Leo reigns in the zodiac circle from July 23 to August 23. Under this sign great leaders are born. Such men are able to inspire and lead, to be the first violin in the orchestra. The generous and strong Leo men are truly worthy of recognition. They like to make sweeping gestures, giving "fur coats from the master's shoulder." Not all of them look like the king of beasts, but anyone born under this sign is endowed with royal ambitions. We are going to list some relationship tips and info about Leo men traits. Figure out what is the best wife for Leo man. 

Are you looking to find a foreign girlfriend? You should then think about the zodiac compatibility you are going to have with this or that woman. 

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Leo man main features 

More than anything, Leo loves when the whole universe revolves around him. If a Leo man is successful in life, his sense of superiority is strengthened with age. Leo has the highest success rate of all the other signs, at the same time, he experiences the worst of failures.  

Activity. The sun, combined with the element of fire, gives a Leo man such a powerful energy that other signs can hardly compete with him. 

Optimism. Even in the most difficult life situations, you will not hear complaints from the Leos about their fate. Even if it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is going to disappear, representatives of this sign will not lose their optimism and sense of humor. Like no one else, they know how to ease any given situation with a good joke and, thereby, cheer someone up. 

Do Leos make good husbands? 

Leos are children of the Sun. Their ruling planet gives them energy, strength, and good health. Their motto is: I intend and I do. Their mode of action: to give offspring, wealth, happiness and development. Both the Sun and Leo symbolize the masculine type of behavior that magnetically attracts women. 

They stand out from the crowd already by their appearance alone: strong physique, athletic, neatly combed and well dressed. Many of them are not averse to wearing men's jewelry, expensive accessories and branded clothing. Balance and cheerfulness give these men charm. Not always skillful in intimate relationships, they conquer with their passion and sensitivity. 

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What are Leo's weaknesses? 

The worst sin of a Leo man is his pride. If he fails to realize his natural talents, he begins to mentally degrade: quirks, apathy, dark humor become his faithful companions. Side by side with pride go suspiciousness and resentment. And all because Leo is sure that everyone talks only about him. And if, God forbid, he hears laughter behind his back, he will perceive it only as a pebble in his garden. In order to prevent an unfavorable outcome, Leos should deal with the following shortcomings of their nature:  

  • arrogance 
  • despotism 
  • addiction to flattery 
  • resentment 

What does Leo man need in a relationship? 

Let’s talk about Leo men in relationships. A well-groomed, arrogant joker and a merry fellow Leo will always look for a partner to match himself. The ideal girl for him is a smart beauty with a stunning appearance, outstanding intellect, and impressive talents. In fact, he needs a woman who is impeccable in everything. He needs to be proud of his chosen one and know that she is in no way inferior to his royal person. The lady next to him should surprise and amaze him, but in no case should cause pity or ridicule him. Extremely impulsive and emotional, a Leo man will demand the same from his partner. In relations with women, he must feel needed and desired, know this and be confident in the veracity of manifestations of love. In turn, a woman next to him must give him what he needs, otherwise a Leo man will quickly lose interest in her. 

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Best woman for Leo man: Top 5 traits 

What is the best compatibility for a Leo man? He loves noisy entertainment, delicious food, beautiful women, and rich interiors. If for some reason his life ceases to be colorful and rich, if he lacks positive emotions, then depression can even lead him to thoughts of suicide.  

  1. What a Leo man wants in a woman? As mentioned above, a woman next to a Leo man should be special and always beautiful. True, each Leo man has his own understanding of beauty, however, HIS woman cannot be anything but spectacular.
    Leo's vanity knows no bounds, so not only what he does, but also what he possesses should be admired - starting with a dog, a car, a track record and ending with a lady of the heart or just a woman accompanying him to parties. 
  2. In no case should you tell a Leo man how he should behave. Then he won't tell you where you can go and what to do with yourself. Everything he does is a priori good and right. You just have to match his attitude. 
  3. The Leo man reigns everywhere, so you should not try to pull the blanket over yourself to outshine him in society - he cannot stand this. A woman should be spectacular - to show the significance and status of the Leo man, and, preferably, dumb, so as not to interfere with the Leo man who is going to amaze everyone with his eloquence. 
  4. A Leo man often offends in passing, without even realizing that he is hurting someone he loves. His sharp tongue and no less sharp mind cause Leo to hit on the most painful of places, without even trying to find this or that weakness.  
  5. Most of all, a Leo man appreciates in a woman the fact she loves him and everything that he does. You must be prepared for the fact that you will always have to play second fiddle, while the motive will be the same: you are a genius, I am happy that I have the honor to be with you, help you, make your life easier, 

Worst and best matches for Leo males 

What a Leo man wants in a woman? Ruled by the Sun and the element of fire, Leo is the source of life for his partner. Many want to bask in its rays, recharge with optimism, nobility and generosity. In any relationship, Leo seeks to dominate. Just like the planets revolve around the sun, he wants to be in the center of a crowd of fans. Flattery, compliments and admiration are his main sources of pleasure. 

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Who is the perfect match for Leo men? 

What is Leo man's ideal woman?  Here are the best matches for Leo man. The fiery Leo achieves maximum compatibility with representatives of the air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Fire cannot exist without air, which from a small spark is able to fan the flame to reach the heavens. An air sign can easily control the activity of fire without extinguishing its spiritual impulses. These are the Leo man perfect matches. 

Who should Leo men avoid? 

Leo’s unfortunate compatibility with representatives of the elements of earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). If hardly compatible people fall in love, they must do a great job of eradicating the sources of disharmony. Dealing with astrological inconsistencies is not easy. Contradictions should be smoothed out not just by the desire to be together, but also by purposeful efforts. Otherwise, such unions will steadily tend to disintegrate. 

 Being close to a Leo man is difficult, but everything pays off by the fact that he gives a sense of holiday to every day, he tries to make every day of existence bright and memorable, and although he, first of all, takes care of himself, his beloved, those who surround him get a part of his sunlight, for which Leo is very generous.