admire her body, which she considers perfect, and your actions in a mirror mounted on a ceiling or wall. Do not forget that after spending the night with the Libra woman her greatest pleasure is to hear from you in the morning an enthusiastic recognition of what great pleasure you received from intimacy with her!

How to Date a Libra Woman?

The above-mentioned girls are often attracted to unique and interesting personalities. Show her that you have strengths and passions and be ready to discuss and share your ideas. They do not always know what they want.

If you prefer dating Libra women, keep in mind that she loves to be the center of attention. Such ladies are always popular with men. And the less attention she pays to them, the more they do for her and the more they try to win her heart. The ladies love themselves and do not bother looking for perfect partners. They find him themselves but only she chooses.

Essential Tips with Libra Women

These are surprisingly harmonious creatures. They possess such qualities as sociability, benevolence, the ability to love, and an eternal desire for beauty. Girls born under this sign are easy to communicate with, dreamers, and those who easily guess the trends of time and fashion. Their strong qualities are delicacy, grace, politeness, justice, sincerity, peacefulness, selflessness, and elegance. However, condescension, laziness, snobbery, frivolity, thoughtfulness, indecisiveness, and impracticality are distinguished among the shortcomings of Libra women. It’s important for women to have a man around who will be an order of magnitude stronger than herself. They choose men for themselves.

  • Women have a strong desire to please others, so be sure to show appreciation for their efforts. 

  • Treat them and others fairly and avoid taking advantage of them or others.

  • Ladies are often conflict-averse, so try to approach disagreements and conflicts calmly and rationally. Avoid being confrontational or aggressive and try to find common ground and compromise.

  • Avert belittling them or being disrespectful in any way. Show them the same respect that you expect in return.

Libra women are often drawn to romance and appreciate thoughtful gestures. Surprise them with a romantic dinner or a thoughtful gift and make sure to put effort into dating a Libra women.

Where Dating a Libra Women?

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