Female fishing is not exactly a common natural phenomenon, although it is no less amusing and captivating. Everyone who considers this activity to be purely masculine is fundamentally wrong! After all, women are no stranger to the feeling of excitement, and they enjoy fishing as much as men. Moreover, some ladies even teach how to fish and give many useful tips on this topic. So today, we are going to tell you about the top female anglers on YouTube.

woman and fishing

The history of female anglers

The desire to take fishing tackle for pleasure, but not just because of catches, existed even a thousand and two thousand years ago. Moreover, fishing aroused interest in both men and women. As proof, there are frescoes depicting the gods with fishing rods – Cupid and Venus! By the way, it is a representative of the fair sex who is considered by many researchers to be the first author of articles on sport fishing, namely the Englishwoman Juliana Bernes, who described this in a separate part "Treatise of Fishing with an Angle" in the "The Book of Saint Albans" (1496).

Also, the theme of a woman and fishing is reflected in many paintings. For example, the American artist Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) dedicated a whole series of paintings to female anglers. In his works of art, the smallest details are displayed with amazing accuracy, which makes the paintings very realistic. And women with fishing rods are just wonderful!

Nowadays, many ladies achieve great success in fishing already at a professional level. They contribute to the development of the fishing community and involve other women in this activity. The most famous professional female anglers are Debbie Hanson, Yvonne Brown, April Vokey, Cindy Nguyen, and Valentine Thomas.

Famous hot female anglers on YouTube

In this day and age, there are ten a penny YouTube fishing channels, and it can be quite difficult to find worthwhile videos, especially with female anglers. Thus, we would like to bring to your attention the best YouTube channels featuring the hottest fisherwoman.

Fishing with Luiza (Luiza Barros)

Luiza Barros is a masterful angler from Brasilia, whose YouTube channel is called “Fishing with Luiza”. This pretty woman loves all kinds of fishing: from beach casting to deep-sea fishing. Luiza most often fishes in the tropics of the Caribbean and in the western United States.

Rebekka Redd Fly Fishing (Rebekka Redd)

Rebecca Redd is a famous fly fishing enthusiast who hunts fish all over the globe. Fish is her true passion – the girl photographs and even draws it. Rebecca Redd began her travel career in the film industry with famous music videos filmed around the world: “Country Music Television (CMT)”, the hit Canadian drama “Heartland”, and many other successful projects. This girl has directed and hosted many popular fishing TV shows. In addition, Rebecca operates and owns an uncommercial animal rescue organization and is an active member of the Canadian Horse Coalition, Steelhead Association, Wild Mustang Foundation, and Trout Unlimited.

April Vokey

April Vokey started fishing as a child. In sixth grade, she went to the local bait shop and bought something useful for her next fishing trip. By the age of 16, April spent every winter, fall, and summer seeking escape through the migration of steelhead and salmon that haunted British Columbia's coastal waters. Such pursuits led the girl to self-discovery, greater motivation, and a desire to escape from the disadvantaged environment of the city that she called her home. After that, April discovered a passion for fly fishing and devoted her whole life to it.


Ladybass is a Canadian girl who loves to fish all year round. Consequently, you can visit her YouTube channel if you need tips on winter fishing and summer bass fishing. In addition to useful advice, the girl also reviews the tackle, talks about the best rods, pirns, and baits available presently. No doubt, this is one of the best women fishermen on YouTube.

hottest fisherwoman

She Loves To Fish (Ashley Rae)

Ashley Rae lives in Ottawa and goes on fishing trips all year round. This talented girl is a magazine and newspaper columnist, freelance writer, and YouTube blogger, moreover, Ashley writes articles about fishing for numerous international websites and sometimes even conducts fishing seminars at various sporting events and shows. Also, Ashley Rae hosted a popular TV show on the World Fishing Network. In 2016, Field & Stream magazine named her "one of 11 outdoor ladies who changed the face of fishing and hunting." Most of her free time, the girl goes fishing in Ontario. In addition, she enjoys discovering new fascinating places throughout her native country and beyond.

Darcizzle Offshore

Darcie Offshore is known on YouTube as Darcizzle. This extremely sexy Floridian girl knows well how to make a great catch. On her YouTube channel, there are a lot of wonderful tips not only about fishing techniques but also about all the necessary tackle. Therefore, be sure to check her channel if you want to master your fishing skills and learn something new.

Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fisher, hailing from Nebraska, sets the real example for young girls from all over the world who are fond of fishing and all kinds of outdoor adventures. Kristine started fishing on the Minnesota-Canada border during vacations with her family. Since then, the girl has devoted her life to nature, working as a fishing guide and returning to those "important places" over and over again. In general, Kristine's life is very exciting, she can be found fishing in the Bahamas, catching huge bass from a kayak in Florida, or hooking a giant northern pike on winter fishing.

Abbie Schuster

Abbie Schuster is really addicted to fly fishing and outdoor adventures. She is the establisher, owner, and main guide of the popular Kismet Outfitters store. As a child, Abbie spent the entire summer fly fishing for bluefish and striped bass from a kayak on Long Island Sound. Her passion for fishing emerged while studying at the University of Montana. Shortly after graduation, Abbie became a professional guide and worked in Washington and Montana before returning to New England to share with other people her knowledge of fly fishing, yoga, and exciting adventure. Her main goal is to inspire a passion for nature conservation and fishing in clients and develop a deeper understanding of this exciting sport.

Brook Crist Outdoors

Brooke was born in the sunny state of Florida, so she has been loving fishing since childhood. This talented female angler not only knows how to properly catch deep-sea fish but can also demonstrate how to cook delicious meals out of it. Feel free to watch her YouTube channel – some tuna tartare and dainty grilled salmon will surely make your mouth water!

Final Thoughts

Women who are keen on fishing usually persistently achieve the desired result, showing enthusiasm, great patience, and endurance. For example, in order to catch a large fish, they are ready to wait for the bite for several hours in a row. Many male fishermen should learn from these women. That is why there are so many hot female anglers who run instructive fishing channels on YouTube. Check them out, even if you are not an ardent fishing fan – you will be really delighted!