Many people think that mail-order relationships are an old and outdated barbaric way of establishing an international connection. Why are there so many prejudices towards people who use services to get a foreign bride? Is buying a wife illegal and if it's not, where can you do it?

buying a wife

Is it illegal to buy a bride? 

There is no regulation concerning mail-order brides because it is not technically about "buying" a person. Buying a bride means paying international dating services to provide contact information and work on travel documents, helping a foreign girl to get to your doorstep without trouble. But why do people equate that to slavery?

Although the name for these services is not the greatest, women "for sale" preserve their freedom. Additionally, there aren't any rules or regulations that would serve or oppose this procedure, so technically there is no rule against mail-order brides. If anything, your international relationships will be regulated by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) and The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); so technically violating these acts will lead to the same consequences as if you were hurting any other immigrant.

Can you actually buy a wife online and is it safe?

You can 100-percent buy a wife online by using international dating services and asking them to link you up with a foreign girl. Is it safe?

Buying a wife is by no means a safe procedure, not because the industry is foul and ominous, but because you're still dealing with strangers abroad. Just like any other international affair, you can't be too sure. How do you deal with that?

When talking about a successful "deal," you want to make sure that the service you're working with is top-tier, trustworthy, and has good reviews. Always pay attention to details and the way managers communicate with you as a customer. Make sure that the girl you're talking to is real and willing to show her face outside the service.

How to purchase a wife: where did it come from and why do people think it is possible?

The procedure dates back to 1620, America. The first dating company (or so you might call it,) linked Native American women with colonizers and white males. Buying wifes used to be a normal practice, although often involuntarily. Although this service is entirely voluntary now, people still have some questions concerning the possibility of buying the bride.

To answer shortly, yes, it is possible to acquire a future wife through these services if she chooses to enlist herself and upload her photos to the gallery. These women are equally interested in moving abroad and finding someone outside their country, not only making it possible but a great and successful strategy.

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Foreign girls for sale and marriage – how do such dating sites work?

If you're interested in buying wives, it would be easier to study the market and the process of transporting a foreign girl to your country to avoid confusion and possible scam in the future. This is what "wives for sale"  stand for:

You register on a dating site

There is nothing complicated in the process of registration. First, you need to find a seemingly trustworthy source after using a couple of reviews and listening to your friends. Then, you have to create an account and replenish it to start your communication, because it is seldom free. These sites usually use two systems, either a credit system or a membership. After picking your plan, you can proceed to the next step.

Provide basic information about you

Although you do not have to reveal too much information about yourself, it would be necessary to state your true age, living conditions, and current location, as well as your personality traits because the girl is choosing you as much as you're choosing her.

Make the deal and let the company take care of the rest

Once you purchase a wife,  the company will work on the girl's documents and purchase boarding tickets, take care of lodging, etc.

Where can I buy a mail-order wife?

Many foreigners ask the same question, “Where can I buy a wife?”

It is quite understandable that buying a mail-order wife doesn't involve slavery or other funky business. The only way you can do it legally is through using online dating services. There are a plethora of similar places on the Internet where companies provide online and offline dates, as well as the person's relocation and working on essential documents.

Buying a wife only happens online because nowadays, there are no regulated physical places that would send foreign women to your household. It is reasonable to find a dating site of a nation you're most interested in. For example, if you want to meet a Thai wife, the best way to connect with this woman would be by contacting several Thai dating sites and asking if they provide the listed services.

Where can I buy a wife

What are the best countries to buy a wife?


Russia has one of the best wives possible because these women are distinctive in their beauty and brains. It almost seems like these women were born with wife qualities; that is why many foreigners prefer to use Russian services when looking for a mail-order bride. Not only do these girls provide great housekeeping and look after children, but they are also traditional and dedicated to the marriage. With a Russian woman, you will not feel alone or left out of the picture.


Many foreigners are shocked to find out that Russian and Ukrainian women are not the same. Although both of these nations belong to the Slavic group, Ukrainian women are somewhat more liberated and forward when it comes to women's rights. Simultaneously, they managed to be great housekeepers and attentive mothers. Ukraine has one of the biggest numbers of college graduates, so if you want a combination of beauty and brains, this country will be for you.


Brazilian women are very hot and saucy. And if you are interested in a passionate connection where a woman can be your lover and your friend, Brazil is one of the best countries to provide you with this reasonable choice.


Chinese women are one of the best housekeepers and attentive mothers. Because they are very delicate and non-confrontational, many foreign men adore these women for their silent power, a great tool to keep the household intact. Moreover, they are well-educated and intelligent, but will not sit aside when a problem happens.

The Philippines

Philippine women are one of the best choices because these girls were brought up as housekeepers and caregivers. Most importantly, they like this position and would gladly maintain peace in the household. They love to cook and keep their men happy.

What are the costs of buying a wife online?

Buying a wife online is not cheap because you are paying for several services, including gifts, online and offline dates, and lodging. On average, you will spend from $2,000 to $60,000+. With online brides, the limit does not exist because everything depends on her location, the pompousness of your gifts, and her requirements.

Now you know how to buy a wife. Hopefully, this article helped you battle the prejudices. Good luck with your dating life!