Slavic women make men around the world crazy. Ukrainian girls are the most desired European brides for their beauty, tender hearts, and the opportunity to love warmly. It goes without saying that these ladies handle all the household chores and do not forget about their appearance. This magic power to combine everything and stay exceptionally attractive women charms gentlemen from Europe, America, Asia, and other corners of the world.

But how to find Ukrainian girls on the Internet? Meet the best brides from Europe on the Slavic dating websites. There are top 5 digital platforms for communication and flirting you should take into consideration.

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Top 5 Dating Sites to Find a Wife in Europe and Ukraine

Ukrainians and other Slavic girls are very faithful and loving wives. That is why you should not miss your opportunity to find the European wife of your dreams on the Internet. For this purpose, choose one of the top-ranking dating websites with awesome girls who are ready to chat, love, and build serious relationships with handsome men.


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This is a discovery for many Internet users. One of the most convenient online dating platforms with free registration and numerous profiles of beautiful Slavic ladies. It is possible to sign in with the help of social media accounts. This is a very convenient option to take into account. This way your registration can take only several minutes and 3-4 clicks only.

You can opt for the good-looking and intuitive interface here. After the registration, gentlemen will be able to initiate the search for the European brides for marriage online. All the available profiles of Slavic girls to chat with will appear on the home page. It is necessary to fill in all the required information to get bonuses and access to chats.

The side menu in the user’s account contains all the necessary data to check:

  • The chat menu;
  • Mails/messages;
  • Winks (compliments);
  • Gifts;
  • Favorites;
  • Bookmarks;
  • News;
  • Notifications.

When the profile is 100% filled out, the user can count on the extra credits and other bonuses. It is possible to use only a free plan on the Bebemur dating site. But there are many limitations for men. For example, you cannot enjoy all the photos in the women’s albums. Additionally, text chats will be limited while girls’ presentations will be closed.

For those gentlemen who would like to explore European brides dating without limits, it is necessary to top up the account. The credits erase all the limitations and provide extra perks like access to secret hot albums, video chats, and broadcasting. Note that this website for Eastern European brides dating is ready to please willing male users with discounts and other special offers. 


For example, the classic package is available now for 41 euros instead of 47. The same story is about the Luxe pack with 800 credit points. The users can select this pricing plan only for 281 euros instead of 348. To understand how many credits you need, it is necessary to explore all the points required for premium services on the site:

  • Sending 1 letter: 7 credits;
  • 1 minute of text chat with the girl of your interest: 1 credit;
  • 1 minute of webcam viewing the lady you prefer: 1 credit;
  • 1 minute of webcam broadcast: 1 credit;
  • Video presentation of the girl of your interest: 10 credits;
  • Requesting contacts of the Slavic lady: 20 credits.

To sum up, if the man expects to date a European bride, it is better to purchase credits to chat, watch a video presentation, and request contacts then.

Pros & Cons

Bebemur is the progressive digital platform for efficient and transparent Eastern European brides' dating with detailed rules for users. The more information is available in the profile for other registered members, the more bonuses you get. There are good discounts on pricing plans.

It is quite real to find your soulmate on the Bebemur website because there are many willing Slavic girls to chat with and build relationships with. Most of them are online 24/7. It is possible to watch a video presentation about the woman of your interest first.

Among weak spots, some users can mention pricing plans to get credits. Nevertheless, these packs are worth purchasing to communicate with beautiful ladies from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries more.


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It was one of the most popular websites for dating in the world. But the war in Ukraine became the main reason for Tinder's poor popularity. First, foreigners could come to Europe and find the best matches through this website. During the war in Ukraine, it is impossible to opt for the full functionality of this dating site.

Nevertheless, Tinder stays among the favorite digital platforms in the world where men can find Eastern European girls for dating on the Internet. Most users’ reviews are positive which means Tinder can come in handy in the search for the perfect Slavic wife. Perhaps, this is far from the best option for most gentlemen today.

Pros & Cons

The best feature most users love about Tinder is limitless text chats. Additionally, everyone can swipe the possible match if this is not about your expectations. Another great option is video chats. You can use almost all the features for free. There is a premium pack for the most exacting users who want Gold or Premium subscribers. 

But the weak spot of Tinder is its video calls – they are available only in some states of America. Among other weak spots are poor match queues in small towns and villages. One more huge disadvantage is the low interest of all Tinder users in serious relationships. It is possible to find a flirt, sex, or just a wonderful talk. But you will hardly find the best-matching Eastern European women for marriage.


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This is a Russian dating website. But there are still many profiles of Ukrainian girls. Note that this digital platform can perform poorer in the condition of the war in Ukraine. Some European countries can block Mamba for safety reasons. Nevertheless, a great experience with this website is guaranteed due to the detailed questionnaire for all the first-comers.

If you want to register here, be ready to answer several questions about your purposes in Mamba and expectations from your future partner. The best matches will be offered as a result of automated processing of all the profiles in the Mamba database. Note that most of the suggested potential soulmates are fakes. So, it is almost impossible to find a wife here.

Pros & Cons

There is a range of options like profile surfing and limited text messaging that are available for free. But most options in Mamba are paid. Be ready to become a subscriber for more options to discover on this digital platform.

To sum up, Mamba can boast a rather simple and catchy interface. The welcome questionnaire is a perfect idea to land your perfect match. Nevertheless, most users state that numerous profiles on Mamba are fake. Moreover, now there are many issues with the website access if you live out of Russia. Users from Europe can face problems with the dating site performance. 


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This website is a blend of a dating platform and social media network. It is important to like photos if you prefer to open more and more profiles. The user’s account should be also filled out with detailed information to request the personal data of your potential partners. This digital platform is quite secure and is well protected from fakes. All the Ukrainian and other Slavic girls can verify their profiles via telephone numbers, social media networks, and photos.

It is worth noting that there is an option of geolocation. All those willing Eastern European ladies for marriage who would like to meet with the gentlemen personally can specify their location on the map. Only verified men with paid credits can know this address and contact the girl for further real communication.

According to the customers’ reviews, this is a good website for single hearts who believe in love at first sight. The interested man can give presents to grab the attention of the lady from his dreams. Many Ukrainian women have several photos in their Badoo albums. So, serious foreigners can select the most beautiful bride and conquer her heart.

Pros & Cons

There is a free version of the website. But be ready to like many photos to open new profiles on Badoo. Additionally, you will hardly find women over 30 years old. This is the app and desktop website for teenagers and young Slavic ladies (18-25 y.o.). If you are searching for a young Ukrainian bride, welcome to Badoo. According to customers’ reviews, this website is mostly for casual dating. But nothing is impossible – explore Badoo and find your destiny.


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This is one of the oldest dating websites. Some people state that the interface is outdated here. Nevertheless, LovePlanet still keeps a huge database of various profiles. Many willing men continue their searches for the most loving and caring wives here. All the foreign users can filter profiles according to the:

  • Potential partner’s city/town;
  • Ladies’ age;
  • Other parameters.

For example, it is possible to select the option “Only new users” or sort all the profiles according to the distance. One of the greatest features is the opportunity to block any user you dislike. The only credits required on LovePlanet are for group chats and virtual gifts.

Pros & Cons

Forget about the user-friendly interface when it comes to this website. It is poorly loaded on mobile screens. But enjoy improved assortment features, LGBT-friendly policies, and minimum fakes here. People on LovePlanet are mostly real and would like to find true feelings, pure love, and great interlocutors. 

Final Word

Today, it is possible to find a European bride on the Internet. It is necessary to know what dating websites are the most suitable for this purpose. Can you find a wife in Europe? Sure, you can. Just be ready to search for your perfect match. European girls are very popular because of their attractive appearance, kind hearts, easy-going characters, and hardworking nature.

This is a happy blend of feminine and supernatural power that magnetizes American men and gentlemen from other corners of the world. More and more women are searching for their perfect husbands to love and become faithful life partners. The desire for a better life and honorable gentleman force Slavic ladies to become mail-order brides.

Become happy with one of the women you have been dreaming of all your life! Explore the best dating website and find your perfect match for the longest family life!

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Are European Mail Order Brides Illegal?

The desire to be happy and loved cannot be criminal. That is why participation in various dating campaigns and creating a profile in the virtual database of Slavic brides are also far from illegal practices. Ukrainian and other Eastern European women would like to be happy and find the best-matching husband this way.

Are European Wives Loyal?

Slavic women are extremely loyal. They are used to respecting men and assisting them both physically and mentally. That is why support together with loyalty are very important traits of character when it comes to Ukrainian girls and other Eastern European ladies.

Is It Easy to Date a European Girl?

It depends on your desires and expectations. All European girls would like to get a lot of attention and care. That is why if you cannot guarantee this, it will be difficult to date Slavic beauties. All the European girls are ready to show their feelings and love to their partners. But at the same time, they also require attention, understanding, care, and passion.

What Traits Do European Girls Find Attractive?

Most Slavic ladies are fond of the men’s superpower. They prefer when every issue is solved by their strong husbands or love partners. At the same time, European women fall for kind-hearted men who can be soft and tender. When the gentlemen demonstrate good manners and their love for small children and animals, this also melts the hearts of Slavic beauties. Fast decision-making is highly valued by European girls as well.