Loyal brides are the priceless gem every man is trying to acquire. These women will support you in any situation, help you out emotionally and physically, and stay together through thick and thin. These baddies are often called “ride or die.” Why? Because they won’t drop a connection after a few quarrels and misunderstandings. Additionally, these women don’t change the partner once they see a better option simply because it’s beneficial. 

Sure, women don’t have more or less loyalty depending on their location. Or do they? Generally speaking, every country has its traditions or a unique belief system. Cheating and deception of your partner are considered sinful in some countries.  Where do most loyal brides live, and what is each country’s national distinctive trait? How does each nation treat loyalty and infidelity on the contrary? These and other answers you will find out in a minute. 

best countries to find a loyal wife

What are the traits of loyal women?

Ability to work through complications and misunderstandings

It’s pretty apparent that you shouldn’t tolerate domestic abuse or intentional harm from your partner. But some people don’t like even the slightest disagreements, deciding to drop the connection altogether. It can be a problem since the worldwide level of loyalty between men and women has fallen significantly in recent years. With social media and toxic advice coming from dating coaches, couples stopped working things out. Instead, they prefer breaking things off and divorce after a first fight. A loyal woman understands her borders, but it committed enough to go to therapy and openly discuss issues. 


Loyalty is directly connected to fidelity because the ability to physically stay with one partner is often taken for granted. Most faithful women remain true to their partners and will never think of cheating. And if they do so, they accumulate enough respect to abstain from these urges. Situations can be different, but loyal partners want to work everything out by involving a third party. 

Emotional loyalty

What is emotional loyalty in its essence? Mental commitment means resolving conflicts with your partner and trusting them enough to abstain from involving a third party from this resolution. In other words, when you don’t have thought about sharing negative thoughts with friends and family and trashing your partner behind their back. Only mentally stable and emotionally mature people resolve their conflicts without bringing other people into the equation. 

8 countries to find a loyal woman

most loyal women

So what are the best countries to find a loyal wife? What nations have a strong commitment belief system? Where is it morally low to cheat on a partner? What countries do not tolerate deception and want to work things out no matter what? Here’s a comprehensive list of such places:

1. Brazil

Although it is believed that Brazilian women are highly sexual and seductive, they have a solid moral compass. These women indeed love to flirt, but it doesn’t involve cheating.  If these girls are staying in a commitment, nobody else matters. They wouldn’t go out of their way to receive attention if their partner disagreed. After marrying a guy, Brazilian girls stop acting provocatively or wearing cleavage around other men. They love staying at home and raising children, dedicating themselves to a marriage wholeheartedly. Brazilian girls are ready to maintain any conversation. They might actively discuss different topics with male coworkers or friends, but it doesn’t mean that the conversation will go any further. These women love their husbands too much; that’s why they won’t get involved in sketchy business just for an ego boost. Brazil has some of the most loyal women in the world.        

2. Thailand

Thai girls are shy and timid; that’s why it is challenging to win their attention from the beginning. But once you do this,  these women will commit to you for the long term and won’t look around to find a better option. Their family belief system is solid enough to keep a happy family forever. People of Thailand don’t end things the moment they have some minor disagreements. Although Thai girls can get into a heated conversation,  they stay devoted to a partner to a great extent. These women are too shy and collected to flirt left and right. Thai people believe that all marriages are celestial; that’s why it’s sinful to take that back. Ironically, even if husbands have more than one wife, women don’t dare to do the same.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine has some of the hottest women on the planet. Even though they can have any man, these girls don’t dare to cheat on their husbands. They would rather stay in a complicated relationship than switching men left and right. Ukrainians prefer to talk their problems out in a pretty heated manner, but they will never break up after the first red flag, for better or for worse. This nation isn’t in favor of family counseling and therapy, so staying with a Ukrainian lady is pretty easy because they don’t demand fixing things on the spot.

most faithful women in the world

4. Russia

Russian women have a similar Slavic demeanor and the same belief system that marriages are made in heaven. Especially if you say your vows in front of God in church, it would be difficult to break things off. These women never cheat on their men, even during fierce quarrels and despite a nasty attitude. Sometimes Russian then get the benefit and start abusing their power because they know Russian women are seriously loyal. These women don’t swap their men for a better option because that will mean betrayal. It is kind of ironic because, with these beautiful features and an arsenal of domestic skills, Russian women could have anyone.

5. Japan

 Japanese women are some of the most sincere and loyal women in the world. Like Samurai wives, they won’t betray their partner or leave a man just because of their social or financial status. Sexual cheating and infidelity or not what their intention in marriage. They give out themselves to the fullest extent without looking back. They sincerely hope to find a worthy man who won’t take that loyalty for granted. Additionally, these women never take the initiative because it is believed that a woman should be modest. That’s why there is a low probability that your wife would casually meet someone over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria because it is weird for Japanese women to approach men first.

6. China

 Although Chinese women are more argumentative and stubborn than Japanese girls, they will never betray a partner because it is sinful. Japanese families live by old rules where partners marry each other for good. These women are one of the most polite, incredibly attentive, and caring, as well as kind-hearted and funny. But they never use that arsenal to woo other men. As a result, China has some of the most faithful women in the world. 

7. Indonesia

Although Indonesian women are very fun-loving and light-hearted, they don’t apply that demeanor to a relationship because commitment is taken seriously in Indonesia. These women wholeheartedly love their husbands and will go the extra mile for their men. Once these girls decide on a man, they will never quickly swipe him for a better option without a grounded reason.

8. Iran

Islamic countries have stringent rules when it comes to marriage. Not only is cheating sinful in these countries, it is deadly for a woman to cheat on her man and is almost prosecuted. Iranian women won’t even think of betraying their men because it is one of the worst deeds in the world in their culture. So if you want a loyal woman who will not cross you, Iran is among the best countries to find a faithful woman.

Although there are more countries with loyal women globally, these are some of the best places to find one. We also hope you find a good parter and share many happy years of marriage.