Aquarius men are friendly personalities. They have a special inner world and character. From time to time, they become depressed because they cannot express their own thoughts and emotions perfectly, and therefore they keep them inside. Who are these men really? What are they like in a relationship? We are going to list some relationships tips important to women who are interested in Aquarius men, and figure out how to find a foreign girlfriend for an Aquarius man.

Aquarius man main features

What are the main Aquarius men traits? Under the influence of cosmic vibrations inherent in Aquarius, non-standard natures are formed, which strongly stand out from the general mass. That is why this sign holds the record for the number of celebrities. The Aquarius man never gets bored of loneliness - thanks to his natural sociability, he is always surrounded by an army of admirers and friends. But you should not immediately write down Aquarius as extroverts - it is extremely important for a representative of this sign to be able to be alone with their thoughts from time to time. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to attribute such men to any camp - they do not fit into generally accepted standards at all and determining their psychotype is something from the realm of fantasy. Despite enviable popularity, he is not afraid of star fever. Light humor and criticism are manifested in the representative of this amazing sign, even in relation to himself.

Do Aquarius make good husbands?

Those born under this sign belong to the whole world and to no one in particular. Love for the Aquarius man is an abstract concept that rarely takes on a concrete shape. Often, they are left alone because of their exceptional love of freedom. Aquarius does not seek to start a family early, and some manage to maintain the status of a bachelor for life. His love, as a rule, quickly fades away, so do not rush to lead such a man down the aisle. First, make sure that his decision is not a passing fad, but a thoughtful serious step. A solid foundation for marriage with Aquarius can be a friendly attitude, giving him freedom, not fixating on the material aspect of relationships. Most of all in marriage, he does not accept boredom and monotony. The Aquarius husband is always inclined to change something: a place of residence, home environment, friends. If the wife objects to such an endless transformation, over time he can change her too.

Best Wife for Aquarius Man: Find a Perfect Spouse

What are Aquarius's weaknesses?

Increased excitability. The temperament of Aquarius is close to a sanguine person - a person who is characterized by high mental activity. Even a minor conflict or quarrel can unsettle him and make him worry. Alas, such natures do not know how to let go of the situation, and the reason for this is their excitable nervous system. Myopia. Unlike his zodiac neighbor Capricorn, Aquarius does not have the ability to calculate the situation in detail. Most often, he cannot realistically assess the “scale of the catastrophe” and therefore stumbles in life.

Sarcasm. Particularly sensitive natures may be offended by Aquarius who loves to sting. The evil irony and black humor of the Aquarius man is a classic manifestation of astrological predisposition.

What does Aquarius man need in a relationship?

What are Aquarius men in relationships like? What an Aquarius man wants in a woman? He is ready to change for the sake of his beloved. For example, if his lady of the heart does not like the smell of alcohol, then he will stop drinking altogether. When falling in love, a man of this sign beautifully cares for a woman. He always strives to make her happy. He shows his feelings in public, he is not embarrassed. Aquarius begins to understand that he wants to start a family and is going to talk about it more and more. He constantly looks at other people's children and says that it's time to have his own. This may remain mere talk for some men, but in most cases – this is what he truly wants. You can understand that a man of this sign likes you by his behavior. He becomes calm. The irritability inherent in people of this sign disappears. Even people that are close to him are going to notice it. This means that Aquarius is truly in love. The guy starts to look away from his beloved woman. This is the main sign that he is in love. In this, he resembles a young man from novels who is embarrassed to look into the eyes of his beloved. He is jealous and shows it. Aquarius is the owner and is not going to share even the attention of his woman with anyone, so when a competitor appears, he becomes aggressive. Aquarius in a relationship will never allow himself to cheat.

His woman can be 100% sure that if he said that he would spend time with friends, then he would be with them. He doesn't hide anything. An Aquarius man himself does not tolerate lies and tries not to lie himself.

Best woman for Aquarius man: Top 5 traits

What Aquarius man wants in a woman? As already mentioned, a woman who wants to attract the attention of a chosen one under the sign of Aquarius must be mysterious, intriguing, and always arousing keen interest in her person. Undoubtedly, he will notice such a lovely stranger and appreciate her. He will be happy to discover in her new unknown features each and every day, to learn her many-sided personality.

  • Positive and upbeat
  • Inaccessible
  • Friendly, open, and versatile
  • Honest and caring
  • Sexy and passionate

Worst and best matches for Aquarius males

What is an Aquarius man ideal woman? Aquarius is ruled by Uranus - the planet of unpredictable actions, so he can give his partners a lot of surprises. The secret of Aquarius lies in the fact that to an outside observer, he may seem like a somewhat windy person.

Best Wife for Aquarius Man: Find a Perfect Spouse

Who is the perfect match for Aquarius men?

What is the best wife for Aquarius man? What is the best compatibility for Aquarius man? The best couple for Aquarius will be the partner of the elements of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Union with these signs will be a happy opportunity in order to find personal happiness. The Aquarian air will direct the fiery energy in the direction it needs in order to achieve the desired goals. A partner of the friendly element of Fire will help Aquarius fulfill his desire for new beginnings, travel, spiritual search. This is a blessed union of two optimists and experimenters, the Aquarius man perfect match.

Who should Aquarius men avoid?

Unfavorable compatibility for the air sign is possessed by representatives of the elements of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). The earthly partner is like a heavy load on the neck of Aquarius, which does not allow his fantasies to soar. A water sign is like a swamp, sucking into routine and routine. Of course, in terms of family stability, material issues, and other philistine things, something can be achieved with them. But all this is not as important for Aquarius as the desire for spiritual self-expression. The captivity of everyday life, life, hoarding, jealousy - not for him.

An Aquarius man in love is a romantic who will surround his woman with care and will give her maximum attention. He will do everything to ensure that his chosen one is happy. He will spare neither strength nor material wealth for this. The Aquarius man will constantly surprise the lady of his heart. He will never do them the way everyone does. It will be original and unpredictable.