Russian women have always been in high demand. Men are eager to have strong families with them, regardless of cultural and language barriers. Moreover, having a Russian wife is prestigious. So, why are these women so special?

having a Russian wife

Traits and qualities of a Russian woman

Relationships with a beautiful Russian woman are bright and emotional. But this is not the only trait that is appreciated in these women. So, what are Russian women like?

They are beautiful

A Russian girl dresses fashionably even if she goes to a nearby park or store. And we are not talking about narcissism. Russian girls just strive to look attractive.

They love selflessly

According to foreign men, only a Russian woman is capable of unconditionally loving her chosen one. For foreigners who have seen enough of the mercantile and pragmatic Western women, such devotion makes them fall in love with Russians.

They are strong in spirit

Why Russian girls? Well, despite all the difficult circumstances, they can remain beautiful and unique. Most importantly, they never hide their feminine weakness in front of men.

They easily cope with women’s duties

They have time to do everything: look great, look after the children, clean the house, and so on. For Russian women, these are quite natural activities, while foreign women are not ready to spend their time on such things.

They are always ready for adventures

This is a good companion who will go through any circumstance with her chosen one.

Do Russian women make good wives?

Everyone says that these women are wonderful wives. But what exactly makes them so?

The financial component of a partner is important to them

A Russian woman highly appreciates the material wealth of her boyfriend. Russian women shouldn’t be considered prudent and mercantile here. This is absolutely normal for modern women.

They take marriage seriously

For them, marriage is, first of all, the creation of a strong union, in which both partners will trust, appreciate, and protect each other.

They are loyal to their husbands

A Russian woman will not look for a “replacement” for her husband during his absence, and she will not take revenge for insults by cheating on him.

They won’t fight for leadership

Here’s what makes Russian girls so special. These women love to keep everything under their control, but they trust their men and, on the contrary, rejoice when they take leadership.

They know how to compromise

In their families, conflicts and misunderstandings rarely occur as they tend to make compromises. Thanks to their patient nature, they can turn a blind eye to their husband’s shortcomings.

beautiful Russian woman

Dating culture in Russia

It is difficult to identify a single concept of dating between two Russian people because they are all different – they have different hobbies, they watch different films, they like to spend time in different ways, and so on. But there are a couple of common points that are accepted in Russian society to characterize Russian dating:

  • First of all, there is a romantic date where a guy and a girl get to know each other better.
  • Then they become closer to each other. They hug, kiss, and walk by the hand.
  • Physical intimacy is the third stage. That is sex.
  • And the last stage is a relationship and marriage. When two people are in a relationship, they create their own world where no one is allowed. They realize that they are important to each other.

Tips to impress a Russian girl

So, let’s try to understand how to behave when meeting a Russian girl so that she doesn’t consider you a banal, boring, and uninteresting person.

Your speech has to be clear and competent

Russian girls don’t like it when guys mumble or it is impossible to understand them without an interpreter. Therefore, don’t be afraid of them. The more you worry, the worse your speech is perceived by them.

Be original

Dating a Russian woman, show your charisma, a sense of humor, but don’t overdo it so as not to turn out to be a clown in the eyes of others.

You have to be the initiator

Don’t wait for her to pick up topics of conversation or decide where to go out on a date. Take everything into your own hands, and only give the girl the right to choose from several options offered by you.

Take an interest in her

Get to know her better and ask about her interests. Also, you should show that the girl is interesting to you, and she, in turn, should consider you a reliable person.

How to find a Russian woman for marriage

In the modern world, the question of how to find a girlfriend from Russia is no longer a particular problem. There are many options:

Online dating

This is one of the main types of dating of modern people. It is often preferable to real meetings. Now the Internet is filled with various Russian girlfriend dating sites, social networks, forums, and interest groups. You can study profiles, photographs, information about a person and find a girl from Russia who will match your tastes and interests. And, perhaps, after such virtual communication, you will want to meet in real life and establish closer relationships.

Live dating

It is easy to meet all kinds of Russian women to marry, regardless of their status and hobbies. You can even choose a girl according to your taste and wishes. If you want to find a beautiful fashionista, a thoughtful girl, or a rich career woman, then you can choose the appropriate places where such girls most often go and wait for the right moment. If you find a girl you like, then try to interest her. If you understand that you want to continue communicating, then ask for her phone number and appoint a date.

looking for Russian women to date

Things you should do dating a Russian girl

Slavic girls make the best girlfriends and this is a fact. Do you need tips and peculiarities of relationships with Russian ladies? Here they are:

Plan your date yourself

Have a plan of action if you want to go on a date with a Russian singles woman. When choosing a place for a first date, it should be quiet so that you can talk and learn more about each other.

Compliment her

Compliments have to sound sincere. Try to say something original. Banal statements will not work.

Make her laugh

Russian beauties want to date you if you can make them laugh. Therefore, show your sense of humor. But avoid all kinds of vulgarities and stupid anecdotes.

Always pay for restaurants and movie tickets

This will show a Russian woman that you take care of her.

Discuss important issues with her on the first date

Discuss religious and political views, attitude to children, and pet allergies. In a word, discuss everything you think is important. You both will draw conclusions and make important decisions for yourself based on your attitude to these issues.

20 pros of dating Russian women

Despite the stereotypes, Russians are wonderful people if you get to know them better. And here are 20 reasons why a foreigner needs a Russian girl in his life:

1. They always look great

For them, it is a way of life. Russian girls always look great no matter what happens.

2. They love to have fun

A Russian girl is the best party companion. Having fun and enjoying life is part of their culture.

3. Russian parents are the best

If you are lucky enough to be introduced to her parents, you will be surprised by how awesome they are.

4. They are cute

Some people think that Russian girls are cold but it is not so. It’s just not customary to smile at strangers in Russia. Once you get to know each other better, you will realize how cute and glorious Russian girls are.

5. They are always honest

You don’t have to guess what a Russian girl thinks as she will tell you everything herself. If she likes you, you will understand it.

6. They make good mothers

Women in Russia are born to be mothers. They are psychologically ready for the birth of a child immediately after marriage.

7. They are very romantic

It is of great importance for Russian ladies when a man invites them for a walk under the moon and whispers about his unearthly love. They just melt.

8. They are caring

In contrast to the feminist-minded Americans or freedom-loving French women, Russian girls know that they will have children and a husband who need their love.

9. They are educated

You will learn the latest news from them, hear about book and film novelties, fill up your interest in culture, politics, art, and so on.

10. They motivate their men

A Russian girl should know for sure that you are self-confident and have plans for the future. Mumbles don’t interest her.

11.  They make you better

Opening the door, giving a coat, paying the bill – all these courtesies seem outlandish to foreigners. But Russian women were brought up like that.

12.  They try to share all your interests

If you date a Russian girl, she will watch bowling championships and go fishing with you – in a word, she will support all the interests of her man.

13.  They are the best friends to their men

We all have friends, but undoubtedly, life seems better when your chosen one is your best friend. Isn’t it one of the best reasons to date a Russian woman?

14.  They are passionate

You just need to periodically throw dry firewood into the fire of passion and harmony will reign in your relationship.

15.  You won’t be bored

If you are in a relationship with a young Russian woman, your life will be a complete surprise. It’s fun, interesting and exciting with them.

16.  They know how to manage money

A Russian girl will not spend money on silly things, and she will not be inclined to various adventures.

17.  They behave adequately in a relationship

These ladies have a sober view of life. They don’t start scandals and don’t make tragedies from scratch.

18.  They don’t like conflicts

They prefer to turn around and leave just not to participate in it.

19.  They understand their men perfectly

Russian girls have developed intuition. If they are in love, then they understand their loved one with a half-word.

20.  It’s always interesting with them

Russian girls read a lot and are interested in everything, so they can talk about everything. And as you know, a conversation is so important in relationships.  

Dating a Russian woman

10 cons of dating Russian women

You have to take into account some more things when looking for Russian women to date:

1. You have to comply with them in everything

If you are going out with her, then you have to match such a woman. But isn’t it a great motivation to be better?

2. They are too perfect

Such a girl will be your best consultant, a competent critic, and a personal psychologist if needed. But if you can’t answer the same in return, then it is better not to date Russian girls at all.

3. You will eat a lot of Russian food

They always cook strange Russian food. But many of them express love in this way. So, you will have to get used to Russian cuisine, which is quite tasty, by the way.

4. They have high expectations

They expect you to behave like a gentleman: open doors for her, help put on a coat, and give flowers on a date. So, if you are not that type of man, you shouldn’t even try to build a relationship with a Russian girl.

5. You have to break her “cold” heart

Russians are used to keeping their distance before getting close to someone. But you can melt the ice. And then you will see the most loving and caring woman in the world.

6. Sometimes they are too independent

They seem very independent. But, on the other hand, they will be strong if there are any difficulties.

7. They reject social boundaries

These girls don’t want to be like everyone else. They behave as they see fit, and not as dictated by social norms.

8. Other men will like them

They know how to attract men. They do it without much effort. If you are jealous, then you need to learn to be calm when engaged in Russian women dating.

9. They set the bar high

These women want to be with no less ambitious and successful partner than they themselves. If a loved one starts lagging behind, he will automatically lose attractiveness in their eyes.

10. They always go forward

They step forward with leaps and bounds and pull a loved one with them. Even those who are lazy and not ambitious will have to grow with them personally and professionally.