Besides the fact that time heals away the wounds of the past, it often turns perfectly beautiful feelings into monotonous routine. It is impossible to constantly maintain a sense of joy and novelty and experience infinite happiness in romantic unions. But when is it the right time to find a new partner? When to break up a long-term relationship? How long to wait before having sex in a new relationship? We are going to answer all of these questions right now.

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How long do relationship last?

How long do most relationships last? In modern psychology, relationships are viewed as the interaction of two different people who have managed to find common ground. Statistics show that 78% of couples break up in the first six months of dating. Psychologists say that it is then that a period of being done with each other begins - emotions subside, and all the partner's shortcomings are revealed. According to polls, only 14% of partners manage to go all the way of relationships and achieve true love the first time, without temporary breaks and partings.

Psychologists around the world are unanimous in the opinion that there are seven stages in the development of relations between a man and a woman:

  • Falling in love, satiety, rejection, tolerance, service, mutual respect, love.
  • A union between a man and a woman is a complex issue that defies any calculations. But psychologists are convinced that it is impossible to build strong relationships without going through 7 stages of knowing each other.

Main reasons why people break up

Why do marriages fall apart? Psychologists identify several factors that prevent family relationships from developing. If some of these factors are ignored for a long time, then the marriage can be severely damaged. Here are 5 reasons why relationships fall apart.

You stopped communicating

When is it time to leave a long-term relationship? Healthy relationships require constant communication. It’s hard to know if you’re doing well if you don’t talk about it. Lack of communication can lead to the collapse of a relationship.

Everyone lives their own life

We are often busy. Sometimes so much that we do not notice our partner. Many marriages break up because each of the spouses lives their own lives, and as a result, they drift away from each other. You can prevent this by taking some time to spend with your loved one. Make it a rule to spend time with each other every week.

Lack of emotional attachment

Sex is important, but it is not enough to sustain your life together. It is just as important as physical connection. As a rule, especially for women, the lack of satisfaction of emotional needs also leads to the negation of sexual needs. This can force one of the partners to seek their satisfaction with someone else.


How to know when a relationship is over? Constant disrespect can ultimately destroy even the strongest alliance. If, for example, a man looked at another woman, while being next to his wife, and did not show regret in any way and did not even apologize to her, then this is a manifestation of disrespect for his wife, which can slowly wear down a relationship.

Uneven distribution of household responsibilities

When to break up a long term relationship? The highly uneven distribution of household chores makes one spouse feel unappreciated. It is not necessary to divide responsibilities strictly in half, but feelings of collectivism and mutual respect are extremely important for a relationship.

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How to tell it is time to break up

When is it time to leave a long-term relationship? First of all, if you have doubts, this already indicates a problem. Try to figure out why you are in this relationship. What do they give you? No matter how selfish it may sound, any relationship should be about mutual benefit. But if this benefit consists only in the fact that you do not want to be left alone, and your partner is just a way to avoid loneliness, then it’s definitely time to end this relationship.

You cannot try to fill this void with random people or have children just to have something common with your partner. Until you feel comfortable alone with yourself, you will be like an eternal parasite who doesn’t exist without someone else’s company.

How to end a relationship the right way

Of course, ending a relationship is not easy. It can be equally emotionally debilitating for both sides. Before deciding to break up, you must carefully consider everything and evaluate all the pros and cons. And only after that, you can finally make a decision on the break.

Get ready for a breakup

First, think again about whether you really want to end the relationship. Do not threaten your partner with a break if you just had a fight. If you said you want to end the relationship, be prepared to answer for your words. Talk, discuss the problems and the situation, and then make the final choice.

No rushed decisions, only sober thoughts

How long after breakup to get back together? Do not try to break off relations in a fit of anger, at the time of a quarrel or after a difficult week, when it seems that it is precisely the problems in relations that are to blame. Before making this important decision, ask the opinion of a true friend or parents - those people who may have useful thoughts about your relationship.

It is very important to tell the partner about your decision personally (in most cases)

Tell them that you want to break off a relationship in person, no matter how scary it will be. This way you show them your respect. Terminating a relationship via a phone call is acceptable if you are on a long trip and you can still meet very soon.

Firmly declare that you want to break the relationship

Speak confidently - if you mumble in hope of softly parting with a person, this, in the end, will only wound them even more. A breakup should not be too dramatic. Just say that you want to end the relationship, that you no longer see yourself happy as a part of it.

Be prepared for a backlash

A person may get angry or panic. If you notice a hint of aggression in their response, stay calm and try to reassure your partner. Even if your ex starts crying, try to speak calmly. If the situation gets out of control, let them know that you will finish the conversation later when they get back to their normal state.

Discuss your communication in the future

Once you have informed them about your decision, establish the boundaries of communication in the future. Be polite, you should first discuss the current situation. Try to look at your past relationships as a lesson.

find a new partnerDating after a breakup tips

Now let’s look into the most effective steps on Kylie Smith  after a breakup.

Step 1: Analyze mistakes

Here’s the first of dating after a breakup rules. We all make mistakes, and a conflict consists of two people, just as a relationship consists of two loving individuals. When a conflict arises – it means that you are not seeing eye to eye, and it all depends on the level of trust and understanding in your relationship.

Step 2: Develop yourself

How long after a breakup before dating? The best way to distract yourself after a breakup and get up after all the pain and stress is to develop yourself.

Step 3: Update your accounts on social networks

Some people like to burn all the bridges after a bad relationship when everything is completely done, I am just like that. If you want to get over a relationship – delete all of their photos, all of their messages, update your account so as not to leave any trace of their existence. It would be quite painful to login to Instagram and see your random photo together.

Step 4: Spend more time outdoors

Do you plan on dating after a bad breakup? You should spend more time outside. While locking yourself at home, watching TV and eating ice-cream is the logical course of action, this is what you have to fight in this situation.

While it is quite likely that you are not feeling that good right now, while you are reading this article, you must know that your life moves on, and while this doesn’t mean that the next person you are going to meet will be better in every conceivable way, it means that there is no reason to cling to one person, as imperfect as they are.