Aquarius is one of the dual zodiac signs, which combine different, sometimes conflicting traits of character and temper. Aquarius women are interested in everything that seems mysterious and incomprehensible; they attract people like a magnet, always have a lot of friends around, and rarely feel lonely.

Before starting a relationship with an Aquarius woman, carefully read this article, in which we will tell you the following:

  • positive and negative character traits of Aquarius girls;
  • what to expect from such ladies in everyday life;
  • how the stars affect their relationships with men;
  • what zodiac signs go well with Aquarius;
  • how to date an Aquarius woman

traits of an Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman traits and basic facts

The main traits of an Aquarius woman are openness, sociability, and benevolence. Her character hardly fits into the common framework: it is a bizarre combination of fountains of passions and storms of emotions that coexist with modesty and even shyness.

 The changeable nature of Aquarius won’t let her friends, colleagues, and loved ones get bored with her.


Aquarius is one of the genius zodiac signs, you can often meet an extremely intelligent person among them. They were born to make the world and society better. People born under the sign of Aquarius are often said to be the hope of humanity and its ideals.


Aquarius women are unshakable in making decisions. Such a person is very sensitive about the concepts of morality and justice, and always adheres to them at all costs. So, if Aquarius decides that it will be right to do so, then so be it.


This is one of the most pleasant Aquarius woman traits.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very attractive for their humanity, they are always ready to help even strangers. These people are naturally calm, kind, helpful, gentle, sensitive and at the same time domineering.

Aquarians are constantly surrounded by acquaintances, but they do not have many true friends. They believe that quality is more important than quantity.


Aquarians abhor lies and deceit; they sense deceitful and hypocritical people from a mile away, but they do not refuse to meet with them. Being sure that they’re right, Aquarians never argue with these people, refusing to have any kind of relationship with them.

They are not cowards, it's just that they don’t want to be involved in meaningless discussions. They have a completely different philosophy!

Advanced intuition

Aquarians seem to be idealists, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that they are classical realists. They are endowed with too much intuition to build castles in the air and believe in something ephemeral.

They are destined to strive for the future, even if they know that they will meet a lot of obstacles in their path. In times like these, they become rebels, feeling that they are called to fight for freedom and against all prohibitions.


Aquarians act as they see fit, without consulting with anyone or asking their permission. They stay true to themselves and their principles and ideals but consider a long and meaningless discussion a waste of time. 

They are even ready to pretend to agree with the wrong opinion, retreating to prepared positions to recuperate. 

Aquarius woman in relationship

Main dislikes and red lights for Aquarius women


Aquarius women often lack stress tolerance: some of them can easily flare up and destroy everything around them. It is sometimes difficult for them to keep emotions under control.


Most often, the actions of the Aquarius woman in relationship cannot be explained. 

They are quite unstable and fickle in adolescence, and in adulthood, they can easily have an affair and keep several suitors around them at the same time.


Aquarius strongly believes in omens and paranormal phenomena, not even trying to explain such things scientifically. 

They can be inveterate conservatives, overly suspicious, guided by premonitions in business, they can permanently experience inexplicable fears, and often feel depressed.


Quiet and calm Aquarius can cause a lot of troubles at any moment, surprising everyone that thought they knew them well. 

Even if at first glance their behavior seems quite predictable, the truth is that you can never tell exactly what they’re thinking; remember: they're natural-born rebels!


Sometimes it can seem that Aquarius women are lazy. But there’s a reason for that. Their inexhaustible energy has only one drawback — they just can’t stop. 

And of course, they get tired so much that it is better to leave them alone until they feel better. However, they recover very fast.

Excessive strive for independence

Independent Aquarius woman in love will not tolerate everyday scenes of jealousy, scandals, and attempts to lock her away, turning her into a domestic servant. 

She needs to socialize with her friends and relax somewhere. As her husband, you may not even know for sure what she dreams of and what secrets she keeps at heart. 

Aquarius woman in love

What is it like to be with an Aquarius woman in a relationship?

Looking for an otherworldly girl? Congrats, you’ve found her! Aquarius woman is the most extraordinary sign of the entire zodiacal group. Here's what you need to know about your relationship with her:

Intellectual challenge

The Aquarius woman needs a man who can keep up intellectually with her. Sharing well-thought-out ideas is incredibly exciting for her! She just sparkles with joy if you “touch her mind” properly!

Body VS Brain

The disadvantage of having a keen mind is that the Aquarius woman often “disconnects” from her body. It’s not easy for her to switch between her brain and body, so sensuality is something that she often lacks.

Ingenuity & Sex

The Aquarius woman is incredibly curious, open-minded and, as you know, adores everything unconventional. This makes her adventurous in bed. Try to keep her brain and body in tip-top shape at the same time! 

By the way, strong, persistent touches excite her more than soft and gentle ones.

Friends & Lovers

For an Aquarius woman, friendship is… a little more important than love. She is sure that a good man is not a rare thing, but a good friend is someone you need to truly appreciate.

Permanent development

 “Evolve or Die” — this is the credo of the progressive Aquarius woman. Broadening your horizons, improving the world around you, and improving your personality — these are the things that will make her go crazy about you!

how to date an Aquarius woman

Best matches for Aquarius woman

Libra man Aquarius woman

93% compatibility.

 Congrats, you’re the best match for Aquarius woman!

This union is dominated by creativity. Both respect each other's personal space and do not lose themselves in a partner, remaining the whole persons. And this is important for both Libra and Aquarius.

A woman should be tactful and attentive, always trying to look amazing, because grooming and beauty are important for Libra. Aquarius woman should make Libra man see her sensual, intelligent, sublime personality with stable views and values. Aquarius should not put pressure on Libra; she needs to take the initiative gently and unobtrusively instead.

Even though Libra is the best match for Aquarius woman, the former should not put pressure on the latter too, try to limit her freedom, and set any boundaries. If an Aquarius girl is interested in a Libra man, and there’s no pressure, then gradually, the relationships will go well.

Gemini man Aquarius woman

78% compatibility.

Gemini man Aquarius woman compatibility is rather high, and those born under these freedom-loving zodiac signs quickly make contact with each other. They may fall in love with each other at first sight. It turns out that they have a lot in common, and sometimes it seems they will never run out of conversation topics!

Partners are usually willing to make concessions and always work on their relationship, no matter how long it lasts. They happily spend almost all their leisure time together, get to know the world around them, and eventually, become even closer to each other. They never get bored of each other and have great chances to live a long and happy life together!

Aquarius woman Sagittarius man

77% compatibility.

Unique personalities always attract Sagittarius, and he will be fascinated with Aquarius’  depth and sincerity. They can have real fun together, it is easy for them to communicate with each other. Aquarius can easily attract the attention of Sagittarius: just like him, she is easy-going and loves freedom and independence. 

But when dating an Aquarius woman, Sagittarius can face one difficulty: they have a different concept of freedom. For a woman, it does not imply having relationships with more than one person at a time; but Sagittarius can consider it as an opportunity to date several women at once.

The irrepressible Fire energy of Sagittarius and the gusty elemental Air of Aquarius is a dangerous mix that can cause a huge fire. Their strong feelings are so overwhelming and captivating, everything’s happening so fast, but the feelings can suddenly fade away.    

How to date an Aquarius woman

What is it like to date an Aquarius woman? We’ve picked up the top tips for you to succeed:

  • Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, strange, or eccentric. Such behavior, on the contrary, will attract the attention of Aquarius woman, because, in her soul, she remains a child forever. A thoughtful and serious man is unlikely to be able to attract her;
  • Be unpredictable, crazy, and funny. Try to stand out from the crowd of men around her! Surprise and unusualness are your necessary tools to win Aquarius woman’s heart; although, expensive gifts and luxurious life will also do;
  • Aquarius woman wants you to become a good friend for her, that shares her views and hobbies, and can be on the same page with her;
  • Strong communication skills, wit, and erudition will certainly attract the attention of Aquarius women. Demonstrate your intellectual abilities, but don't be boring. Remember that an excellent sense of humor and a happy disposition are your “unique selling points”;
  • Do not even try to impose your views on her or put pressure on her when making decisions. This girl will not allow anyone to invade her personal space and make decisions for her.

And do not forget to surprise her every day!

The freedom-loving Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is a complex person with a wild imagination, hundreds of interests, and hobbies. She loves to be in the spotlight, compliments, romantic courtship, making new acquaintances, and flirting. 

The Aquarius woman shines bright like a diamond, and you, in turn, will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing facets of her deep soul.