Having a love affair when traveling as an alternative recreation option is becoming more and more popular among men every year. Looking for easy and short-term pleasures, they are united by the desire to shake up their hormones and bring back the spice of sensations to life without compromising their reputation.

If you are interested in hookups with hot beauties outside your country, first of all, decide on the best countries for hookups. After all, the hottest and uninhibited women aren’t in every country. Let’s go over win-win places to get a vacation fling.

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Are European Women Open for Hookups?

It's commonly believed that men, due to their polygamy, are more prone to fleeting affairs. On the other hand, a woman always expects some kind of continuation from any relationship, including a hookup. But lately, the situation is leveling out — ladies in Europe increasingly choose spontaneous love without any commitment. Primarily young girls treat flirting and affairs as a regular but delightful things. In some countries, such as Spain or Italy, couples don't mind flirting even in the presence of their partners. Therefore, the strict European mores have almost disappeared into oblivion.

Best European Hookups Countries

At first glance, it seems that sex is the same everywhere, except for personal preferences. In fact, in different countries, making love differs dramatically. For some people, hookup is a way of self-expression and part of the culture, while others look for entertainment and satisfaction. We decided to find out how people from around the world treat hookups and build their relationships.


In Sweden, young people have a straightforward attitude. Swedes can discuss their sex life with colleagues and friends without hesitation. Female lovers are excellent here. They love experiments and can satisfy even the most insatiable man. Marriage of convenience rather than love is also common in this country. And yes, ladies love it when males take the initiative. It's unlikely that anyone will resist if you start flirting and show your affection. There are no taboos in the intimate sphere in Sweden, and people are as liberated as possible, so the violence level is much lower than in other European countries. When it comes to dating in Sweden, the trends are similar to the rest of the Western world, where the Internet is the most popular way to meet people. 


Indeed, lots of people know that many pornographic movies are shot there. Perhaps, the desire to find a "celebrity" in the film industry attracts males to Budapest for a short-term romance. But that is not the only reason, which makes the capital of Hungary one of the most visited European cities. Hundreds of Budapest's striptease bars and sex shops have become best known for their cleanliness, elegant interiors, quality products, and lack of vulgarity. It's not even about adult movies. Most girls are very liberated in Hungary and see nothing wrong with having an affair with an attractive foreigner. After all, youth is for having fun and making vivid memories.


Ukrainians are considered to be almost the most beautiful ladies on the Earth. They have sexy bodies and pretty faces. And they owe this only to nature and not to plastic surgeons. For example, a regular summer beach vacation and just contemplating the sunbathing nymphs won't be an easy strength test, even for the most loyal representative of the male sex. It's not tough to get acquainted with girls for both serious relationships and a simple affair. If you aren't planning anything serious, you should visit a bar or club. Most Ukrainian young women speak English, so there is no language barrier.  Local beauties aren't shy in talking about what they want in sex, without a hint, just straight to the point. Moreover, Ukrainian women like to get pleasure, and they also love to give it to their partners. 

The Netherlands

This country is famous for its free morals. Prostitution is legalized here, and sex education lessons are taught.  All aspects protect sexual minorities. The disabled are even given a special subsidy from the state to hire sex workers. In general, in Holland, sex is considered not so much for reproduction but pleasure. Every Dutch person has the right to enjoy it. And yes, in this country, you can even walk naked in the streets as long as you do not distract the drivers. So, finding a pretty woman who doesn't mind having a good time isn't a big problem. In no case does it not show her poor moral character. Hookups are just common here.

The United Kingdom

Can't you believe your eyes? Yes, this prim European country is one of the most sexually active. Physical desire is loved here even more than tea at 5 o'clock. It's a pretty free country in this respect. Many people get acquainted on the Internet and spend long hours on dating sites. A third of the British prefer to make love in the car. And that doesn't matter whether a couple is just dating or has been married for many years. Women don't mind the intimacy of having intimate right on the first date. They like "dirty talk" in bed and caress in a public place. In general, most modern-day women are open to hookups with foreigners, realizing that it's just a kind of enjoyable activity. Still, there are the high society ladies who still think sex is a taboo subject.

European Hookups Countries

Main Rules of Successful and Healthy Hookups

Love adventures in the countries for Tinder hookups can be magnificent and bright if you prepare in advance, of course. First of all, psychologically. That makes no difference why you decided to do it — distract from the thoughts of a recent breakup or out of love for sex. The main thing is to remember a few rules.

Find the Right Couple

Your sexual partner should be at least physically pleasant to you and want the same things that you do. The whole Internet, with its dating sites and applications, is at your disposal for your search.

Set the Boundaries in Advance

You both need to clearly understand that you're looking for the same, and there won't be any follow-ups. If possible, even before the date, discuss the details, expectations, and preferences so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Keep in Mind Your Protection

It's crucial your date was not only without psychological but also without physical consequences. So, don't rely on anyone, and stock up on condoms. And refuse offers to do without them.

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Conversation Topics May Differ in the Best Places for Hookups

If you manage to talk at all before or after sex, don't switch to personal topics. Don't share information about family or loved ones. Food, TV shows, sports, weather... How many things can a man and a woman chat about?

Don't Give Up on Romance

There's little joy in mechanical sex without emotion, so don't deprive yourself of a pre-warm-up flirtation. Your date can be very romantic, and you will give each other a lot of tenderness and pleasant feelings. Just be aware of the fact that it’s not real. 

Love affairs on vacation are the best cure for a broken heart or long lonely nights, and just from the depression and moping. There are a lot of places where you can relax and get pleasure. So, if you are not burdened with a serious relationship, are familiar with contraception, and are ready for adventure — go ahead!