Why do you think a man wants to find Thai wife more than a European bride these days? Although tastes differ, and it's tough to understand what today's men wish to, let's try to get better or worse in Asian women. Thai girls are beautiful to men. They are feminine and sexy, attractive. At the same time, they are modest and docile, but that's not their most important advantage. Men are attracted by more of the mentioned values. What is that? Read on.

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Advantages of Finding a Wife in Thailand

Asian women create a positive image of their men. The spouse is satisfied and feels self-respect. It seems that everything in this couple is really excellent, primarily because of him.

It's exciting to look at how Thai women interact with their husbands in public and listen to them. You won't hear them complaining about men. If a partner is nearby, any conversation turns into praising an excellent host, a caring spouse, a sensitive father (if a couple has kids). So, what attracts men to Thai wives?

Asian Wives Are Hardworking

Many Asian women are ambitious, so they set short and long-term goals for themselves and their families. Most Asian girls want to keep their jobs after marriage. However, they are also happy to do housework as they think it's a woman's job.

Thai Brides Are Good at Managing Finances

In Asian culture, women are taught to be careful with money. As a result, most Thai girls are good with money — they know how to make and save money. Consequently, you will raise your capital if you get married to a lady from Thailand.

Good Cooks

Thai women are known for their culinary skills. When you get a wife in Thailand, you can be sure that she will feed you well for the rest of your life. Thai cuisine is rich in various dishes, and your sweetheart will have something to surprise you with.

Caring Mothers

If you love kids, you had better marry a Thai female girl. Your children will always be in an atmosphere of love. Children will be cared for, but they will retain the right to personal space. 

Thai Wife Finder Says Girls From Thailand Are Faithful

Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules, but in general, it is true. The women of Asia consider the family as the primary value, and they do everything possible to make it strong and friendly.

Your Wife Will Be Concessive

Asian females are known for their meek disposition. They will never get mad at their husbands because of any trifles. The chances are high that you will find a wife who will take your opinion into account and not put her head into a noose.

Finding a Wife in Thailand

Main Drawbacks of Thailand Wife

Most men are sure that Thailand is home to attractive women. One gets the feeling that Thai women have a secret recipe for eternal youth. Grace and slimness, which is common to Asian ladies, attract Western males. But even these beautiful nymphs have their flaws.

Thai Brides Are Less Adventurous

Unlike Western women who want to try new and exciting things in life, Asian women tend to be more conservative and prefer a more traditional lifestyle. They believe in clarity.

They Expect You to Be Successful

If an Asian girl marries you, she may think you can be wealthy and successful. She may think about divorce if she doesn't see any progress in your professional life.

Taking Care of Wive’s Relatives

When real family life begins, it turns out that the husband has to feed all the wife's relatives. And your wife will have a lot of them. If you ignore helping your new family, your wife will be offended.

Love for Makeup

There are a few trends in Thai women's makeup: expressive eyebrows, whitened skin, and bright lipsticks in almost neon colors. A lot of makeup sometimes makes them look unnatural. You might be surprised to see your wife in the morning without her usual makeup.

Fake Bodies

By nature, most Thai girls are small and have male-type bodies. That is why most girls wear corrective lingerie. In Thailand, magnificent body forms are popular; that's why push-up bras and panties are used. As a result, you may be cheated.

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Thailand Dating and Marriage Facts Every Foreigner Needs to Know

Western men who are rarely appreciated in their homeland are perfect for Thai women. Today, marriages between foreigners and Thai women are pretty common. As a rule, a tourist comes to the country to rest and instead of boring excursions choose a rather beautiful Thai woman to follow him everywhere. Then, Thailand women dating relationship develops into something more, and soon they are ready to get married. Even as a European, you still need to have a wedding in Thailand for the many bride's relatives according to all the traditions.

Wedding Date

Thai weddings, by all rules, can not be scheduled at your request for any month, day and time. Favorable months for weddings are usually the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and twelfth lunar months. 


The ceremony usually takes place in the bride's or the newlyweds' home. Traditionally, an odd number of monks bless the newlyweds’ home and participants in the upcoming wedding. The marriage blessing ceremony usually starts early in the morning and lasts about 3 hours. Most of the people invited are not present for this part of the tradition.

Bride Price

The bride price takes place at the bride's home. The sum is agreed on in advance, usually several months before the wedding. The bride's age, education, virginity, and even the groom's income all influence the dowry.


Once the bride's relatives are satisfied that everything is fine with the dowry, a sacrifice ceremony is held to offer the dead ancestors food. This action aims to inform the dead about the marriage. The offerings usually include bananas, coconut, boiled rice, meat, alcohol, and Thai sweets.

Formal Wedding Registration

In Thailand, the wedding and the official marriage are entirely different concepts. When newlyweds want to formalize their relationship, they go to the local district administration the next day or week, pay a fee and get a wedding certificate.

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How to Find a Good Thai Wife

Often the term “Thai wife” refers to a girlfriend, a guide who provides services for a certain period. Many men seek to find a life companion or arrange their personal life to stay in the country for a long time. “I'm looking for my Thai wife here!” Many locals hear this phrase more and more often in Thailand. As long as you are willing to get a good wife from Thailand, follow the following steps:

Do Preparatory Work

To avoid making a wrong choice, study a bit of culture and mentality, customs. It's vital for Asians. They are very sensitive to their culture, usually quite religious.

Dating Sites

You can find some information on the Internet, visit certain websites. Creating a profile on a few dating sites is a rational decision.

Marriage Agencies

If you do not want to waste time on the Internet chatting, pack your suitcase and come to Thailand. No matter what city, there are plenty of brides for foreigners in any of them. In the cities, decent marriage agencies help you find a Thai wife, not a girl for the evening.

Stay Away From Bars

Do you want a girl for married life? If yes, don't go to bars under any circumstances. Girls stay there for other reasons. Most of them are married and just lure Western men out to spend money on drinks.

Before you're going to meet a Thai girl on the Internet, decide one simple question: “For what?” If you fly to Thailand for a couple of weeks and you just want to have fun without too much commitment, go to a bar or a massage room. The ratio of money spent to the result will be optimal. When you want a serious relationship, you can probably ask a potential Thai wife mail order to meet you at the airport and be with you on vacation, and who knows how this holiday affair ends.