Depression is not an easy life period. Feeling blue and suffering from a clinical diagnosis is somewhat different. If you can successfully recover from seasonal blues, depression puts you in an extremely difficult position, making you want to avoid human contact at all costs. However, it is a dangerous tactic as you constantly need someone to communicate with.

The matter becomes more difficult if you have no one to support you at the moment. That is why people invented the depression rooms and support groups to unite like-minded folks and help them overcome this uneasy state of mind. Here are the best chat rooms for people with depression you will come across on the Internet.

chat rooms for people with depression

Top 10 chat rooms for depression and anxiety: 

7 Cups

If you're looking for the place to provide high-quality psychotherapy, as well as constant support and communication, 7 Cups sounds like the answer to your prayers. Here, you can talk to people through video calls and audio messages. These are the random people who volunteered to be the listener. However, all of them are trained to professionally help depression sufferers. You can call them any time of the day and talk about your problems. 

Moreover, the site is completely anonymous and doesn't leak personal information. Active listeners have to complete support courses so that depression sufferers received first-class help. Not only can you meet someone online, but you also can receive help from a professional psychotherapist.


Although the site has an ironic name, BlahTherapy serves a higher purpose by helping depression sufferers connect through the Internet and share their problems. This anonymous site looks like a chat room where you can choose to become an active listener or the person whose turn is to talk. Everything here is mutual and consensual, so you should feel no shame when venting and sharing even those problems you may find ridiculous. There isn't a topic you should not address because people here are understanding and kind-hearted. The site also has anonymous chats where you can talk to someone one on one. It is considered one of the best depression and anxiety chat rooms. 


If you are feeling that pouring your heart out will not be enough in this situation, eTherapy offers you professional help from the best therapists in the world. It is very convenient because here, you can connect to professionals from the comfort of your home. If you're suffering from depression and anxiety, have no sleep, or have suicidal thoughts, the site provides you with sensible and quick help that will make you feel better at least temporarily. This platform was made to provide professional help so that people with depression feel secure and start to believe in life again. The site is very specific, providing better eating habits and other healthcare advice for anyone in need.

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Going to therapy may not align with your daily schedule. Moreover, most depression sufferers don't have the mental capacity to leave their house. Some of them are too embarrassed to go outside because of not showering or sleep deprivation. BetterHelp understands the issue and wants to help everyone in this difficult position. 

Here, you will be matched not with a stranger who will listen to your chit-chat, but with a professional therapist who will be able to provide high-class help for those who don't want to visit the therapist in person. You can talk to your doctor by texting them, video calling, or voice messaging. You are the one who schedules therapeutic sessions and gets to sit in a set of pajamas, which is great and very relieving!


Although this service doesn't concentrate on depression sufferers, here you have high chances of meeting single women online. TalkWithStranger is a friendly community of people who unite by certain common interests, forming groups and collective chats. Here, you can also join a random chat with strangers who exchange their media, including photos, videos, and voicemails. This site allows you to discuss various topics and get distracted from somber thoughts. On this website, you may receive random pieces of wisdom, such as cleaning your depression room or getting relationship advice. This website also features representatives of many nations, being one of the best depression chat rooms for adults.


When it comes to depression chat rooms, image boards are the best place to provide support online because these are real people with real problems. Depression sufferers who use Reddit often note that they feel like being heard and being a part of a bigger community. Not only does r/Depression provide genuine feedback from like-minded people who also suffer or suffered from depression, but many of them can also recommend professional help and give adequate advice on the topic. People recognize each other's struggles and wholeheartedly want to provide support at the same minute.

r/Anxiety’s Discord

Although Discord is often overlooked and thought to be your average teenage app, it is simply not true. This subreddit gives a great perspective on mental health and tackling anxiety problems among teenagers and young people. If you are an anxiety sufferer, you have a great chance of sharing your story with the public and asking for adequate advice. The best thing is, is you will be heard and provided with help. Discord always had a supportive community of like-minded people.

single women online

Gamers Fighting Depression

If you are a computer gamer suffering from depression, you can be seen and heard through this Discord group. If you are thinking that being involved with video games is a shameful way of coping with depression, here you have a chance of meeting people who will prove you otherwise. There is nothing bad about escapism unless it destroys you with immeasurable speed. Discord gamers are often frowned upon, so are the depression support chat rooms. However, this chat is the epitome of helpfulness, made to lighten up someone's mood and get them distracted from sad thoughts.

Crisis Text Line

If things are getting out of hand, you might need a crisis counselor to guide you through this uneasy process of getting rid of depression. Because counseling should be taken seriously, the professional team of online psychologists is ready to answer any of your questions and provide immediate help. All the communication usually happens through texting, so you have to be ready to read lengthy texts and receive important advice on depression and ways of tackling it. Professionally trained communicators have a 24/7 policy, waiting online and trying as hard as possible to understand the issue. It is an automatized process, that is why people take chat rooms for adults with depression seriously,  especially Crisis Text Line. 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Chat

Are getting critical, a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is ready to react ASAP, providing essential help in critical situations. The site has a calling and a texting line for everyone in need.

Although depression is exhausting and tiring, there are multiple ways to combat it. Most of these ways are done in an environment of supportive and positive people. That is why chat rooms for depression exist. You will be provided with essential help and consulted on important topics as soon as possible. Depression is curable, and you will overcome it.