It turns out that there are states where men have the opportunity to acquire a wife for themselves. Their culture allows them. It's hard to believe, but it really is the case. Each such country has its own rules, which are worth talking about in more detail. Purchasing a wife may not be something that is of interest to you, but this is certainly a possibility. Today we are going to list 10 of the best countries to find a loyal wife

countries to find a loyal wife


Here’s the first country to find a wife at. There are more than five hundred dating sites, wife finders in Russia, where more than sixty thousand women are available for selection by foreign men. It seems that everything is voluntary, but potential grooms need to pay in order to communicate with the girl they like. And some pay to have a wife matching their needs. This is a giant country, where there are many nationalities to choose from. These are loyal women who are great housewives and are excellent with children. The language barrier may be one of the downsides of such a relationship. 


Due to the political and economic chaos in Ukraine in recent years, the dating agency industry continues to flourish. Every day hundreds of foreigners come to meet local women with the help of translators, who receive a separate fee from potential suitors. 

Ukrainian is the best nationality to marry. These are beautiful women, they are great, caring, amazing with children, very traditional, and amazing all around. The language barrier can be an issue just like with Russian women, but other than that, such a relationship can be a bit pricy, but that’s it really. 


Are you looking for mail order wives? Serbia is home to ordinary women who are not afraid of housework and know how to take care of a man. At the same time, you can meet them in bars and cafes - it is enough to treat a girl you like and tell her that you have come from afar and for the sake of a serious relationship, and not for sex for just one night. Another way to find a bride is to make friends with local men and tell them about the purpose of your visit. New friends will introduce you to their single girlfriends if you're willing to pay for them at a bar or a café. 

Be prepared for the fact that a wedding in Serbia is a big event lasting several days, which attracts all relatives, up to second cousins and grand-nephews. The average budget for such an event is $ 5,000, but it will partially be paid off through gifts from relatives. 

country to find a wife


Are you interested in mail order wives? Hot Latins don't mind escaping their extremely dangerous country, where most men are either in jail or wanted, so they have to survive on their own. The Catholic ban on contraception has made many single mothers, which is certainly something that some men are looking for. So, there are a lot of hot women to choose from, but who knows, maybe they would be interested in a relationship with you just to leave their country, maybe not, you need to figure out this yourself. 


Polish women are some of the most beautiful ladies in Europe. At the same time, many of them have a good education, but this does not help to earn money in a country with a bad economy. Previously, Polish citizens left to work in the UK, but because of Brexit, they began to return home – due to low wages and hard work. 

Marriage is a good way out of the situation. Look for a girl who has already studied or worked in another country - then you will know that she is definitely ready to move and will not be looking for a way back after a couple of months after moving to a new country. 


More than 89% of US visas that are opened to Japanese women are related to marriage. The population in Japan is aging, and young Japanese people choose not to marry because they cannot afford to support a family. And to Western men, Japanese women seem 10-20 years younger than their real age. So, this is certainly a plus, these are beautiful women and very intelligent, but the cultural barrier can be an issue as the Japanese culture is quite unique. 

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The Philippines is another popular destination for sex tourists and mail ordered wives. This is not surprising considering that a night of love will cost you only $20. And, as you've probably figured out by now, countries with a high percentage of prostitutes are surprisingly good at finding a wife. 

But if the easiest way to look for a girl for the night is in Manila, then it is better to leave the capital for love for life. Travel through the villages and small towns, meet the girls you like and their families. Even the most beautiful of the local girls are very foreign-friendly and ready for marriage. Therefore, you have a good chance of finding a beautiful and intelligent wife who will happily return home with you. 


This is one of the best countries to find a wife at. Vietnam is in many ways similar to the Philippines - it also has a large number of sex workers and a high percentage of poor people. Therefore, here you will be able to find such a practice as marriages for money - men from other countries pay about $3200 and get a bride. However, they may not even meet the girl until the wedding day. 

But this method has its drawbacks (besides the moral aspect). If you give money for meeting your future wife and you are not deceived (and there is such a possibility), then try to get married in Vietnam. Marriages contracted in other countries are not recognized here, so there is always the possibility that your wife will run away from you to her homeland, where she will be considered a free woman. 

In order not to buy people for the sake of marriage, you can find a translator (one of the students) and go to local villages. First of all, you need to please the bride's parents - do not hesitate to ask if they need any help and how much they are counting on. 

Vietnamese women are known for their dedication and care - especially for a person who treats them well. So, behave like a gentleman and you will be able to return to your home with a sweet and kind wife (and solve language problems somehow on the spot). 


There are many tragic periods in the country's history - for example, the Khmer Rouge regime and the accompanying genocide. This set Cambodia back several decades and made it one of the poorest Asian countries. Therefore, Cambodian women take every opportunity to leave as far as possible. 

If you meet a woman you like, feel free to ask if she is married - tae anak riebkear haey ry now. Keep in mind that a Cambodian woman will live and have sex with a man only if he proposes to her (or at least declares her love - khnhom sralanh anak). 

To officially marry a Cambodian woman, a man must be under 50 years old and be a good earner. But in practice, you can go to a neighboring country (for example, Thailand) and get married there. Traditionally, the husband has to pay a ransom for the bride - from 1000 to 20,000 dollars (depending on the family's wealth and the girl's education). Plus, the family will need to send financial aid every month - about $ 100-300. 

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Sometimes Indonesia is considered to be the best country to meet a wife at. Indonesia is not only about sandy beaches and surfing, but also patriarchal traditions in which a man is a king in a family. A man here even has the right to take a second wife if the first cannot have children. 

Since girls are considered a burden on the family, they are trying to get married as soon as possible - so that a foreign groom does not even have to help the bride's family with money, it is enough just to express your desire to take her. 

To increase your chances of success, look for a girl from a family with many daughters. Make friends with her relatives, prove that you are a good person who can be trusted - and they themselves will persuade the girl to get married and help organize everything. You don't need much money to live in Indonesia, so you will have time to find yourself a good bride. 

Remember that in Indonesia there is a rule that the bride and groom must have the same religion. Even if you are an atheist or an agnostic, you have to pretend to be a believer for a while or you will not be issued a marriage certificate.