The reign of the sign Aries begins on the day of the vernal equinox - March 21, and ends on April 20. Aries is subject to the element of Fire, which is reflected in his character, giving men such features as having lots of energy, purposefulness, determination. Due to the influence of Mars, which patronizes Aries, the sign is characterized by increased emotionality, ambition, dynamic thinking and actions, the ability to take responsibility, and defend one's position (if necessary, then by the method of war). We are going to find out where to find a bride for an Aries man and what to remember when dating online. We are going to figure out what is the best wife for an Aries man, the most important Aries men traits you should know, and etc. 

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Aries man personality

Aries are sharp, quick-tempered, impulsive people. They have a strong and dominating character, and they strive for leadership, they want to be the first in everything. At the same time, they do not care that they may seem tactless, too straightforward, narcissistic in front of others. Nor do they worry about other people's reactions to their behavior. 

The main thing is that they are frank and not indifferent, they will not stand aside, they are fighters for justice: this justifies them in their own eyes. And indeed, Aries rush into battle selflessly, bravely, with ardent confidence that this is the only way everyone should do things. They always and in everything want to succeed, to be recognized, they do not expect mercy from anyone and defend their interests. 

Are Aries good in a family life?

The first years of family life are held by Aries in a "martial law". It seems to his wife that he regrets the choice, but rather, it's just a "grinding" process between the spouses. The quick-tempered Aries is critical of any remarks addressed to him, while at the same time he likes to command household chores more than to carry them out. He wants to achieve complete submission from his wife. 

In turn, the chosen one of Aries-men should act very reasonably during this period. You can’t try to “fix” an Aries, but you also shouldn’t completely surrender to submission. This man does not like weak women, he wants to see a female ideal in his romantic partner: a mistress, a housewife, a socialite and a good mother. Do you think he wants too much? No matter what you think, Aries believes that he deserves all this, because he considers himself ideal. 

How do Aries men behave in relationships: things to know

In love, an Aries man is passionate and romantic - for the sake of his beloved woman, he is ready to do anything. Conquer, achieve and slay - this is what he knows best. True, there is always something to keep in mind when it comes to these men - do not forget that Aries are disastrously jealous, stubborn and prone to aggression. If they are provoked to the manifestation of all these qualities, in especially critical situations, things can turn out really ugly. Unfortunately, Aries in love does not need to look for reasons for jealousy - being an owner by nature, he will come up with everything himself. 

As a family man, an Aries man deserves an Oscar. For a wife, he is both a stone wall and a tender individual filled with passion; for children - a caring father, and only with them an Aries man is able not to activate his warlike nature. The wife of an Aries man has nothing to worry about - in the family of representatives of this sign there will always be prosperity and comfort. For Aries, the family is the center of their personal universe. However, this is true only if a man does not have a favorite thing and he could not fulfill himself in his chosen profession. 

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What does Aries man need in a relationship?

What does Aries man need in relationships? Admire your man. Aries are very energetic people, and in order to keep their fuse going and not cool down on the way to the goal, they need emotional support from loved ones. 

What does an Aries man want in a woman? Help Aries with choosing the right target. Often people of this zodiac sign can grab onto everything. In this they are a bit like children who find it difficult to sit still, and something new immediately attracts their attention. It is for this reason that Aries can strive for goals that are far from their own and imposed by others. 

Say what you want, but do not advise how to do it. The Aries man will not tolerate a relationship when someone leads him. Yes, he can be helped to take the right direction towards achieving his goals, but discard any micromanagement. And in no case should you make remarks to him in public - this can become a spark from which the flame of rage can potentially ignite. 

What kind of women suit Aries men

What definitely will not attract an Aries man is the banality in the behavior of a woman. In order to attract him, you will have to try hard, inventing some kind of tricks. Even if it looks ridiculous in the eyes of others, the Aries man will appreciate your knight-like moves. The most important thing to remember is atypicality. When trying to win over a man like Aries, don't be afraid to step out of the ordinary to get his attention. And then it's a matter of technology. After all, he is the conqueror! No need to “roll up” to him with an obsessive initiative, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.  

Women who can recognize and accept a big child in him will not be left without attention. Aries constantly gravitate towards youthful naivety and maximalism. A woman who can look at these features from a positive side and will be fascinated by the trust of Aries, his romanticism, sentimentality and spontaneity will win over his heart. These qualities are able to soften outbursts of anger, jealousy, aggression in a man. And if they are kept in check, it will be difficult to find a more devoted, attentive and loving man. 

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Best matches for Aries man

Let’s talk about Aries man ideal woman. What Aries man want in a girlfriend? Aries like beautiful, bright, self-sufficient women. They need a companion who will be proud and admire her man. This is the best compatibility for Aries man. 

A lady who is modest and restrained in her emotions is unlikely to be able to kindle a fire in the heart of a representative of this sign. Aries man in love craves passion and intensity of emotions. At the same time, it is important for him that his companion inspires and supports him. Paired with him, most likely there will be a classic gender distribution of roles: he is the provider, she is a caring keeper of the hearth, generous with admiration and gratitude. Yes, Aries are greedy for praise. You can easily tame this brutal hunter if you sincerely believe that he is the best. The main thing is to tell him about it as often as possible. 

Who should Aries men avoid? 

Some astrological partners are less compatible with Aries than others, not everyone is an Aries man perfect match. This is most evident when comparing astrological properties: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. The cardinality of Aries is expressed in authoritarianism, imperiousness, intransigence. This does not fit well with other cardinal signs, which include Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. None of them are compatible with Aries, as they will compete for leadership. Two strong wills often clash.