Life is jamming, and, from time to time, you want romance and novelty. Marriage is no reason to end the candy-bouquet period. It's a chance to keep your love union working, taking advantage of date night ideas for married couples. Arrange an unforgettable date with your spouse, and emotions will come rushing back. After all, it's great to please each other, surprise, and open new pages of relationships every day. We'll help with ideas for the best way to organize the most romantic date in your life with your favorite man.

date night ideas for married couples

Dating Tips for Married Couples Makes Marriages Happy 

Dating helps us feel that life is not just about parenthood and overcoming household chores. It's a return to that sweet time of first meetings when we just got acquainted and fascinated with each other. One of the critical conditions for a date is to plan joint activities that you have never done together in a long time. Thus, you'll be able to see your partner in a whole new light, meeting another of your partner's side. It doesn't matter what you do during these hours, and the crucial thing is that you spend them just the two of you. 

Apart from that, such romantic events help maintain romance in your marriage for a long time. You will remember why you fell in love with your soulmate some years ago and why he/she is so special to you.

How Not to Stop Dating if You Are Married

Sure, spontaneous dates are full of fun, but there's something about knowing that you have some sort of schedule where you regularly set aside all business, devote time to each other, and have fun. 

Discuss with your lover how often you want to go out — once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, etc. Once you've determined how often you plan to go out, declare these dates in the calendar, pick up fun date night ideas for married couples from a long list, and don't let anything get in the way. Of course, something will come up that will be ready to disrupt your plans, but stay true to the promise you made.

Do your best not to deviate from the original plan and make your day special and romantic, like a fairy tale. Direct your attention to each other. There will be plenty of time during the day to reply to all the messages and check what's going on on Facebook, update your phone, or set a new record in a game. So, put away all your devices. It will only emphasize how important your spouse is to you.

How to Refresh Feelings: Date Ideas for Married Couples

Women often remember the most romantic moments of a relationship — the first kiss, the first date, the first Valentine's Day, and ladies feel offended when it turns out that their husbands don't remember the date they met and how it happened. Here are TOP date ideas for happy family life.

fun date night ideas for married couples

Classic Romantic Date

This night you may spend together with a glass of your favorite wine in a cozy restaurant with live music, where you can whisper words of love.  Would you agree? If yes, pick a place. It may be a restaurant memorable to the two of you or a new place: the cuisine you have not tasted yet, the area where you have not yet been. Book a table in advance. Buy a new outfit, get rid of all the worries and enjoy the time.

Hotel Room

What could be more erotic and mysterious than to spend the night together in a remote hotel suite, where you can forget about the rest of the world and feel liberated heroes of love affairs. For such an adventure, you need to rent a room, get a bottle of your favorite champagne, light snacks, and a few spicy accessories for the night of love.

Stroll Around Memorable Places

If you want romance to hold hands and walk under the moon, we suggest organizing a walk to memorable places. Just take your beloved one’s hand, and you can stroll through the quiet sleeping streets. Make in advance a plan of sites you should visit. At the final point, you may hide a surprise for your sweetheart. It can be a cute trinket, a scrapbook with memories, or a bottle of your favorite wine.

Back to Childhood

Adulthood pulls the covers over our heads as soon as we get married. It's time to escape the vicious circle and immerse yourself in childhood. Go on a date to the zoo, circus, or amusement park. Free up your whole day off for such a fun activity. Find out where interesting exhibitions and attractions are in your city. Buy tickets in advance if necessary. Get in a good mood and forget that you're all grown up.

Kissing in the Back Row of the Movies

Why not feel like teenagers and test one of the all-time date ideas for married people? Go to a good movie night and remember what it's like to make out in the back rows when no one's looking.  Organizing a night out is easy. Choose a movie. Be sure it will be interesting for both of you. It’s better to buy tickets to a romantic comedy. Don't forget the popcorn. Could you imagine a movie night without this loyal companion?

Date Ideas for Married Couples

Alone With Nature

Make an exciting city walking itinerary. Visit places you've never been to or take a camping trip with an overnight stay in a tent under the stars and long conversations by the fire. It may take only one day but will remain in the memory for years to come.

Active Leisure Time, Just the Two of You

Play paintball or laser tag, high-tech games that take place in real-time and space. Modern armament, well-equipped shooting ranges, famous computer games, and movie scripts will help you relax and feel like a team.


As a rule, these trips are fun, even in the rain. It's even more amusing when you don't tell your partner where you're going. You could give your date some hints, but don't give it away and see if they can guess when you're on your way to your mystery destination. Date trips can't be too long, so don't plan something for more than 1.5 to 2 hours. You can take a trip to the old mine and walk through the passageways of the mine (if you like extreme stuff). It sounds weird, but it will be enjoyable if you've never done anything like this before. Be sure to bring snacks like chips, water, and candy. Set the radio to your favorite station and enjoy the ride.

People are so used to living online that even romantic date ideas for married couples at home disappear into a virtual space, leaving not even a shadow of a memory. You’ll always have time to spend together at home. For a start, forget about the Internet for a few hours and have a lot of fun with an unusual date in real life.