This is the last autumn sign in the Zodiac circle and the 9th from its beginning. The sun enters it (depending on the year - leap year or not) on November 21 or 22, and leaves on December 20-21. The patron of this zodiac sign is Jupiter, the planet of generosity and creation. Under its influence, Sagittarius becomes optimistic and friendly to others. Representatives of this sign know how to enjoy life and strive to share it with other people. They are always active, and their heart is filled with warm light and fire, which attracts others. It is such a man who controls their mind and intentions. Today we are going to talk about the best wife for such a man, figure out how to find a girlfriend online for a man born under the sign of Jupiter, and discuss many other topics related to this issue including best compatibility for Sagittarius man. 

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Sagittarius man traits and character 

What are the Sagittarius men traits? These men are persistent in their beliefs. If they took some statement as an axiom, then be sure that you most likely cannot convince them of that being wrong. Sagittarius clearly follows the set course, not paying attention to even the most convincing arguments of others.  

Representatives of this zodiac sign are freedom-loving and unaffected by a lot of things. Always striving to be ahead of the rest of the planet, they often suffer from excessive egoism, which most often becomes an obstacle that prevents them from seeking the favor of others. However, for the most part, representatives of this sign are good-natured, sympathetic, do not tolerate lies and do not understand at all those who constantly resort to it. 

Are Sagittarius good husbands?

For the time being, these men in marriage remain non-punctual, irresponsible and unreliable, freedom-loving and too independent. But sooner or later it will end - at some point everything will change, at least this happens with most of these men. Such is the attitude of children of Jupiter towards marriage. Be patient and try to be less critical of him in your marriage, otherwise you will lose him. Learn to adapt to his lifestyle, be easy-going and try to bring more feelings and romance, unpredictability and spontaneity into your marriage. This is how you secure their loyalty and support. These men don't perform very well in marriage, but that doesn't mean they can't be relied upon at all. On the contrary, they are good organizers, excellent family men. Yes, they are irresponsible and freedom-loving, but they know what needs to be done to ensure that everyone in the family is happy. 

Sagittarius men behave in relationships: things to know 

What are Sagittarius men in relationships like? First of all, it would be worth saying that these men in relationships manifest themselves primarily as voluptuous men. What does it mean? Yes, it’s not worth believing their sweet speeches, because they love to embellish everything in order to win the partner’s favor. True, this does not mean that everything they say is a lie. Not! They just love to decorate. Gentle warm words, bright compliments, courtship with bouquets of roses and baths filled with petals - believe me, in a relationship with Sagittarius, all this is not uncommon. Freedom is what Sagittarians value the most. The attitude of these men to sexual relations is such that it is desirable to have some freedom in relationships. But the most important thing is that if they are given a lot of freedom, then they refuse it – they lose interest in it after some time. Well, the most important thing is that in relationships, these men most often demonstrate incredibly strong caring, tenderness, attentiveness and gentleness. These are men, next to whom women always feel needed. But in return they need to give the same, otherwise their love will quickly fade. 

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What does a Sagittarius man search in a woman 

What a Sagittarius man wants in a woman? What is the Sagittarius man perfect match? The chosen one of such a man should be smart, have a good sense of humor, and communicate easily and naturally. This is so necessary because the companion of this man will have to attend numerous events and companies of people that her partner loves to visit. He will never appreciate an interlocutor who will modestly remain silent in a corner of a room or talk about boring everyday topics. Such a girl will very quickly become a burden, and he will be forced to run away in search of new mental pleasures. 

Perfect female traits for a male Sagittarius

When choosing a partner, these men pay attention to cheerful, open-minded women. He bypasses the closed, picky, boring persons who have collected in themselves a "bundle" of inferiority complexes. The wife becomes the woman with whom Sagittarius has similar views on life and interests. 

What Sagittarius man wants in a woman: 

  • cheerful; 
  • attractive; 
  • smart; 
  • interesting; 
  • visionary; 
  • caring; 
  • courteous; 
  • with a sense of humor. 

Best matches for a Sagittarius man 

What is the best wife for a Sagittarius man? To figure out which zodiac sign suits these men, you need to compare their characters. What is the Sagittarius man ideal woman? The best marriage for these men can be created with women Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio. 

As a representative of the element of fire, these men achieve favorable compatibility with signs under the auspices of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). The secret of the compatibility of these elements lies in the fact that they perfectly complement each other. Fire can only exist if air is available. In the presence of fire, the air becomes warmer and more mobile. In alliance with spiritualized air signs, Sagittarius is able to find true love.  

With Gemini, Sagittarius is united by a common craving for change, travel, broadening one's horizons. Such a couple, hand in hand, will go to the ends of the world to catch their bird of happiness. The fantastic luck of Sagittarius will ensure the success of this daring undertaking.  

Libra will bring the necessary balance to the life of such a man, who often goes to extremes. Next to such a balanced companion, he will gain life wisdom and stop chasing fleeting pleasures. Libra, with its lightness and variability, constantly surprises the Sagittarius partner, who is tirelessly striving for something new. Like no other of the air signs, they are able to maintain the freshness of relationships, which is so necessary for Sagittarius.  

In alliance with Aquarius, he will find a wise ally who can give good advice or throw a smart idea at the right time. Aquarius is exactly that rare person who can endure the difficult nature of these men. To do this, he does not need to make moral efforts, he is simply above petty troubles. 

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Worst female choice for a Sagittarius man

Taurus can attract Sagittarius with their fidelity, because they are ruled by Venus, Jupiter's girlfriend, but apart from easy flirting, they are unlikely to succeed together. Taurus claims the rights to his property, and our independent man will not tolerate even the slightest pressure. 

Partnership with the hardworking Virgo is promising only in business terms; in love affairs, her criticism and meticulousness will not leave our man any chance. A purposeful Capricorn may command respect from him, but the speed with which they go through life is too different.