The Philippines is a delightful country, attracted by the charm of natural beaches, tropical climate, a lot of sights, and leisure for all tastes. But the real pride is Philippine girls, whose exotic beauty can be admired tirelessly. 

You can often find odd couples on the islands at first glance: European men in their 50s dating pretty Filipina women. Why are Europeans so captivated by Asian beauties? What is their secret? Let us work this out.

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What Male Traits Attract Filipina Women

Every woman has her own idea of a real man, but there are certain male traits that most women pay attention to. So, as long as you consider building relationships with Filipina girls, check if you have the following qualities for that.


A man who can attract women's attention has to be confident in his abilities and solve any problems. He is not afraid of challenges. Women want to see men who can protect and support them to pay a lot of attention to this quality.

Sense of Humor

Who does not like to laugh, especially at the successful jokes of the opposite sex? A man who can cheer up a woman is on the right track to success. So, watch more comedies and comedians and note how they move, intonate, and present themselves and their material.

Be Sensitive Dating Filipina Women

You should notice details, accents of your woman’s mood, desires, and preferences. If you can see a new hairstyle or how elegantly and sexily your intended is dressed, she is sure to appreciate it. Men may think these are trifles, but women really cherish such little things. 

Persistence and Ambition

These character traits are never superfluous in any case, and especially in winning an Asian girl's heart. A man should know what his bride wants and achieve it. But persistence should not turn into bigotry and aggression leading to violence. It's about healthy passion and aggressiveness to achieve the intended goal.


Lots of women find intelligent men sexy as long as they demonstrate their intelligence correctly. Just do not imagine nerds and fanatical nuclear physicists. As an example, we can think of Tony Stark from the movie “Iron Man” by Robert Downey Jr. 

It's vital to remember that every woman is unique in her own way. There can't be a perfect system that ensures 100% success. The things that didn't work with one girl may work with another. Don't be in a hurry to give up too soon. Successful men often hear “no,” but they don't take it personally and move on. Losers, on the other hand, take each rejection personally, losing more and more confidence. This is a huge mistake.

Why Men Wish to Meet Beautiful Filipina Women

Many Europeans dream of having a Filipino wife. It is also interesting that girls do not mind marrying a foreigner, and they are not afraid of financial problems or the boyfriend's age. If you travel to the Phillippine islands, look out for married couples where the Filipino woman has a European husband. Their faces will shine with happiness. So, what is so unusual about Filipinas?

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Filipino Ladies Are Beautiful

Filipino women are not only charming but also are in good shape. They try different outfits, makeup tricks, and hairstyles. To look beautiful is not just important to please their partners, but also to feel good about themselves. That's why Filipino girls win various titles in beauty contests.

They Are Obedient and Non-conflict 

Filipinas are a treasure trove for family relationships. Many girls are not fully educated, and it does not allow them to get ahead of their men in any matter. Such a woman will be an ideal wife, who will admire her husband and obey him without another word.

Filipino Women Do Their Best to Keep the Family Together

Asian beauties are against divorce and try to avoid it by all means. Being afraid of becoming useless, a Filipina will fight for her marriage.  The fact is that, according to national traditions, a girl has to be a virgin before a wedding. And after a divorce, a girl has fewer chances to find happiness.

A Filipina Wife Is Faithful to You

A married woman doesn't male companionship outside the family. You should not worry that she will cheat on you while you are working.

They Love Kids

They love their children and enjoy raising them. No matter how many babies you have, your wife will never say that she is tired and needs to hire a babysitter.

Filipina Ladies Are Great Housewives

A Filipina wife is a great helper in the home. They know how to take household chores for granted and never grumble about them. 

They Love Cooking

Being involved in a Filipina wife dating issue, keep in mind that your sweetheart won't leave her husband hungry as she cooks every day. The rich Filipino cuisine makes it possible to have a variety of dishes for any occasion. 

Filipino Women Are Close to Their Families

It may seem like a disadvantage to some guys that Filipinos are very close to their families. They even say that if you take a Filipina as your wife, you get married to her entire family. But let's look at the upside of things. If you accept this, they will become actual relatives and friends to help you in need.  

Ladies From the Philippines Are Religious

If your family honors religious traditions, you should choose a Filipina. They are Catholic, but more often than not, they don't mind converting to another religion. They are interested in both the liturgy and rituals, and more often, something new to them means exciting.

These Girls Are Strong Spirits

Filipino women are strong, and they hide a lot of strength behind their beautiful faces. They are ready to achieve what they want, can take risks, and be bold and creative.

Filipino Women Don't Mind Changing Their Place to Live

A hot Filipina wife adores snow, and many of them dream of living in a snowy country because they are very tired of the boiling heat. A Filipina wife would not be afraid to fly to the north and put on a lot of clothes just to enjoy the snow, snowdrifts, ice rink, and other delights of the northern latitudes every day.

You'll find almost everything you need in your Filipino sweetheart as Asian girls really make fantastic brides. In fact, their beauty combined with intelligence and practical sense makes them the perfect partner for Western men.

5-Step Guide on How to Get a Filipina Wife

Finding a good wife is the hardest thing in life! If you make the right choice, you will be rewarded for life. That's what you should work hard for. There is no need to get acquainted randomly. Take a look at a short but practical step-to-step guide for meeting Filipina girls.

Be Yourself

Sooner or later, a girl will know the real you, and you can't play a role all the time. Don't lie to her. You're cool enough as you are. If someone doesn't accept you for who you are, you don't need that person. In the dating stage, don't try to please a girl. There's nothing wrong with the fact that you may have different interests. Try to be yourself as much as possible, and someone will appreciate it.

Be a Good Talker

You should be able to interest a lady and captivate her with your communication. Do not use tedious and hackneyed topics. The girl you like might have a wide social circle, and when she meets you, you need to play to the contrast and differentiate yourself from the majority. You have to remember that it's not just what you say, but how you say it. You can discuss with her an exciting topic but present it so dull that she will start yawning. You have to be confident, charismatic and have a good sense of humor. 


Don't forget about flirting. The most crucial thing in this business is practice, which you can get out of communicating. You need to learn how to cross the touch barrier. Girls don't like guys who are too vulgar and pushy. If she doesn't like your touch, she's bound to let you know. Flirting and touching will help a girl see that you find her attractive.

Go on Dates

 If you see a girl you really like, ask her out. When you go on a date, be prepared to pay not only for yourself but also for the girl. You'll show your good manners and show that you're not greedy. If she refuses, don't believe her. In her mind, she's already ticked your box.

Once You’ve Won a Girl Over, Don’t Slow Your Roll

Many men eager to find a Filipina wife may make the same mistake: winning the girl, they cease to be courteous and attentive. Never do that. Tell your bride tender words, spend time together and give your girlfriend lovely gifts.

Filipino women combine femininity and sexuality, external and internal beauty, neatness, and the ability to obey, and, on top of all this, they are excellent cooks. What else does a modern man need? Such a woman is the dream of every gentleman, and being able to travel freely around the world, these ideal women are not so far away.