Starting a family is one of the most important moments in every person's life. Most people give preference to partners from their own country. But in today's world, international marriages are considered a regular thing. It’s believed that such marriages are good for society in terms of tolerance of different nationalities. What is the best place to find a wife, and how can a man find his beloved one among a bunch of nationalities in the world?

best place to find a wife

Why It's Worth Trying to Get a Wife Overseas

The primary reason foreign bachelors look for brides in Eastern Europe, Asian countries, and Latin America is that they want to meet a young woman who will love and appreciate them and belong to him and agree to marry him. It may sound naive, but these men want to be loved and needed.

The mere presence of such a woman in his life is valuable to him — no matter if she is a good housewife or not. After all, there are a lot of modern gadgets and home food delivery services now, so men have no problems with household issues. 

The potential suitors claim that Western ladies are materialistic, unfeminine, don’t appreciate family, and don’t want to give birth to babies. Is this true, or is it all wildly exaggerated? Who knows. But if a man marries a well-behaved woman from another country, he will be happy to find a person who is similar in spirit and who will be able to share the family comfort and values.

And as experience has shown, women from Eastern Europe and Asian countries don't mind linking their fate with a wealthy and loving man ready to give them a happy future. 

Pros and Cons of Looking for a New Wife Abroad

International marriages have numerous advantages. Here is just a tiny part of them.

  • Being married to a foreigner, you can move to another country, live in a different climate, and get to know other people.
  • The relationships in such unions are always interesting and bright. The lovers have no time to be bored because they are representatives of different cultures and have a lot of things to discuss. 
  • Intercultural marriages become strong if a couple has mutual understanding and mutual respect in the union. Each of the spouses should be tolerant towards the religion, interests, and traditions of his/her sweetheart.
  • You can learn another language better. It helps broaden the horizons, makes a person more flexible, and provides a wider view of the world.
  • Your stereotypes disappear. We all happen to be prone to thinking in stereotypical ways, and moving to another country helps get rid of those patterns.

Despite all the pros, multicultural marriages have their disadvantages. They may include the following:

  • You’re growing apart from your family and friends.
  • You need to get used to the mentality and way of life of other people.
  • You should adapt to a new climate in some cases. For example, when you meet your wife at first, you fall in love and may think you can live in a warm environment. The reality may be too harsh.
  • You could have disagreements over religious issues.
  • If the marriage proves unsuccessful, spouses may have problems with kids.

Looking for a New Wife

How and Where to Find a Good Wife: 15 Tips

The most productive and best way to find a wife is in her country of residence, as communication face-to-face is much more pleasant than keeping short dialogues on the Internet. That’s why a man should decide on his preferences and then visit the country of his potential sweetheart. But before packing luggage, take a look at the following practical tips:

International Dating Websites

Today, there are a lot of sites for those who love international marriages. Still, the list of girls from different countries may not be significant because of their skeptical attitude to dating platforms.

Local Dating Services

In that case, a man should decide what kind of bride he would like to get and the country she will live in. For example, if a man wants to meet a European girl, he should sign up on a dating platform from Europe; if he wants to meet an Asian woman, he should be familiar with Asian dating apps.

Social Media

Here it all depends on how lucky you are. You can meet your fate, and you can run into criticism if you aren’t the first guy who dares to write to a pretty girl who might be in a relationship and uses her profile only to talk to friends or relatives.

Thematic Forums or Websites

If you think over the question, “Where can I find a wife?”, don’t avoid different theme-focused resources on the Internet, for example, on the site of fans of classical music, art, sports, and other trends. Having common hobbies, a male will always know what to chat about with his potential bride.

Matchmaking Agencies

If you don't like to spend hours on the Internet and want to get a bride at once, you should contact an offline marriage agency. As a rule, such offices have a database with girls for every taste. And if you decide to go on a blind date, they will take care of all the arrangements.

Visit Eastern Europe

Why not just pack your bags and go hunting in countries like Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus? First of all, there is a lot to see in these countries, including gorgeous females. Secondly, these countries are tolerant of Western people, and you can try to get to know a pretty lady on the street without hesitation.

Spend Your Vacation Wisely

For example, you can meet Asian girls at the resort. The main thing is to choose a decent girl. These ladies are full of the deep philosophy of life, which means that you can start a conversation with a strong friendship.

Study Your Profile Carefully

If you decide to date online, work on your profile hard. It should be attractive to women and doesn’t have super-ideal photoshopped photos that your editor has been working on for a week. The more quality, good pictures you have, the more time a woman will spend on your profile. Fill out your profile to reflect your personality, strengths, and desires.

Analyze Your Potential Wife

To find a girl to date from another country, you have to find a relevant resource on the Internet and analyze whether it makes sense to start a dialogue with this girl. For example, if you can provide her with a decent future. Psychologists advise considering the possibility of a real meeting already at the initial stage and not delay with real communication.

Study the Cultural Realities 

You may have differences in language and gestures, behavioral norms and standards, displays of emotion, and other nuances. Besides, knowledge of her home country allows you to find a good topic for conversation.

Find a Good Wife

Be Friendly

It’s welcomed in every culture. Be positive and enjoy the conversation. If it doesn’t go well for some reason, show patience and respect for the other person. Avoid slang words if you don’t know the language so well.

Have No Illusions

Even if a woman already calls you to visit her and you are happy as you’ve got to know where to find a wife, don't rush to the visa center and book your plane tickets. The motives for her conversations with you may not be so rosy — it's still the Internet, and it's full of people who are pretending to be others.

Be Positive

If you start talking to a girl, make her feel that you are on the same page. Forget about all the negative aspects of your life. Show her that you are happy about everything, and the only thing you lacked in life was just such a wonderful woman. Don’t whine and don’t talk about your country’s problems. Ask more questions about her everyday life, about what she cares about, about her parents, about children, if there are any. What she eats, what she prefers to wear, where she goes on weekends, etc.

Improve a Foreign Language

English is considered an international language and a must-have in the modern world, but if you know a couple of phrases in her language, she will be pleased and, thus, you will show that you care about her.

Pay Attention to Your Look

Lots of men consider that's not a man's business, but girls in any country judge on looks. Therefore, neat clothes and shoes, clean hair, an awesome beard, and a mustache (if you have facial hair) should be in order.  No matter what anyone says, but looks do matter!

Of course, there are no rules for everyone! Only you know the correct answer to the question, "Who can find me a new wife?" You can conquer any woman if you really want to! Be sincere with yourself when deciding to date a foreign woman, no matter what the issue is. When you are truly ready for a relationship, all the other rules will come naturally. Your intuition will tell you where to find the correct answers. Every person is unique! And it’s you who made for happiness!