Even the most handsome guys sometimes have trouble finding a girlfriend and keep asking the question, “Where can I meet women for serious relationships?” The reasons vary, but the result is equally depressing. In any case, in our huge world, some might be right for you. Don't despair if you want to meet a woman, but you haven’t succeeded yet. We’ll tell you where to meet a good and beautiful girl.

Where can I meet women

Not-So-Best Places to Meet Single Women If You Are Looking for Serious Relationships

When you finally feel you're ready for a serious relationship, then you should not go to extremes to look for your potential bride anywhere. Since there is an option of bumping into a lady, you're not looking for. Here are the TOP 3 places where you shouldn't hunt a woman.

Night Clubs

Are you expecting to meet a serious girl at nightclubs? Well, it's real, but though unlikely as it requires too many coincidences to happen. Young girls, who like hanging out in nightclubs, are searching for not long-lasting relationships but a one-time thing. The girl you like may already have a boyfriend, and she's just out to have fun and to get someone for a couple of cocktails. It's not a suitable place where to meet single women, isn't it?

Fancy Restaurants or Luxurious Spots

Ladies, chilling on chic sites, take a man as a donor, their youth as capital, and themselves as commodities that must be sold profitably to a worthy candidate. As a rule, such chicks gather in small groups in fashionable cafes and look out for unhappy men who are about to fall into the hawk’s clutches. They idle, doing it beautifully and not even trying to pretend to be involved in some business. It seems that their true mission is to look good and impress society with their outfits.

Hotels' Lounge Zones

Girls who hunt for overseas princes, waiting for them in the hotel lounge zones, are convinced that looking fashionable is a hard job, for which they are paid, so a man should give money for a monthly tune-up consisting of dozens of cosmetic procedures. They don't really care how their partner looks, as long as he has enough money for all her whims. It's better to think twice before getting involved with a woman who sees finding a rich prince as her only life goal. 

Or you may just run into an escort girl who will offer to show you around town with a friendly smile, but not because she likes you, but because she'll use you for all your worth.

where to meet single women

Where to Find Single Women: the Finest Places

In the age of the Internet, we've forgotten how to meet people outside. It's even become a bit of an outlandish thing for us. However, it still works. The main thing is to be self-confident and not to force the issue. Here are 10 cool places to meet a potential bride!

Hobby Clubs

Do you like meeting new people, especially those who are on the same page with you? If you still aren't a social club member, join immediately, and you'll see a quick result. It's a great option when you want to meet a like-minded woman who will be fond of the same things that you like.


If you are looking for a girl with a good figure who pays a lot of attention to health and can cook tasty, healthy food, then welcome to the gym. Besides, by makeup and neat hairstyle, you can distinguish the girls who came there just for dating.

You can try to meet ladies while jogging, swimming or doing other sports, but it's not always convenient. And in winter, the ice rink would be a great place to make acquaintances.


Oddly enough, there are still romantic girls who prefer to buy books in offline stores. So, it may turn out to be one of the best places to meet women. First, it’s like a filter for intellectuals, and secondly, it’s easier to predict a person's character and views by their literary tastes.

Board Games Meetings

Tabletop games are a great invention, making a well-established company in one evening, which has something to talk and joke about. As a rule, people who are open to dating gather on such nights. So, there is a great chance to find a nice girl just there.


It’s a flexible resource for searching: cooking, dancing, sports, and intellectual courses. Pick up what's interesting to you and meet some woman who shares your views there. Think about what would interest the girl you are looking for, and go out hunting.

Where to Find Single Women


Not only can shared musical tastes bring absolutely different people together, but at concerts, this magic is enhanced by the heat of the moment. Everyone is more energetic, more open, and sensitive than at other times. And the girl you meet there will immediately see you as a like-minded person: it's nice to have something in common, even before you get acquainted.

In the Store

It’s preferable to visit cosmetics or household products stores. Why? It's very simple: come up with a puzzled, miserable face, complaining that for the past hour you can’t choose a perfume or pan, and ask for help. She might be good at this issue, and when she helps you, you’ll get her phone number.

At a Friend's Party

This is the perfect place and atmosphere to meet a girl. If you see a beautiful lady you want to talk to, first, find a party planner or person who invited you. Maybe he or she can introduce you, and that's a much more effective and elegant way to meet than presenting yourself. Then, start with how she met your common friends, find out her profession and what she's interested in, and woo her.

At Work

In general, your office is a good place to meet single. You can find her name, mail, and department on the corporate website, set up a chance meeting (be in the kitchen at the same time as she is, catch in the hallway, meet in the elevator) and invite her to lunch. Just be careful — if something goes wrong, all your colleagues will probably learn about it.

At a Wedding

The most traditional place for dating is considered someone else's wedding. The bride often invites unmarried girlfriends, and the groom invites bachelor friends. To achieve success, you have to meet three conditions: you fit perfectly in a suit or tuxedo, you prepare the most touching or funny toast, and are ready to dance so that every girl at the wedding would wish to become your partner. 

All in all, no matter what places you pick up to meet singles for relationships, it's better to start getting to know a girl with a question. The question makes you think; it doesn't scare, but rather disposes to communicate. Don't ask trivial stuff. Let your question surprise and interest, try different options. Little details, elements of clothing can tell a lot about the girl's preferences and become a reason to talk.