Taurus rules the zodiac from April 20 to May 21. Under this sign, kind, passionate, and purposeful men are born who know what they want to achieve in life. The symbol of the Ox accurately reflects the essence of this sign. To achieve the goals, a Taurus man uses physical strength and spiritual power. In the ancient epics, the image of Taurus is reflected in the myth of the son of Zeus by the name Dionysus. He is depicted as a young man of a violent temper with a bull's head crowned with ivy and grapes. He was usually depicted playing the lyre while riding a chariot of tigers and centaurs. How can a Taurus find a perfect partner for himself? What should he be looking at on online dating sites?

Taurus man traits and character

What about Taurus men traits? In general, a Taurus can be described as a kind and intelligent man who uses only his own strength and capabilities to realize his undertakings. Usually, he is patient, calm, and rarely allows himself to show emotions. But when the endurance of Taurus comes to an end, you run the risk of facing an angry bull. His anger is violent but short-lived. This sign is distinguished by stubbornness, however, depending on the circumstances, it can be interpreted in different ways - it can be both positive and negative. If we are talking about family well-being, which such a man is trying to achieve at all costs, this is a definite plus. If he stubbornly indulges his bad habits, there is certainly not much good here.

Are Taurus good husbands?

Taurus men are generally good husbands. They are caring and at the same time devoted to their soulmate. Their main credo is "everything in the house and your family." Representatives of this zodiac sign have a fairly calm character, they are patient by nature, and even to the whims of their beloved woman. Getting them out of your mind is an extremely difficult task. In everyday life, Taurus is completely unpretentious. They are faithful husbands and will never cheat on their soulmates. Taurus will prefer to simply leave the family, but not to deceive the woman they love.

What the Best Wife for Taurus Man Should Be Like Full Guide

Taurus men behave in relationships: things to know

What are Taurus men in relationships like? At the very beginning of a relationship, it may seem that Taurus is apathetic and, in principle, he does not need a relationship. It's not like that at all. The thing is that such men will not feed themselves with false hopes. To understand the true nature of their feelings, they need to nurture them, fertilize them, and only then manifest them. Of course, only if Taurus is sure of the right choice. If you ask a Taurus: “Does love at first sight exist?”, Most likely, he will answer in the negative. This does not mean that he does not believe in love as such, just that his feeling is of a slightly different kind. His passion does not arise suddenly, but grows gradually, becoming only stronger with time.

What does a Taurus man search in a woman

What is the best wife for Taurus man? What a Taurus man wants in a woman? Calm, balanced Taurus often have a clear plan for the future, they try to fit all the details of their idea one by one. They do not tolerate loneliness, therefore, a reliable and faithful girlfriend who will share both difficulties and happy moments is an indispensable and most important part of their life plans.

It is not difficult to get along with a Taurus man - he is unpretentious in everyday life, often has a calm, even character, good disposition. He really needs tenderness, affection, and care, he is ready in return to give them to his beloved woman. Non-conflicting will try to avoid a quarrel as soon as possible. He needs the support of a woman, expressed in constant admiration, then such a man blossoms.

Perfect partner's traits for a male Taurus

What is the Taurus man ideal woman like?

  1. What do Taurus like about female appearance and is it important to them? The concept of beauty has always been and remains subjective, men of this sign are attracted to girls with an interesting appearance, the so-called zest. There must be something in you that emphasizes your uniqueness, features, this will interest the romantic Taurus.
  2. What Taurus man wants in a woman? If you have a restless disposition, you cannot sit still, constantly looking for adventure, change, vivid emotions - you will not get along with a Taurus man who likes to spend the weekend at home, lying on the couch, or outdoors, lying in a hammock.
  3. Taurus are straightforward, they do not like ambiguous games and other role-playing "attributes" in a relationship. They are looking for a faithful, devoted woman who will fall in love once and for all, who will not need to be won over every time.
  4. The representative of this zodiac sign wants to be a leader in relationships, the main one in the family, and must definitely feel like one. Therefore, a woman who measures everything and everything with him is definitely not a version of Taurus. He expects from his girlfriend that she will share his opinion and follow him, and will not endlessly prove how wrong he is and impose her point of view.

Best and worst partners for Taurus men

Taurus is a real man. And starting from the appearance and ending with their actions. Therefore, he is popular with the opposite sex. But not every girl can be with such a man. And the point here is not only not in the similarity of characters, but also in the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac.

What the Best Wife for Taurus Man Should Be Like Full Guide

Best matches for a Taurus man

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

This is the Taurus man perfect match. Such a union can be called ideal. Both partners have the same outlook on life, values , and requirements. Although both representatives are very stubborn and jealous, quarrels will occur extremely rarely. They understand each other perfectly, are ready to work slowly and hard, rejoice and solve problems.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

This is the best compatibility for Taurus man. Excellent compatibility. It is from such a pair that a strong married couple can turn out. They seem to complement each other. Cancer will take care of the house and children, and Taurus will only be happy about this.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

You can say about this couple in one phrase - they complement each other. In all aspects of life. It is here that the role of a strong man goes to Taurus, and Pisces becomes an accommodating mistress.

Worst female choice for a Taurus man

Taurus Man and Aries Woman

Such an alliance will not do without conflicts. Aries is too active and active, while Taurus acts slowly but surely. A woman will always try to push her man, stir up and rush.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

Unfortunately, such an alliance does not last long. All because Aquarius gets bored with the earthly and practical Taurus. A woman is constantly attracted to something new and unusual. And the partner does not see any need for this.

Taurus is an ideal option for a patient and reasonable woman who is looking for a protector in a man and dreams of hiding behind her husband, he is a stone-solid wall which can protect his woman from all life's adversities. They are reliable, loyal, strong, and caring, Taurus are great men, but they are quite stubborn and hard-headed, which can be off-putting to some women.