It takes a lot of courage to venture to ask a girl out on a date. However, all the worries and anxieties immediately pass away when we hear the long-awaited consent. But we rarely think about what to do next. Where to ask a young girl out on a date so that it will be remembered for her whole life and become the beginning of a long, happy relationship? We have prepared 10 great ideas for old men young women dating!

old men young women dating

Do young women and older men like the same dates?

A young girl requires a different approach on the first date than a mature woman. And it's not so much about age as about life principles, attitudes, priorities, values, preferences, etc. Why not all older men manage to win the heart of a young lady? Because they do not understand the difference in women's thinking at various ages, consequently, they make a lot of mistakes on the first date.

Older men like calm and measured dates, while younger girls prefer active and interesting pastimes. So, your dates with a young lady don't have to be boring and predictable. Be creative, open-minded, and receptive to her ideas and interests. Even if you think, "What have I not seen here?" or "I'm too old for all this" – don't refuse. Maybe everything will be otherwise with this particular woman, and you will see life in a different light. This is one of the delights of young women dating older men!

First date ideas with a younger girl

Despite their maturity and great life experience, many old men still feel a kind of insecurity when it comes to the first date with a woman they like. But you have no occasion for concern since there is a list of the best young women dating ideas!


No matter how romantic the idea of asking a girl out to a crowded restaurant or a nightclub seems to you, loud music and a large number of people around will definitely not help you to win the girl's heart. Therefore, choose places where you can clearly hear each other, sit comfortably, relax, and have a snack! Perfect ideas for a first date with a younger lady are a hookah bar or a cozy restaurant. Such places are liked by all women, without exception.

best young women dating ideas

Coffee date

A visit to a coffee shop does not claim to be "the most original date of the year", but it has several advantages:

  • This is a budget option for the first meeting with a girl.
  • You can easily arrange such a date in winter or in bad weather.
  • The smell of natural coffee is pleasant to most people. Scientists have found that the aroma of this drink not only invigorates and helps to cope with stress but also makes women happy.
  • A leisurely conversation in a coffee shop is a great option for a date at any time of the day.
  • In such establishments, you are unlikely to meet drunken or violent individuals and other inadequate people. The atmosphere in coffee shops is always pleasant and relaxing.
  • Downtown walk

This option for men dating young women is appropriate only for warm and sunny weather. Such a way of spending time will give you an opportunity to talk a lot and get some fresh air. In addition, you can impress a girl by buying her cotton candy, a cute bouquet of flowers, or a whole bunch of balloons. Although this idea may seem childish to you, believe us, all young women love it when men take care of them like of a child. If the lady refuses you in such a walk, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the commercialism of her plans in relation to you.


If you know that your chosen one loves active pastimes, then rollerdrome is a great option for your first date. Adrenaline will foster attraction between you. Moreover, you will be able to establish physical contact – to hold each other's hands while rollerblading. And this is already a very important step for the development of your relationship! If you don't know how to roller skate, do not hesitate to confess this to the girl – let her show you a couple of lessons. If the lady visits rollerdrome for the first time, feel free to help your beloved and teach her how to ride.

Bicycle ride

Cycling is a great way to have fun and get a lot of positive emotions. If you want to really surprise a girl, rent a tandem bike. This is a wonderful first date idea! This way, you will be able to communicate comfortably with each other during the entire ride. Moreover, a tandem bike is a great opportunity to demonstrate your physical fitness – for example, if the girl wants to rest, you can drive the bike on your own steam.

Outdoor concert

Even if you are a rock fan and she is a rap lover, you will surely find some common ground for your musical tastes when choosing a concert to attend on the first date. And if not, you can visit a performance of some unknown local band and then share your impressions with each other. Also, you can arrange a surprise date for the lady you like and buy tickets for the concert of her favorite musical group. She will be extremely happy!

Limousine ride

If your lady is a tiffany nature, give her a ride around the night city in a limousine with a bottle of champagne and exotic fruits. Of course, it will cost you a pretty penny, but your woman will remember such a dreamy date for a long time. What is more, this is one of the most original first date gift ideas. Tender music, exquisite alcohol, and just the two of you… What could be better? This option is more suitable for those men who are determined to proceed to intimacy as soon as possible. 

dates with a young lady


Another good date idea is attending a workshop or master class. After all, doing something together brings people closer, and this is one of your main goals at the first meeting with a younger woman. Moreover, you can choose a suitable option from a wide variety of master classes. For example, you can attend a workshop on sushi making, acting, wine tasting, or photo taking. Also, a master class on making chocolates would be a good choice. Such a date will be not only dynamic and fun but also quite romantic. 

Dancing class

Get the courage and do it! Young women still want to dance and appreciate men who are willing to give them such an opportunity and become their partners. Be guided by a girl's preferences – go to a club, to a master class, or a trial lesson in Latin American, classical, or modern dances.

Dolphinarium or zoo

It's no secret that 90% of young women love animals. In a zoo or dolphinarium, a girl will receive a lot of bright emotions and pleasant memories for a lifetime. Therefore, give her a pony ride or swimming with dolphins, and she will definitely want to meet you again!

Have fun but remember about the respect

In any case, wherever you ask a young woman out on a first date, remember that the main thing is to have respect for each other's feelings, needs, and desires. What's more, try to be yourself, show your positive sides, and remember to think about what your beloved wants at the moment. Therefore, you will be able to win the heart of any woman you like!