Russian girls are believed to be the hottest and the most wanted trophies for any foreign man. Not only are these girls extremely charming, but they also possess perfect qualities for a future wife. 

These are the main sites to look for Russian girls, as well as brides from Ukraine.

brides from Ukraine

Best sites to meet Russian brides online:

Bebemur is a site for Russian and Ukrainian girls dating where foreigners have the pleasure of talking to incredibly smart and hot women online.


  • Video chats with hot women
  • Every type of Eastern European dating, both flings, and serious relationships
  • Many descriptive articles on dating in the Blog section 


  • A long-distance relationship can be exhausting
  • The site is not free

When it comes to pricing, Bebemur supports a credit system. These credits are a web currency and are sold strictly in packages. The number of credits depends, but they usually start at $50.

Mamba is a Russian site for Slavic dating, having fun, and exchanging photos. 


  • An extensive dating pool with many active members 
  • Beautiful and REAL women 
  • Great for finding someone in a nearby area


  • Some relationships are not serious here
  • Some women can actively avoid conversations with foreigners

When it comes to pricing, the subscription starts at $14.99/ week. You can purchase a weekly, monthly, or choose a 90-day subscription plan.

Loveplanet is a Russian dating site for foreigners to seek Russian, as well as Ukraine women to marry.


  • The site is an online open diary where members share their experiences and meet each other
  • They have an iPhone and an Android app
  • Quick hookups and serious relationships


  • Some women do not respond to foreigners immediately
  • The competition might be substantial 

When it comes to pricing, a weekly plan is $10, a monthly plan costs $20, and three months with the site will be $30. The credit system is available as well. 

Ukraine women to marry

Where to find Ukrainian brides?

Ukrainian girls are easy to find if you are an avid traveler. 

The first and the most obvious place to seek Ukrainian women for marriage would be traveling to Ukraine. Ukraine is a marvelous country with rich history and lots of sightseeing. Moreover, foreigners who end up traveling to this Slavic country say that it's never a disappointing experience. Because Ukrainian women are so attractive and inviting, men almost forget about excursions preferring to talk to local women.

But because not everyone has an opportunity to travel to Ukraine, here are some other ways of meeting Ukraine wives.

Internet forums

International forums are places for curious singles that want to exchange cultural backgrounds and possibly find the love of their lives. Not only do people register on Internet forums to learn a new language, they often end up becoming friends and even lovers.

Dating sites

Dating sites are the quickest and classic way to find a wife abroad. International women are abundant on dating sites, so places like those mentioned above would be a great choice for someone who doesn't have much time to seek them manually. Smart search tools will help you find a Slavic wife in no time.

Language study sites

If you don't like to jump to dating and sex too soon, preferring to learn about the person first, international language sites are a great way to exchange knowledge and have intellectual conversations above surface level. These are great for shy guys for someone who likes to take things slowly.

Ukrainian women for marriage

How to attract Ukrainian wives?

They say that Ukrainians are material girls and there is no way of enchanting them if you are broke. However, it is one of those mindless myths we are glad to debunk. Here is what you are going to do when looking for Ukraine ladies for marriage:

Be straightforward

Ukrainian women hate wishy-washy men who constantly disappear without explaining their feelings. Because these girls usually are mature, they strive for a stable and reasonable connection.

Be active and energetic

Ukrainian girls love men who take initiative. This involves deciding where you're going for dinner, what is your holiday destination, and other daily things she doesn't want to control. Some may say that Ukrainian girls are submissive, but they are just traditional and want men to stay men.

Be well-groomed

Ukrainian women prefer well-kept men who dress and smell nice. Because local men often overlook attributes like skincare, trying to stay as manly as possible, most Ukrainian girls would not be against a man who shares their healthy obsession with looks and fashion.

Ukraine wives

Why do men choose a Ukrainian wife?

When it comes to a mail-order bride, Ukraine is automatically a motherland to every trophy wife, but it's often a curious instance as to why foreign men prefer these girls. Is something wrong with local women or do Ukrainian wives possess certain qualities that make them perfect marriage material? These are things almost every foreigner notice when dealing with a hot Ukrainian bride:

Their looks

Ukrainian women look ecstatic; there is no doubt about that. Not only do they possess incredible facial features and desirable bodies, they often look confident and well-dressed. Because looks and fashion are everyday life attributes of Ukrainian ladies, no wonder foreigners turn their heads when a Slavic woman is passing by.

Their strong will

Ukrainian women are extremely level-headed and thoughtful, energetic, and motivated when it comes to their careers and everyday life. Not everybody can see past their looks, but these girls are often the best companions and wives. They are true intellectuals and know how to maintain a conversation.

They are womanly and make great mothers

It's no secret that foreigners often seek Ukraine women to marry because they make great wives and mothers. Not only are they caring and homely, these girls often want children and are not afraid of household chores.

Ukraine ladies for marriage

5 myths about hot Ukrainian brides

These are the five most common myths about Ukrainian girls that need to be debunked:

Ukrainian women are all gold-diggers

They say that everything they care about is money, but in reality, Ukrainian women or the opposite of being needy and material. Experience shows that a Ukrainian woman is more likely to stay through an unhealthy and financially unstable relationship for better or for worse.

They are airheads and can't maintain a conversation

Ukraine is one of the top educated countries in Europe where almost everyone gets a university degree. It is not uncommon to come across a lawyer or a psychologist when meeting women at the local cafe.

Ukrainians come abroad for opportunities

Although it is not completely untrue, the first thing Ukrainian women seek abroad is not a rich husband, but a positive experience and cultural enrichment. They just want to travel; that's all.

Ukrainians are too dramatic and always seek conflict

Ukrainians can be hot-headed, but a Slavic woman will not what speak in vain. She doesn't like additional drama just like you, preferring to resolve a conflict civilly.

You will have serious competition

Of course, a hot Ukrainian bride will gather interested glances, but it doesn't matter as long as she stays with you because Ukrainian women are extremely devoted. Not only are these girls loyal to a fault, they instantly drop every other option once you start dating.

Are Ukrainian mail-ordered brides legitimate?

When it comes to Ukraine, mail-order wives are legitimate, and thousands of positive reviews are the warranty. Because so many foreigners prefer Ukrainian wives, they create forums where men constantly talk about their experiences. These are easy to find on the Internet and see for yourself. Because this option is normalized in modern society, there is no problem with a mail-order business. Just like any other dating site, order brides are a normal way of international communication with further dating and even marriage.

How much does a mail-order Ukrainian bride cost?

On average, a Ukrainian bride costs more than $3,000. Although, the price can be as high as $10,000. Why are they so expensive? You need to realize that these services always include transportation, translators’ help, documents connected to international flights, and gifts. 

How do you know if Ukrainian girls love you?

If you are looking for Ukraine girl for marriage, remember that these girls always make their feelings known. First of all, they will care about you and be available almost 24/7. These women love manifesting their feelings through attention, cheering up, and constant conversations.  Because they are primary resource is time, she will give that to you in abundance. Real-life love manifests itself in cooking meals and waiting for marriage. She will also look forward to meeting your friends and family.