Many people think that conversation starters are cheesy and outdated, leaving thousands of opportunities behind.  If used wisely, conversation starters can be the beginning of a very fruitful relationship. But, like with many things in the dating game, you have to do it wisely.  How do women like to be approached? What are their pet peeves when it comes to making contact? How do you get better at approaching women if you don't have conversation starters listed out in your little notebook?

These are the best conversation starters that will save your life someday.

funny conversation starters for texting

Main rules of making text conversation starters to meet women

Not every woman is easily approachable on the Internet, and that’s a fact. You need to come up with good conversation starters for texting to make the girl excited. She has to feel safe and secure when talking to a stranger online. If you come off as too self-assured or rude, she might run away and hide, thinking you are a creep. So go slow and listen to the following rules: 

Respect her

Everything a woman wants in a relationship is respect. You don’t have to be a top-notch flirt machine if you have the skills to be respectful and timid from the start. Women hate sexist jokes that objectify their bodies. They dislike you mentioning weight, height, other assets, bodily fluids, marriage status, age, and many more risky topics. If you don’t want to get in cold water, start with something lighthearted and low-key. Respectful phrases are more important than funny conversation starters for texting. 

Focus on her interests

Some of the best Tinder conversation starters always begin with mentioning a peculiar detail you saw in the photo. It’s rarely about the looks and her butt. Focusing on her interests will give you a greater perspective. Look at it from a practical point of view. You do not want to remember all of her interests to get in her panties. If you like a girl in the future, remembering about her hobbies will significantly reduce the time of “melting ice,” as both of you already had enough time getting to know each other. 

Always watch closely if a girl shares her favorite pastime and hobbies on the Internet. Noticing her artwork or a link to an Etsy store would be much cooler than commenting on her big boobs the way thousands of men did before you, and would probably do after you. 

The profession of a girl is always a good source of ideas

Almost every dating site or social media has a profession mentioned. Use that as leverage and a trampoline to start a high-quality conversation. You want to act as curious as possible and praise the girl for having such an exciting job. Cheer her up and say that you would gladly use her services (unless she is a mortician.) Women love to be seen for their careers and personalities, so be that one person who constantly hypes women up. Ask a girl what is her University degree if she has any, what was her favorite profession in school years; that would be one of the best text conversation starters. Mention your profession and let it be a natural friendly convo about the similarities and differences you have. 

Be funny, but keep a tact

Best conversation starters for texting always involve a funny note. However, there is a fine line between being funny and obscure. If you want to win her heart, try to be friendly-funny and rather quirky. Not everyone understands dark humor. Avoid degrading and sexist jokes, remarks about her appearance, racist or homophobic stuff. You can get spicier adding more flavor to humor later on, but it’s best if you test the waters first, getting to know her borders and her literary style. Women like funny conversation starters over text, but only those that apply to a certain situation and don’t insult her or her family.

text conversation starters

List of top conversation starters for texting

Funny conversation starters

1. If both of us keep silent, then how are we going to get married? Someone has to say it. 

2. I saw you on social media in “seeking a partner in crime” personals. I would commit any crime for you. 

3. Why do you keep uploading pictures this good? Aren’t you afraid they are going to get stolen and placed in the Louvre? 

4. When did you get up? They say the sun goes up at 6 AM!

5. What’s the difference between you and my blood? The blood rushes through my heart, and you decide to stay there. 

6. Why can’t I save your picture on my phone? I need to have it so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas. 

7. I bet my friends for $20 I would get a reply from the coolest girl. How do you want to split the money? 

8. I am an international superspy. Everyone who texted you before me was a supervillain. Gladly, you passed the test. Want to be my ally? 

9. If God exists, how come I don’t see you in my house?

10. You are not an AC, but you are cool as heck. 

Tinder conversation starters

1. Do you like hiking? 

2. Do you like fresh flowers? What are your favorite ones? 

3. Spicy or salty food?

4. I don’t want to be basic, but you’re beautiful.

5. Do you like Frank Ocean?

6. Who is your most favorite artist? Mine is X.

7. What is your most favorite ice cream flavor? 

8. Is this your god in the picture?

9. What is the smartest pun you received?

10. What are your pet peeves on this app? 

Interesting conversation starters

1. If you could make one thing known to the whole world, what would it be? 

2. What is your dream job? 

3. How would you define success?

4. Are you a family person? 

5. What was your most important revelation? 

6. If you could pick any city to live in, where would you live? 

7. Who are the three people you would immediately vibe with?

8. What is your aesthetic?

9. What do you think of millennials? 

10. How would you rate yourself if your life was a movie?

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Intimate conversation starters

1. You have a great smile, I am already in love. 

2. You are so charming, I forgot what I wanted to ask you. 

3. Your profile pic is so cute, I completely forgot all of my bullet points. Want to start over? 

4. What is your secret to being so beautiful?

5. What gods do I pray to look as blessed as you? 

6. I didn’t expect to find the girl from my dreams in real life!

7. What is your body count? Not asking about sex. Those eyes could kill millions. 

8. How do I slide in your DMs? Wait, I already did. Let’s make good use of it. 

9. I never understood that mushy crap, but looking at your pictures I definitely would. 

10. You make me feel so good on the inside. 

These were all the basic interesting conversation starters if you want to win a girl over the Internet. Use them wisely and good luck with your dating game!