Have you ever wondered why foreigners prefer to pick up Russian women for marriage? What motives them to do such things? In their minds, Russia is a distant, cold, and gloomy country. Why are Russian women so enticing to them? It is hard not to fall in love with Russian women for their generosity, kindness, and attention to others.

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Why Russian Girls Wish to Find a Foreign Husband

Back in the 1990s, there was a fashion to get married to overseas guys. That trend was justified by Russian girls' desire to move to more prosperous countries from the post-Soviet state. Those days are long gone, so why do Russian girls tend to become wives of foreigners nowadays? If you still consider some tips on how to get a Russian wife, it would be nice to learn why these beautiful creatures look for men from a distance.


No matter what people say about Slavic brides' materialistic intentions, Russian women do not always have selfish motives when they marry. They can really fall in love, leave everything in cold Russian, move in with men they like, and devote themselves to their beloved husbands.

Loyal Equal Attitude of Western Men to Women

Although ladies would like to feel protected, they don't want to be under pressure, even soulmates. Russian beauties note that men in Russia prefer to dominate women in relationships. The same attitude is manifested at work as men occupy most management positions in Russia.

Chance to Stay Home and Care for Their Families

Most girls in Russia are raised to be a keeper, and their purpose is to take care of their man, kids, and home. Living in Russia, not all ladies can afford to become a housewife. Foreigners in well-developed countries earn much more than Russian men, so women do not need to make money.

Desire to Realize Themselves Professionally Abroad

If you have met a beauty who dreams of a brilliant career and not of kids and household issues, keep in mind that she will catch a chance to go with you without hesitation. The emigration procedure by marriage is much easier, which allows your Russian partner to get on their feet more quickly abroad.

Western Guys Are Loyal to Children

Most men in Russia are unwilling to take responsibility for other people's children and choose a life partner who has not been married and has no children. Russian women often get married to foreigners, even if they already have children from previous relationships. Moreover, in Western countries, this is quite normal.

Lack of Men in Russia

There are sad statistics about male mortality in middle age. First of all, social factors play a role, and men are more at risk. Unfortunately, at a mature age, quite a large number of women are single.

Foreign Men Are Good-Looking

European men keep up their appearance. They do sports, follow fashion trends, and do not abuse alcohol. More men believe that a successful guy should take care of his appearance, and it relates not only to clothes but also face, hair, and figure. Being well-groomed has nothing to do with being unnatural. For European men, to be neat means to look good according to their age.

What You Will Get After You Marry Russian Girl: Russian Wives Traits

Russian men can be smart and exciting, but some of them just do not make good husbands. The vast majority of Russian women looking for husbands abroad are honest in their intentions, and they want a reliable partner, a happy family, and a stable future. They do not pursue the goal of getting married and get divorced in a couple of years. And what does a man looking for Russian girls to marry?

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Ladies from Russia Are Cute

Women living in Russia, unlike European ladies, are more feminine. They love to wear stylish outfits and take care of their appearance. Russian girls always want to look 100%! Short skirts, high heels, sexy dresses, and makeup are daily attributes for them.

They Adore Sports

Most Russian girls have magnificent bodies. Young girls keep fit: do sports regularly, avoid eating fast food, and like taking long walks a lot. Have a sport as a hobby? Picking up a Russian girl, you will have not only a tender soulmate but great support to reach sports achievements.

Your Potential Wife Is Well-Educated

Most Russian females have a rich inner world and, unlike American women, are well-educated. Many of them can speak a few foreign languages. If you are looking for a girl with whom you can have a heart-to-heart talk, and you want something more than “cool” or “wow,” then Russian women are a godsend for you!

Russians Are Family-Oriented

Family is the primary value in life for a Russian woman. Although girls in Russia study, work and build careers, their husbands and children are always a priority. It might be connected with the fact that patriarchal traditions are still strong in society.

Slavic Women Are Good at Housekeeping

Most Russian women can cook delicious food as they have been learning this craft since childhood. In Russia, women hire cooks or cleaners rarely because they do not trust others to do their household chores. That's why they're perfect hostesses.

They Combine Friendliness and Modesty

Looking for Russian women for marriage, remember that they are ready to compromise, and their man is always in authority. In Russia, women are in no hurry to divorce. They don’t mind using every possible chance to make their marriages work.

Russian Brides Adapt to Any Environment Easily

These ladies know everything about living in an unstable economy. They know how to make something out of nothing and are not afraid of difficulties. In the West, people emphasize well-being, and Russian women value people more than their properties.

They Value Family Ties

If you are lucky to win the Russian girl's heart, love her family. Russian families are powerful and united. As long as you manage to gain the girl's family's trust, they will take you as the dearest one. But if you deceive a Russian girlfriend, you're so dead. Russian families can be vicious, vindictive, and dangerous. So, be careful in setting up a strategy on how to marry a Russian woman, not harm yourself.

Slavic Ladies Are Faithful

Russian girls are very faithful, and if they fall in love, they do that for a long time. They will try to preserve even destructive relations for her, just to avoid a divorce. But do not abuse her tolerance: if she decides to leave, she will go forever.

Russians Are Romantic

Russian girls love romance. They don't mind being given flowers and poetry. Moreover, they expect you to treat them like a lady and behave like a gentleman. They love small gifts but can refuse expensive ones as they do not like to feel obliged.

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Russian Marriage Traditions to Know

Modern traditions at the Russian wedding have something in common with the past centuries' traditions and a large part with the habits of the Soviet era. Some of the wedding customs are transformed into modernity with significant delay. If you have done well with your Russian sweetheart and plan the wedding, you should get to know some traditions that may shock you.

Buyout a Bride

Previously, it was just a financial issue. Thus, a groom needed to prove his worth. These days, it has turned into a game where bridesmaids prepare different trials for the groom (puzzles and various fun contests). If he can't cope with them, he will pay them off with money or sweets.

Showering Newly-Married Couple with Coins, Grain, and Flowers

This tradition symbolizes the wishes of long years of marriage and happiness for a young family. Young people are sprinkled at the exit from the registry office or near the wedding banquet venue.

Hanging a Lock

This tradition has appeared recently but is pretty popular. It symbolizes the strength of family ties and sanctity. On the day of marriage, the couple hangs a lock with their a couple's names, date of the wedding, or vows engraved on it—for example, many newly-weds like hanging locks on the bridges over rivers or lakes.

Wedding Pie

Parents of a young couple give a bread loaf with salt, which young people have to bite off in turn. Thus, modern couples wonder how Russian marriage will work and who will be the family's main one: a husband or a wife.

Bride Kidnapping

There is such a funny custom as kidnapping a newlywed or her shoe. To find a bride, the groom’s friends arrange a wedding quest, and if you want to buy a shoe back, you have to drink vodka directly from this shoe!

Binding Two Bottles of Champagne

Young people are given two bottles of champagne bound with a colorful ribbon. One bottle is opened for the wedding anniversary, and the second one is when the first child is born.

Crashing Glasses

This tradition is related to wish good luck and happiness in the life of the young couple. The more glasses pieces, the more happiness will be in the young family.

Going over a bunch of forums, you hardly ever come across a foreigner who regrets getting a Russian wife. Russian beauties have a realistic and rational view of life. Still, at the same time, they are very romantic, having such thoughts: “Yes, life is sometimes unfair, but an amazing romantic story will surely happen to me because I am worthy of it.” They combine depth of thought, ambition, and sensitivity.