Many men are picky when it comes to choosing a wife. Women from different countries have different attitudes towards men and love in different ways. But the women on our top order bride countries list will not leave any man indifferent.


If you are a bachelor, welcome to Ukraine – a country of the best foreign brides. Most Ukrainians like to demonstrate their disobedience, but if you channel this energy in the right direction and show that you are a leader in relationships, you will become a king for this woman.

They are not yet tainted by feminism, unlike Western European women. Ukrainian wives are ready to take care of their children, housework, and many of them love to cook. Plus, Ukrainian ladies are quite temperamental but not aggressive. And most importantly, they are not afraid to start a new life, quickly adapting to new conditions.

Ukrainian women differ from others in how much they value and promote their culture to the masses. They try to pass on various knowledge from generation to generation, to teach their children what they themselves know. Also, a Ukrainian girl can do anything. Making a career in Kyiv, then in Paris, then in New York – it is not a problem. Many say that the world is based on Ukrainian girls. Moreover, they are generous. If necessary, the Ukrainian girl will give everything that she has.

Which Country Has the Best Mail Order Brides


Russia can be called the best country for mail order brides. Features of mentality, extraordinary views, the ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, a combination of the features of an angel and a demon, and, of course, a charming appearance – this is an incomplete list of the properties of a Russian woman that distinguish her from representatives of other countries.

The very first fact that people pay attention to and which surprises men is that Russian women always try to look spectacular. And many men like it because their wives are beautiful. Also, there is a patriarchal system in Russia. Its foundations are so deep in the minds of Russian wives that they still can’t be eradicated. Most of the women from Russia are sure that a husband should provide for a family, and they should do household chores and raise children.

One of the features of the mentality of these best mail order brides is sympathy. Caring for others is passed on through mother’s milk. And, of course, the main cultural feature of Russian women is that each of them dreams of a white dress and veil from childhood, and in a relationship, she immediately seeks to legitimize it to make her dreams come true.


Armenian girls are the best foreign wives. In addition, these women are very beautiful, soft, and shy. They never argue with a man in public, but they can express their opinion alone. Even though they are constantly busy, Armenian girls are always well-groomed and tidy.

In Armenian families, a daughter is taught to keep the honor of her husband and family from an early age. Still, these women in the most amazing way know how to organize matriarchy within the walls of the house, but none of those around them notices this. If you come to their house, you will see cleanliness around and happy children. By the way, guests will be offered delicious meals – Armenian wives know how to cook and treat this process with special trepidation.

Mostly Armenian girls are brought up in an atmosphere of obedience. From an early age, they are taught to respect their elders, and especially their man, to listen to his opinion. However, despite their submissiveness, the majority of Armenian women can stand up for themselves – they certainly will not allow others to hurt them.

Russian wives


Brazil is one of the best countries with mail order brides. This country has a peculiar flavor and mentality, which is reflected in the worldview of the natives. The appearance of these women is characterized by wide bones, dark skin, long legs, large facial features, and a strong physique.

Brazilian women are very self-sufficient. They can easily live alone, not get married for a long time, and not have children up to 30-35 years old. And no one will blame them for that. The average age of Brazilian women who first marry is slowly but inexorably rising when you look at the statistics. Still, love is very important and valuable for Brazilians. According to statistics, almost 25% of Brazilian marriages are initiated by women, not men. Also, Brazilians love children. As a rule, a Brazilian wife tries to give the children the highest quality education.

Brazil is a Catholic country with all the ensuing features of a national character. Long-term romantic courtship, ceremonies of meeting the bride’s parents, and magnificent weddings in Catholic churches are mandatory stages.


Among the best mail order bride countries, England takes the 5th position. There is an opinion that girls in England are not very pretty. This is a stereotype. There are many beauties among them. By their nature, English girls are quite confident in themselves and even self-sufficient in some ways. Moreover, restaurants, flowers, expensive gifts for the holidays – an English woman wouldn’t even think of demanding this from a man.

English wives will never violently express their emotions, and there will be no scandals with breaking dishes and leaving home. This is good because it’s easier to preserve the relationship without swearing about every occasion. So, such a wife is not too emotional, never finds fault with trifles, is not jealous or offended, and she always shows tolerance. Some men consider her to be the ideal partner who never causes unnecessary problems. On the other hand, you should respect her personal space, love her friends and not demand too much – excessive affection and attempts to control everything will make a woman leave.

Restraint, stiffness, and arrogance – these are the words most of us would describe a typical British woman. Because of these stereotypes many men don’t want to marry English women. But such a relationship has many advantages. Yes, these ladies are brought up quite conservatively, and this explains the restraint in their behavior. They know their worth and follow the rules of decency. But in fact, British ladies are very sincere people and it is easy and pleasant to be in a relationship with them.

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Indian women, like all women in the world, are beautiful and inexplicable creatures. They are simultaneously trying to prove their worth at work, to look like a model on the catwalk, and to be a loving partner for their man and a kind, selfless mother/daughter for her family.

Europeans often choose girls from this country because of their modesty and commitment to family customs and traditions. From childhood, they are taught obedience to a man and the preservation of the warm relations that men are looking for. Honoring parents and a husband, caring for themselves, and keeping their virginity for one man are the main features of Indian beauties.

Choosing this country for mail order bride, you should know that the culture in India prohibits a girl from having sex before marriage. It is not for nothing that the main requirement for the bride on the eve of marriage from the groom’s relatives is her chastity. It is also not recommended for both sexes to openly demonstrate their feelings. Demonstrative hugs, kisses, and walking by the hands are a sign of bad manners. Moreover, not only local couples but also guests from abroad are obliged to adhere to these rules.


Georgia is a country that is rapidly developing in a European manner, but the local population still honors and abides by the traditions of their ancestors. Georgian girls are quite beautiful and natural. And, which is very important, they understand this and don’t try to “improve” themselves with tons of cosmetics, plastic surgeries, and other similar methods. Georgian women appreciate their beauty and can only emphasize it with makeup, but they rarely go too far with it.

Don’t think about the costs of mail order brides. This is not the most important thing when choosing a wife. Without exception, all women in Georgia are wonderful wives. Many families in modern cities choose a European lifestyle. But even in this case, it is a real shame for a mother if her daughter doesn’t know how to cook national dishes and conduct household chores. Family values are highly respected in this country. Georgian women often look soft and resigned, but most of them are incredibly strong in spirit and have a steely temper.

Unlike other mail order bride countries, a woman from Georgia is very proud. Every woman is a priori a wife and a mother, but Georgians, like other Caucasian peoples, have a much deeper meaning of it. The family has always been the most sacred for Georgians, including the attitude towards relatives. So, if you marry a Georgian woman, she will be the best wife for you.