There is an opinion that European men pay more attention to girls of Asian descent. The analysis of Asian girl dating sites shows that this is indeed the case. Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese girls get more responses and views. Why so? How different are they from European women, and how to build a relationship with Asian women? Find out from our article.

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Are Asian Girls Really as Good as They Are Talked About?

Of course, all girls are different, and it doesn't matter what nationality she is. Her attitude towards a guy will depend on many factors, such as her character, education, country of residence, and even location. In some Asian countries, in rural areas, patriarchy still reigns, and a girl will consider her husband a god and king rolled into one. But if your potential bride is from a metropolis, then there is a huge chance that she has adopted the European traditions and is trying to change her mind in this way. 

The general portrait of the Asian bride looks like this:

  •  A girl of Asian type will study, work and carry the whole household. 
  • She is petite, with a good figure and healthy hair. Such a woman is attracted by her naivety, modesty, and a bit of childlike spontaneity. 
  • Asian girl speaks good English. Education has reached a new level, English is studied as a major subject. For many European men, a woman must speak an international language, not only as a tourist but also to discuss a painting or a new project. In general, in terms of personal life, everyone chooses to date hot Asian girl who is closer to his mentality and needs.

Do Asian Women Like White Guys?

It must be said that Asian women, in principle, do not have a good feeling for white guys. There are two reasons for this:

  • white skin is beautiful and sexy;
  • a white guy is rich by definition.

Asian men are aware of this situation and are struggling with it as much as possible, but that’s what it is. 

Asian brides really like white guys, and they don't mind dating Europeans. So, when you go to Asia, you'll have no problem meeting girls. All you need is just don't be a jerk and have some financial freedom. 

The financial issue when you're interested in Asian girl dating is at the top of the list. If a girl is from a decent family, she meets a European for one purpose only: to get married, improve her financial situation and leave the country. So, if you have white skin but you are not financially secure, your chances are reduced.

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Date Asian Girls: Advantages and Drawbacks

Asian ladies are different from European girls. It’s these characteristics that attract European men, who have already been in a relationship with a European and have tasted all the delights of life.


Malleable and Proper Upbringing

An Asian girl was brought up as a hearth-keeper and is devoted to her family. She seldom makes claims, won't leave you for a businessman if you stop to satisfy her.

Good Character and Patience

If you come home to watch TV instead of going to the planned concert, nobody will blame you and walk around with a frowny face the whole week. She will tell you everything she thinks about you the next day and will do that in a calm tone.


Your woman will do her best to please you in bed and will get it herself. For example, if you don’t please a European lady, she will either break up or express her complaints and demand that you change your approach and work out your shortcomings.


Of course, it also plays a significant role when European women are habitual, and you have had enough of them in your life. Being involved in an Asian girls date issue might make your relationships more exciting.



It will be pretty normal to ask, “What position do you hold?”, “How much is your salary?” and so on. For local guys, it's perfectly natural. After all, the competition for the role of a husband is too high, and the bride-to-be is allowed to go through the candidates.

They Are Cunning

If you offend your girlfriend, she won't make a scandal and won't fight. You may think that you got away with it and act like nothing happened, but don’t relax. Your girlfriend could hold a grudge against you, and when you forget about it — she will get back at you.

Heavy Makeup

Even though some women look quite pretty without makeup, they will still strive for European beauty standards and use a mountain of makeup to make their skin white and a European eye shape. So, you may experience real disappointment when she washes off her makeup.


You can't say for all women from Asia, but let's say Chinese women are really conservative. A two-piece swimsuit can already be something out of the ordinary on a public beach. Open dresses are considered taboo at all. And it is the open back to a greater extent that will be a sign of promiscuity, not the skirt's length. With waxing in certain areas, there are also many problems because it's believed that a decent female should not do this.

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How to Date an Asian Girl: Main Tips

Strong relationships require an investment on the part of each partner. If you know what contributes to a relationship, you can act in the right direction. As a result, the relationship will bring positive emotions and take it to the next level. In terms of relationships, women from Asia also want love, care, and compliments. Here are some tips on how not to screw up with your partner.

Learn Her Name

Repeat her name in front of the mirror a few times. Some women have very interesting and funny names. So, it's better to repeat her name twenty times not to fuck it up. By the way, you may ask on a date about the meaning of her name. Thus, you’ll flatter her. 

Get It Together

She could be in love with you so much, but you never know about it because Asian ladies might be more secretive than James Bond. So, the first step depends on you.

Watch Your Behavior 

A girl will be watching your manners closely. On a date, you have to be a gentleman, even if that is not you: hold the door, pull aside a chair, ask about drinks and entertain all night!

Be Tolerant to the National Cuisine and Traditions

As long as you want to make your Asian girl date prosperous, be prepared to try exotic cuisine with spicy sauces. It doesn’t matter whether you'll like it or not. The main thing is to try it to make your lady happy!

It's up to you what your girlfriend will be in a relationship: gentle and compliant or jealous and bossy. In the end, if you misbehave towards her, even a girl with an angelic character won't put up with you for a long time. In general, well-mannered girls from good families make excellent wives and mothers.