The unique traits of Capricorns make them stand out from the rest of the zodiac signs. The dates for Capricorn, the tenth of the 12 astrological signs, are between December 22 and January 20. Their name comes from the constellation known as Capricorn and their symbol is the Goat. We are going to talk about Capricorn zodiac compatibility and how to find a wife for a Capricorn man. 

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Capricorn man main features 

Some famous personalities, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Denzel Washington, Sir Isaac Newton and Henry Miller, are also Capricorns. 

  1. Let's find out some of the distinguishing features that characterize this zodiac sign. Let’s look into some Capricorn men traits: 
  2. Decisiveness: Capricorns are the most determined of all signs. Most of the time, they get what they want. 
  3. Ambition: Capricorns also have a sense of vanity. They are hardworking and always willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. 
  4. Reliability: people of this sign are very reliable. This tells us that they can be good friends. 
  5. Smart: They always think two steps ahead and calculate everything that comes their way. But it can also mean that they think too much. 
  6. Persistence: When life knocks them down, they always manage to get back on their feet. This character trait of Capricorn makes them quite persistent. 

Are Capricorns good husbands? 

Capricorn fathers are very responsible for raising children, as well when it comes to supporting a family with a child. This man will not just wait for his wife's pregnancy, but will prepare for this event in full, go to family planning courses, begin to prepare, study all aspects of this issue and prepare to the maximum for fatherhood. And the reason for such a responsible approach is simple - Capricorn dads consider their children to be their own copies, and a copy, as you know, must match the original. Initially, such a dad will prepare to raise a child as their own copy. Is it good or bad? You decide ... It is worth noting the fact that Capricorn fathers are for the most part too demanding of children. Seriousness and a responsible approach to all issues, without exception, do not allow these dads to simply raise a child - they demand, they always set some goals, they bring up serious and responsible people from childhood. In this case, one thing remains for mom to do - to dilute the seriousness and exactingness of Capricorn's dad with fun and positivity. 

How Capricorn men behave in romantic relationships 

A Capricorn husband is needed by that woman who dreams of a happy family, strong and serious relationships, and great family happiness. And the one who wants to find a good father for their children should also come to like a Capricorn dad, because this is the best option. It just so happened that Capricorn men, in ordinary life, in the family, in paternity, are responsible for fulfilling all obligations. They think through everything in advance, never quit what they have started and are responsible for what they do. It is a rare case that a Capricorn dad leaves his children or his family as a whole for some of his own desires ... 

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What does Capricorn man need in a relationship? 

What are Capricorn men in relationships? The Capricorn man is a husband, he needs a purpose. A caring and attentive man to all family members. He will provide his wife and children with everything necessary, Capricorn men are great at doing manly things, he will always do everything, fix the broken appliance, if he can, help his wife with the housework and will not talk about this being a woman’s job. Plus, these are purposeful and successful husbands for the most part, which means that from the material side, too, everything should be fine if  you are in a family relationship with a Capricorn man. Another important point is that representatives of such a zodiac sign as Capricorns are in most cases very faithful, devoted and honest husbands.  

Husbands of this sign cheat on their wives much less often than representatives of other signs, for example, such as Aries and Scorpio. But there is also the other side of the coin - they are owners, and are very jealous. God forbid you give him a reason to become jealous of you. And do not try to give him a reason for distrust! If you decide to marry a representative of this sign, then you should know that in many ways the Capricorn husband is an ideal candidate for building family happiness as such. And these men are good not only as husbands, but also as fathers ... 

Best female traits for a Capricorn man 

What a Capricorn man wants in a woman? Stability and loyalty come first. Flirting with other men in front of him is not worth it - it will only push him away. If you want to build a relationship with Capricorn, the girl must have clear goals in life. The girl needs to have a clear daily routine and well-planned actions. Words for Capricorn mean nothing - he looks at actions. At the first sign of a frivolous attitude to life and relationships, he will interrupt any communication and relationships. 

What does a Capricorn man want in a woman? Initiative and ingenuity will be a clear advantage. Do not be shy about your desires and hide your feelings - he will appreciate it. In conversations and disputes, one should not agree with everything - it is important for him when a woman has her own point of view and does not hesitate to defend it. 

In a woman, Capricorn wants to see a riddle that will be interesting to solve. A girl without a twist will quickly become boring to him, so you should not open up to him straight away. You need to learn how to emphasize your dignity in a favorable light, so that a man is interested in your persona. 

Matches for Capricorn men: best and worst partners 

Marriage for Capricorn is an obligation that he takes very seriously. He understands that even sincerely loving people have problems in relationships, and is ready to do everything to overcome them. If crises arise in family life, he tries to survive them with the least loss for himself and his loved ones. Let’s now look into Capricorn man perfect matches. 

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Who is the perfect match for Capricorn men? 

What is the best wife for a Capricorn man? The best compatibility for Capricorn man are the friendly elements of Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). Despite the opposite of characters, the stars favor such unions. The romanticism and emotionality of the water element is able to awaken the sprouts of the most tender feelings in the mundane life of Capricorn. These are the Capricorn man ideal woman examples, the best matches for Capricorn man. 

Who should Capricorn men avoid? 

The unions of Capricorn with the signs of the elements of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) turn out to be contradictory. The confrontation between unfriendly elements gives rise to quarrels and disagreements due to completely different approaches to life, so the longevity of such alliances is doubtful. Aries acts instantly, without thinking about what he will achieve, while Capricorn thinks for a long time whether it will bring him a specific benefit. Leo strives to succeed through their charm and social skills, while Capricorn relies on hard work and diligence. Such diametrically opposed partners as Capricorn and Sagittarius are difficult to find in the entire Zodiac spectrum. The first is an introvert who prefers to remain in the shadows; the second is an extrovert who loves society and adventure.