Are you crazy about fishing and want to find a woman who shares your passion? The statement that all the representatives of fair sex hate fishing is just a common myth. And today, you will see it for yourself. Moreover, we are going to give you some worthwhile tips on how to meet and date a fishing girl.

date a fishing girl

Women who love fishing: are they real?

Traditionally, fishing is considered a man's occupation, but only an inveterate chauvinist can argue that a woman and fishing are incompatible. Recently, more and more women have been joining this type of leisure. And this is not surprising: the passion for the process, excitement of the nibble, fascination with a fish on the hook, as well as the unforgettable victorious feeling when the captured trophy is in the hands do not have a gender identity. 

Fishing, as a man's trade, has been allocated to the stronger sex since the time of food foraging, when the division into a woman-homemaker and a man-breadwinner was conditioned by harsh necessity. Already in the Middle Ages, women not only fished on a par with men but also wrote books about it: for example, the first handwritten Treatise on Fishing with a Hook (published in England in 1496) was written by the abbess Juliana Berners. Since that time, fishing has turned from "hunting for food" into an activity for pleasure.

Modern fishing has finally lost its consumer status but acquired many others: it is a kind of active recreation, a means of self-expression, a reason to take to the bent, etc. It is even considered a sports discipline. In any case, fishing is an exciting hobby and an inexhaustible source of positive emotions not only for men but also for women.

Famous female fishing lovers

Celebrities never cease to amaze. For many famous women, fishing is a way to get away from everyday worries and bustle. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the top 5 famous female fishing lovers!


Rihanna, who loves to soak up the sun with a glass of cocktail and cavort in the pool on an air mattress, is also not averse to fishing and, like any fisherman, to show off her catch. After that, Rihanna loves to dine on her freshly caught catch on the yacht.

Margot Robbie

The star of the films “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Legend of Tarzan" first tried to fish on the vacation in Nicaragua. As a result, Margot Robbie caught on the hook of a giant hardtail, but after that, she set the huge fish free. “Fish are our friends, not food,” the actress signed the picture with the catch published on Instagram.

Natalia Vodianova

Russian top model Natalia Vodianova is also one of those who do not mind fishing when there is time. She not only catches fish herself but also introduces her son Lucas to this occupation. The model confidently declares that fishing is not only for men.


The singer, pop idol, and very extravagant lady learned to fish on her estate in England. In addition, she also breeds chickens and generally feels quite comfortable in a country setting.

Kate Winslet

Filming in "Titanic" was not in vain. The actress fell in love not only with the ocean itself but also with its inhabitants. Since then, Kate Winslet has been fishing in all kinds of ways, and, as they say, does it professionally.

female fishing lovers

Where to find a woman who loves fishing

Do you want to date a fisherwoman but do not know how to find such a lady? Don't worry, there are some ways to meet fishing lovers of the opposite sex.

Themed dating sites

According to statistics, every third person has tried to make new acquaintances using the corresponding web services. Themed dating sites are equally in demand by both men and women. In modern conditions, when people often do not have a single free minute, themed romantic services can really help single hearts with similar interests to find each other.


This is the perfect way to find a soul mate with common interests. On each forum, you can communicate with all its participants in a general chat. Correspondence is always conducted on a specific topic. Whatever you do, be it cooking, traveling, training a pet, or growing cacti – be sure, there is a forum on this topic. So, browse the Internet for the forums of fishing lovers and go ahead to get acquainted with girls!

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great way to find new friends, interesting interlocutors, and a soul mate. Also, you can use this social network to connect with people whose interests are similar to yours. How? It’s as simple as anything – with the help of Facebook Groups, which are visited by thousands of users every day. To find a group, you need to write the desired thematic category in the search engine of the social network and perform a search. Everything is quick and easy!

Hobby clubs

The principle of "thematic" search also extends to reality. Nowadays, there are all kinds of hobby clubs in every city. If you are that happy person who has time to pursue your hobby and go to meetings of the same enthusiasts, take a good look around there. Suddenly there is a lonely young lady sitting next to you and dreaming of meeting a handsome fisherman!

Fishing competitions and amateur tournaments

Perhaps this is one of the best places to find a girl who is fond of fishing. All you need to do is find out where and when the competition will take place. The big advantage is that at such events, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with a lady in the flesh. In case of mutual sympathy, you can invite her for a cup of coffee after the competition.

date a fisherwoman

Tips for a romantic fishing trip with your woman

Fishing with your girlfriend is a great way to spend time together. Scenic outdoors, fresh air, and delicious food cooked over a campfire will make your leisure time unforgettable. Moreover, this is a very original idea for a romantic date. So, let's consider some effective tips for making a romantic fishing trip with your girlfriend fun and memorable.

Find an appropriate place

Popular places full of fishermen are not suitable for a romantic date. Therefore, try to find a quiet, secluded corner of nature. It's totally cool if there is a place for a fire and a tent on the shore. Moreover, do not forget about safety. Find out if there are vipers, ticks, poisonous spiders, or other potential annoyances. Also, there should be fish in the water. It doesn't have to be huge and hungry, ordinary schools of small gluttonous fish like redfins will do nicely. 

Consider a date on a toll lake

Everything is much simpler with this option. Of course, it will be more expensive, but at the same time, you are provided with a great catch and a list of additional services: a shelter range, a canopy, wood-fired grill, rental tackle, fish cleaning, as well as cooking barbecue, fish soup, and other culinary delights.

Determine the time for your trip

It is better to go fishing for a couple of days. An alternative option is to spend the night in a tent and start the fishing process half an hour before sunrise. Why so early? Because this is the most romantic time! No bustle. No vain rushing around. Just mellifluous silence, interrupted only by the rustling of leaves and the croaking of especially zealous frogs. And, of course, the sunrise itself. And you two, wrapped in a warm blanket, hugging and listening to nature. These moments, like the date itself, are truly unforgettable. No doubt, this is one of the best ideas to date a girl who loves fishing! 

What to take on a trip

You have to take quite a lot of things. Mosquito repellent is a must-have. Antiseptics and adhesive plasters will not be superfluous too. Also, take care of the comfort: take a tent, folding chairs, a supper cloth, a throw blanket, and a change of clothes. Moreover, you will need utensils, matches, skewers, napkins, and a knife. Take food and drinks, and don't forget fishing rods, nets, and bait.

Make a small miracle

It may be barbaric, but catch the goldfish. This is not so difficult to do. You can buy an aquarium goldfish at a pet store. Put in a jar, close tightly, and hide in a bag. During the fishing process, wait for your girlfriend to be distracted, get the fishing rod out of the water and hook the goldfish. Then, just wait for the return of your beloved. She will be very surprised!

Bottom line

The number of fisherwomen is growing because this is a wonderful activity that helps to relax and escape from the daily bustle. If you want to find a girl who will share your passion for fishing, take advantage of modern Internet technologies – this is the easiest and fastest way to meet your soul mate. Go on a romantic fishing trip following the tips above, and you will definitely impress a lady you like. We wish you a great catch!