Women say they know a Libra man when they see one. Flirtatious, passionate, artistic, and impossibly charming – these are the traits of every Libra regardless of their gender. But what makes this zodiac sign so desirable for any other placement? And most importantly, what is the best woman for Libra man? Let's check the characteristics and possible traits you might want to look for.

best woman for Libra man

What does a Libra man need in a relationship?

Many people would say that a Libra doesn't need a relationship, to begin with, only the romantic parts without the commitment. Because they are constantly called airheaded, women somewhat abstain from falling for a Libra man's charms. But what do these males need essentially and how do you build a successful relationship with this placement? These requirements become even more obvious and primary when an adult Libra man tries to find a wife.


It's no secret that Libras, on the contrary to clingy Cancers and family-oriented Capricorns, need some air to breathe. If you deprive them of communication and artistic liberties, your air sign will wilt like a rose without water. These people hate to be told what to do. They also strongly dislike not being able to mysteriously disappear once in a while. Because this sign is a social butterfly, restricting a Libra man's willpower equals suicide.

Aesthetically-pleasing image

Because most Libras are classy regardless of their gender, you have to be looking presentable as a couple. Libras love the idea of power couples, so they often search for trophy wives to elevate their status. Even if you see a Libra on a chill day, it is still unacceptable to stay embarrassingly low-key in your pajamas all day long. When it comes to appearance, these men are not lazy by any means. The best love match for Libras would be a woman who knows fashion and is equally glamorous.

Intellectual conversations

Like Geminis, this air sign perfectly knows about the essence of small talk and will maintain any conversation regardless of the knowledge level. And because these people are charming, they want an equally quick-witted partner who can be a loyal friend and a great companion. When Libras want to find a woman online, they automatically pick the most flirtatious one.

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Best woman for a Libra man: Top 7 traits

Because a Libra man is a hopeless romantic, he most likely has a type of perfect woman. Although she can be less glamorous than Monica Bellucci, a fellow Libran, she still needs to convey attractiveness and charm. These are the best qualities every Libra man will look for:


Any Libra man knows something about fashion, just look at ASAP Rocky. These people have a sense of style encoded in their DNA, so they will most likely avoid conversations with people who say that fashion is a social construct created by capitalism to drain our money. They might know about practicality and such, but their never-resting aesthetics will not allow these men to date a low-maintenance woman. The best wife for Libra man has to be a fashion icon; just that. 


Because Librans are highly social and communicative individuals, they hate depressed Scorpios and whiny Pisces. Although this zodiac sign is often called shallow, they just don't like ruminating on everything bad happening in life. They want to go out and live the day, so an introverted person will be often misinterpreted by a Libra man.


Because Libra men can be moody, swinging their scales left to right, they need a stable person to understand the emotional rollercoasters this zodiac sign goes through every day.


Because Libras are often known for their indecisiveness, the person with the same mindset will be disastrous for the relationship. Imagine not knowing where to go for dinner or where to book a ticket for a vacation. The best wife type for Libra man would be a woman who knows what she needs in life.

Flirtatious and sexy

Because it is one of the most heart-throbbing zodiac signs, Librans are too bored with emotionally unavailable people, impossible to impress or flirt with. All they need is some love and understanding. Subconsciously they are looking for an enchanting woman with strong female energy she likes to deliver.

Sexually active

It's no secret that Libra men are good in bed. Consequently, they seek a partner to experiment within this field. Someone too shy or low-libido would be too tough of a challenge for an air sign.

Kind-hearted and helpful

Libra men adore charity, helpful people, and cute manifestations of feelings. They don't need tough love, so most Earth signs will be inapplicable for this romantic and gentle zodiac sign.

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Worst and best matches for Libra males

It's no secret that a full compatibility chart will help you find a perfect partner. But if you don't know about all the jazz or don't want to ask about a girl's birth time and place, these are the general rules and guides for a Libra perfect love match.

Perfect signs for Libra men

To be precise, Libra men love like-minded people who will share their passion for aesthetics and fame inclination. These people have to be shiny, flashy, unusual, and magnetic. Librans perfectly vibe with air signs because they belong to the same element. Additionally, air signs match perfectly with fire placements because air accelerates fire, creating a powerful tandem. These are the best signs for a Libra man:


Libras adore Leos because they feel each other on a deep metaphysical level. Because Leos are so bright and confident, they are great energy providers, especially with their loyalty and ability to give flashy expensive presents. A Libra/Leo couple will always have a lavish lifestyle because these zodiac signs perfectly understand each other's need for luxury. Moreover, Leos are noble and fierce, making Libras melt like ice cream on a sunny day.


Aquarians attract Libra men with their self-sufficiency, mysteriousness, quick-wittedness, and special charm. Because air signs love to chase, women who constantly disappear will be a perfect duo because they will not smother Librans with motherly love.


Geminis are believed to be very talkative and social, delivering great news, as well as rumors, so these signs will always have something to talk about. Being equally intellectual, Gemini women will be the best match for exalted Libras.

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Signs to avoid 

However, there are some signs Libras are naturally incompatible with. These are:


Cancer women are way too introverted and anxious for a cheerful Libra man. Because most of the time, he wants to have fun and go out, a Cancerian will be upset a Libran doesn't want to build a family nest. These women are gentle and kind, which air signs love, but they are way too hard to understand and their deep-seated insecurities would annoy an impulsive man.


Virgos sound like a nightmare for every Libra because they are way too considerate and methodical. Not to say this Earth sign is too neat with money, making a Libra man deprived of luxury. They are possibly one of the worst zodiac combinations because these people are just way too different.


Capricorns are the most serious zodiac sign, concentrating on money and power. Capricorn women often choose their career over relationships, making a Libra man bored and jealous. This couple will compete for attention and supremacy.

Librans are impressive partners everyone has to date at least once in a lifetime. Every woman will feel loved and adored by a Libra man.