Ukraine is abundant in beautiful sightseeing. Although this country is not the first place that automatically appears in your mind when you think of traveling, nevertheless, it’s a hidden gem. One thing everyone remembers for sure is Ukrainian dating. When you think of Ukrainian cities, you automatically remember gorgeous women who reside there. 

East to West, North to South, Ukraine always had the best women for dating. Regardless of where you travel, people create that unique atmosphere. But what are the most beautiful cities to visit in Ukraine? Where can you meet local women that will take your journey to the next level?

list of Ukrainian cities

3 Reasons you should travel to Ukraine

So why should you visit Ukraine? The list of Ukrainian cities to see is endless, and here is why you need to consider this country when planning a trip:

1. Ukraine is an old and fascinating country history-wise. Although not everyone abroad knows Ukrainian history, this country participated in many political campaigns that determined the whole world’s future. It has a long and uneasy story, ups and downs, but every aspect reflects on each city. Therefore, this country will help you stay cultured and aware of nowadays global problems. Additionally, Ukraine is very abundant in greenery and has beautiful nature. 

2. Ukrainians are extremely friendly and fun to be around. Every foreigner who has been to Ukraine noted that it’s people that make this country great. They fascinate with intelligence, a straightforward approach to life, and hospitality. You will feel at home in a Ukrainian household. Additionally, Ukraine has one of the most smashing cuisines!

3. Ukrainian women are the gem of this country. It would be wrong to say that beautiful girls aren’t one of the top reasons why men want to visit Ukraine. They are slim, stunning, homely, attractive, witty, and everything you want to see in a woman. These girls will make sure you have a great time. 

Top 7 cities in Ukraine you should visit

Ukrainian people differ in their mentality from East to West. That is why you have to travel through Ukraine to see those peculiarities and fall in love with the culture. Here are the best Ukrainian cities to visit: 

1. Odesa

A peal by the sea, that’s what Ukrainians call this city. Odesa is one of the most prominent places with the hottest women. It’s like LA but in Europe, hard to describe, but the atmosphere is free-spirited. Girls in bikinis, cocktails, restaurants, and the seashore are the reasons thousands of tourists flee to this city in summer. Odesa has a peculiar mentality, as it is often called the capital of humor in Ukraine. Women here are pranksters and know how to maintain a lighthearted conversation. They are not afraid to show a personality and will gladly debate over any topic. They have a unique zest for life and child-like optimism. 

 2. Kyiv

best Ukrainian cities to visit

Kyiv is known as the best city in Ukraine as it is the capital of the country. No wonder people worldwide, Ukraine included, choose this massive city for touristic goals and job opportunities. The place of skyscrapers and business centers, everyone sees Kyiv as the modern wonder. Capacitive crowds of pedestrians and spacious streets create an urbanistic impression on tourists. However, it’s an excellent place to have a rest and build a romantic relationship as well. Kyiv women are business-oriented and determined, but they will surely pay you the attention and will gladly go on a Saturday night day with a foreigner. 

3. Lviv

Lviv is strongly associated with Ukrainian culture. Therefore, it is among the best places to visit in Ukraine if you want to learn more about Ukrainian traditions and beliefs. Furthermore, Lviv is believed to serve as an origin of the Ukrainian language, mentality, fashion, and an iconic place to visit as a foreigner in general. People here love their country and will fight tooth and nail for the beliefs they grew up with. Additionally, it is a city of artsy people and a place with historic gothic and baroque buildings. Finally, Lviv is a great city with beautiful women. These girls are sophisticated and intelligent, hard-working and kind. Men dream of Lviv women to marry or date. 

4. Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia is a modern and relatively quiet city that wraps tourists around in a cozy blanket. It’s an ultimate comfort zone and a place for every generation. It’s a city of picturesque parks, musical fountains, a capital of Ukrainian sweets, and overall a pleasant place to stay in. On the contrary to Kyiv, Vinnytsia has a quiet and timid atmosphere with historical monuments and low-rising buildings. People in Vinnytsia are chill and friendly. It’s a great place to look for a wife because women here are hard-working, intelligent, homely, and very inviting. They understand the importance of moving in silence and will be a great companion. 

5. Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is a beautiful city which is also often called a Ukrainian Paris. It’s a city that borders Romania; therefore, it presents itself as a mixture of cultures and flavors. It’s a popular destination among tourists because of its chill atmosphere and fantastic scenery. It has a well-known university campus where hundreds of beautiful women chill and study. People of Chernivtsi are known to be down-to-earth, thoughtful, and witty. They have a great sense of humor and a unique outlook. 

6. Dnipro

best places to visit in Ukraine

Dnipro is a big industrial eastern Ukrainian city, one of the top cities in Ukraine for tourists who like active recreation. Although this city is strongly associated with crowded streets and manufacturing, it’s not quite true. This place has its charm, and modern boulevards with cozy cafes are the proof. In addition, it has a variety of theatres and museums for your cultural pleasure. And hot Dnipro women will make sure you get the best impression of this city possible. These ladies are brave and self-assured, studious and busy. They have a flair and will not hold back in case of anything. They like dates in restaurants and promenades in the night time, active sports and clubbing. What makes it so good? You will remember this city as a light spot of your journey. 

7. Yaremche

Yaremche is a beautiful city in a mountainous area of Ukraine. Located by the river, it leads to the highest Ukrainian Mount Hoverla. Yaremche is one of the best Ukrainian cities to visit if you like spending time in nature and breathing fresh air. Nowadays, it’s a top-ranked tourist destination, famous for Ukrainian national traditions and cuisine. Here you can also find resorts and recreational hiking places. No wonder people of Yaremche are chill and down-to-earth. Brought by nature and sunlight, here you can come across coolest and nicest people ever happy to show you around. Yaremche women look exotic because they managed to preserve an original Ukrainian flair. It’s an excellent place to take your partner too because no one will disturb your comfort in these mountainous regions. 

Ukraine is a splendid country for work and recreation. In addition, it has a plethora of unique historical places you’ve never heard of. It has the most incredible people who will make you fall in love with this country forever. Ukrainian women are the best wifey material, so you will never forget your experience here.