Creating a family requires a special and careful approach to this issue. Many of us use the motivation of “falling in love” and go into a family relationship, having completely lost touch with reality.

How to understand and test your relationship before marriage? How to create a real and harmonious family for long years? Let's learn from our article.

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Important Relationship Questions to Ask Before Marriage

You feel a lifetime moment coming on. But are you and your lover ready for such a responsible step? When you want to see if this is really the man/woman of your life, ask him/her a few questions before you get married.

Why do you love me?

A lot of people find this question silly, but it does matter. And by the way, the answer, “I love you just because I love you,” doesn't work. If your future spouse claims to love you sincerely, he/she should certainly know why he/she is doing so.

Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

This seemingly simple question contributes to the evaluation of their importance in the life of a partner and helps your future spouse realize what life's troubles he/she is willing to share with you. You set small goals and achieve them together.

Will we stick together in hard times?

Each of us needs to know that our soulmates will stay with us if we find ourselves in a difficult situation and be our support. Otherwise, by and large, why do we need him/her at all? Discussing the potential future troubles may be a relationships test for couples to identify their partner's views and possible decisions. If this is true love, no hardship shouldn't stop you from being together; on the contrary — problems only bring together those who truly love each other. 

Will you give up some things in favor of the relationship?

To save your marriage, you need to know how to prioritize. No, that doesn't mean that right after your wedding, you will have to say goodbye to friends, hobbies and all the things you loved before the marriage. However, you should realize, both you and your sweetheart have something more substantial. So, now while you're choosing between the family shopping tour and watching a soccer game or going to the spa with girlfriends, you will have to make a choice, not in favor of friends. 

Will you remind me regularly how much you love me?

Words have tremendous power, especially when actions back them up. Women tend to have doubts, and they just need to hear, “I still love you.” You both have to learn how to keep the romance in the relationship. It demands a lot of hard work and a lot of imagination. And it gets more difficult every year. 

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What to Know Before Getting Married: Couple Tests

Couples who have been married for a long time say that it’s enough for lovers to live together for a few months before the wedding. Of course, to each his own, but below you can find some practical relationship test tips for couples to take together even without living together. Try them out for yourself!

Road Trip Together

It only seems romantic to travel together in the car, but it's all different in reality. Will you find something to talk about during the trip, will you be able to cope with emotions in a long traffic jam, how will you interact if your vehicle suddenly stalls, etc.? For the trip to be successful, you'll have to work as a team: negotiate, make joint decisions, and compromise. 

Meeting the Parents

This parent test before getting married is effective in the early stages when you want to look perfect in your partner's eyes. In such cases, people often hide their shortcomings and try to adjust to the lover. It often happens when we talk to our soulmate's family or close friends. 

Pay attention to how your spouse communicates with them, and it clarifies what you can expect when the honeymoon will pass, and you'll have a daily routine. But don't take into account individual cases — arguments occur in all families. Conclude the general trends in conversation.

Routine Days Test

Being fallen in love, all people try to please their partners as much as possible. But when your love is already a conscious decision, then you need a test of domesticity. After all, domestic conflicts very often lead to problems in the relationship. What is normal and acceptable to you may be unbearable for your beloved one. A couple of weeks of living in one house will help you identify mismatches, and you decide whether you're ready to live with it, as adults can not quickly change their living habits.

The Marriage Money Test 

The more your financial views differ, the tenser the relationship will be. What matters here is how big an apartment each of you wants to buy, how much you plan to save, how much you are willing to lend to friends or relatives, and how much you tip the courier. The more honestly you discuss these issues, the stronger the foundation of your union will be.

Putting Up With Partner's Flaws

The irony of romantic love is that, at first, you may be attracted to a partner with traits that are the opposite of your own. His/her spontaneity seems exciting because you are used to living according to a plan. Other habits related to biorhythms, careers, or hobbies are appealing because they are exotic and new. But your own may eventually prevail. After a while, things that used to fascinate you will start irritating you. Are you ready not to re-educate your future husband/wife?

What to Know Before Getting Married

Pre Marriage Sex Compatibility Testing

Some couples have an intimate relationship only after the wedding. Even so, it's essential to realize the role sex will play in your life together. There are a lot of questions that should be answered. For example, what happens if your passion wanes? How do you both feel about pornography? Do your sexual appetites differ? Who usually initiates sex, and is that OK with you? Does one partner use intimacy as a form of power?

Often sex at the beginning of a relationship is so good that it masks other problems. But if it becomes a problem, it's crucial to talk about it.

Stress and Crisis Marriage Test for Couples

What does your partner do when he/she gets into a traffic jam? How does he/she behave if he/she doesn't get enough sleep? And if his/her parents have sudden health problems? It's even more important to understand how the two of you react to stress. Do you retreat and isolate, or do you deal with it as a team? If you run into trouble and have a scandal every time, the relationship is doomed to collapse. 

You had better not change your partner as it’s impossible. You’ll just waste effort and time. It’s better to learn to talk frankly and convey to your beloved one your feelings and expectations.