Mexico is a motley mixture of Spanish, Native American, and Caribbean cultures. This is partly why local girls have such exotic beauty and hot temperament, passion, and charm!

Men from all over the world consider Mexican women to be the most passionate and beautiful in the world, while Mexico is often considered the best country for finding a good life partner.

Check out where to find a wife in Mexico and read some top tips for dating Mexican girls!

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Why girls in Mexico make the best wives

Mexicans always put family first: traditionally, they have large families and celebrate birthdays together, share good and bad times, take care of children at any time of the day or night together. 

This is probably why their families are so strong!

They can make you blissfully happy in bed

Sex is an important part of life in Mexico. Every southern girl believes that daily morning sex stimulates her man’s mood and gives spiritual and physical vitality. And in the evening, “nothing restores energy better than good sex!”.

They dream about marrying a good man

Latina girls are family-oriented and very interested in getting married: here, in Mexico, it is considered much more "prestigious" than being single. 

However, Mexican women always strive to marry successfully and look for a rich, intelligent, handsome, and romantic man.

They’re easy and pleasant to talk to

It seems that Mexican girls adhere to the rule of life that says: "Treat others how you want to be treated". Mexican wife is never rude to her husband, children, friends, she’s always smiling, warm, kind, and positive.

They respect their husbands

Traditionally, Mexican girls treat their husbands with due respect. Every wise woman knows that a husband will do a lot for her if she gives him care and support.

They are willing to support and take care of you

The rules of family life for Mexican women imply loving her husband deeply when things are tough, and supporting him no matter what happens!

They won’t limit your freedom

A loyal Mexican wife always remembers that her husband has some other interests besides her: his parents, friends and colleagues, hobbies and interests, so she will always give him space and never hog-tie him.

They know everything about the comfort of home

Traditionally, Mexican wives love keeping the house in order, and know how to keep a family budget.

They’re funny

Some men consider a sense of humor to be one of the most important qualities of a woman that helps to brighten up their life together. Well, Mexican girls are totally fine with that!

They are master chefs and they love it!

Get a Mexican wife and you’ll get a 5-star restaurant chef at home! They have the genetic ability to cook deliciously and satisfy all your gastronomic dreams. 

Every Mexican dish is seasoned with love and passion, and her secret family recipes will explode our taste buds, so right after the first bite, you will know you’ve married the right woman!

They raise their kids with care and love

In Mexican families, love for children has no boundaries. Even in poor families, Mexicans celebrate children's holidays with chic and galore. The unspoken motto of Mexican families is “all the best for children” is the starting point around which these people build their families.

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Mexican girls dating tips and tutorials

Looking sharp, having good manners, being respectful, having a strong character, and a sense of humor are just a few of the things that will help you win the heart of the average Mexican girl.

Make the first move

If you find yourself in Mexico, and one of those hot Mexican girls will eye-bang you, do not even expect that she will show initiative! Here, in Mexico, only a man takes the first step. 

This is an old tradition, so summon up your courage and just do it!

Melt her heart with words

More often than not, Mexican men prefer to express their feelings with beautiful words. 

For example, “Mi Amor” (“my love”) or “Mi Vida” (“my life”) are everyday verbal expressions of love. Also, a true Mexican man loves to sing, and to twirl his girl while dancing!

Be dominant, but don’t overdo it

You must be proactive enough to keep a woman, brave and strong enough to protect her, smart enough to raise her, and intelligent enough not to become a tyrant!

Learn some aspects of her culture

Mexicans have a very ancient culture and there are a few things you need to know or you will be very surprised. In addition to the fact that their culture is very different from European and American, they also have a lot of respect for traditions.

Get along with the girl’s family

Family comes first among Mexicans; so you have to make friends with its members. But do not be alarmed, because, for the most part, these are kind, open-hearted, and sympathetic people.

Mexican dating is not sex-driven

Girls in Mexico, although overly sexy, are quite conservative. If you like a Mexican woman, you will have to make friends with her first. And as soon as she gets to know you better and starts to trust you, then you can get closer.

Look like a dandy

These beautiful creatures take excellent care of themselves and they are attracted only to well-groomed, fit, well-dressed men who know how to behave.

Nice, polished shoes, a fitted v-neck, and a stylish blazer - this is your “starter pack” if you want to win her heart.

Be a gentleman

When dating a Mexican woman, you should always remember good manners. These girls are quite temperamental, and can easily lose their temper if, for example, you stuff your cheeks full of food, you’re a noisy eater, or picking your teeth in front of her.

Don't forget your sense of humor

For the most part, Mexicans are simple and good-natured people, a kind of cheerful southern loafers. They love to chat as equals and tease each other. Mexican women consider a sense of humor to be one of the main traits of a good, kind man.

Take good care of her

If you’ll manage to find a Mexican wife, you should be able to be grateful for your wife’s concern and do your best to make her absolutely happy! 

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Marriage and relationship traditions in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing palette of traditions, where Spanish customs are intertwined with Indian pagan rites. There are certain rules and traditions regarding courting a girl, and a ritual of asking for her hand in marriage.

Mexican Courtship

Traditions of dating Mexican women blend some romantic Old World customs with a few western dating customs. Most couples date first and then become engaged. 

Typically, the engagements are long and last about one to two years.

Dating in Mexico

If the girl's father gives permission, the young man goes to visit her father's house to have a family dinner. 

There are certain traditions and rules that you won’t find on any Mexican girls dating website: for example, officially, the first few dates take place only in her family home).

When your relationship stands the test of time, the girl's parents permit you some private moments alone. During this period, chivalry rules: suitors please their chosen ones with flowers, chocolates, and other gifts.

A proposal

When the relationship grows into something bigger, the young couple visits the girl’s father once again to get his consent. 

If everything is OK, the groom should make a grand gesture of love for his sweetheart. “La Serenata” may involve hiring a mariachi band, playing a romantic song, while the young man sings along to his darling.

The wedding invitations

According to Mexican wedding customs, invitations are written on behalf of the parents. It is believed that this is, first of all, their holiday. The invitation contains the entire couple’s “retinue” and the contact details of the organizers.

“Wedding lasso”

Mexican lasso is a large rosary or a beautifully decorated ribbon that symbolizes the willingness of the newlyweds to always be together. 

The guests throw a lasso first on the groom's neck, and then on the bride's shoulders. During the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds take an oath of allegiance.

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“Las Arras”

This is the name of the 13 gold coins that the groom gives his bride as a gift and a sign of trust and a promise to be a good spouse. 

“Las Arras” symbolizes Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles. The gold coins are packed in a luxurious box presented on a gold or silver tray.


Pinata is a papier-mâché toy filled with sweets. The pinata game is as follows: the guests must knock down the toy with a stick blindfolded to get the candies. The competition is accompanied by music and songs.

Best places to find a wife in Mexico

Mexico has plenty of exciting tourist destinations that you will never forget. And if you are looking for a Mexican girl to date, taste Mexican temperament and get the most out of your vacation, here's a list of the best cities to visit in Mexico.

San Luis Potosi

This is one of the oldest colonial cities in Mexico with a population of over 700,000 people. Its character is reflected in its monumental colonial buildings, impressive churches, and museums, famous restaurants, and nightclubs where you can meet local beauties who will be glad to find a good foreign husband.


Cancun is one of the ten best resorts in the world. Cancun is a comfortable stay in an unforgettable resort; this is a chance to relax in luxury hotels, dine in restaurants, hang out in numerous famous discos, and of course, date Mexican girls who are ready to embark on an adventure.


One of the main features that add to the charm of Guanajuato is the network of winding streets and flowering alleys, the most famous of which is the “Alley of Kisses” (“Callejón de Besos”). There is a belief that if lovers merge in a kiss under the balcony of an old house, 15 years of happiness await them.

By the way, since there are significantly fewer men than women in Guanajuato, the divorce rate here is much lower than in other Mexican cities!

A Mexican love story

As you can see, only using a Mexican wife finder and buying a one-way ticket to Cancun will not be enough to win the heart of a Mexican woman. 

You need to be exceptionally charming and charismatic, have a sense of romance, learn to be sensitive, and familiarize yourself with the traditions of this country. Then, you will be generously rewarded!