Odessa is often called “the pearl by the sea.” It is one of the most incredible Ukrainian cities with a unique flair and unforgettable women. Men from all over the world prefer this city as their first stop and a primary dating spot. Why are Odessa women so captivating to the eyes of a foreigner? Where to meet hot girls in this city and how to approach them?     meet hot girls

Main facts about Odessa girls

Odessa Ukraine women are girls you’ve never seen before. They managed to collect incredible polarity in their character. These girls have a razor-sharp tongue and when a Kyiv girl can politely smile, a Southern lady will give it to you without second-guessing. These women have a quick temper and don’t like to sit around. Some of the most intelligent girls in Ukraine, Odessa girls are quick with their puns and have Sherlock-level deduction when it comes to exposing a cheating boyfriend out of jealousy and boredom. 

They are very liberated

Odessa women are truly untamed. They always travel and seek opportunities. These girls do not like to become someone’s second-best option because of pride. They want to choose and run away first if needed. Odessa girls will quickly forget about a suitor who doesn’t pay them any mind, with the idea of being young and beautiful. 

They love having fun

Because Odessa is the capital of Ukrainian humor, it is natural that these women like having fun at all times, going clubbing, and having a time of their life at a restaurant. Odessa's mentality is based on a chill attitude; that is why where a capital girl would force herself to complete all the tasks with true diligence, an Odessa woman would like to delegate those tasks to her boyfriend and friends. And yes, women in Odessa like having many friends and going out much more frequently than busy and reserved Kyivans. These girls like chilling at the beach like Los Angeles women or sit in central cafes like good-old Parisian girls.  

They are really hardworking and persistent

Odessa women never lose. They fight for opportunities and are very stubborn when it comes to reaching goals. These girls don’t beat around the bush and would directly ask if something bothered them. It frequently happens that people from Lviv or Kyiv region call Odessa women “audacious” or “cheeky.” It is how they move in life. 

They care about their look and style

Because Odessa is a city of beach fashion, women are bolder and their style is louder than, say, industrious capital. It is completely okay to ride a bus in a bikini top or take a taxi being soaked in saltwater. These things are mundane to Odessa women. Overall, these girls prefer hills and colorful makeup because, in the summer, the whole city looks like a fiesta. 

They can't live without the sea

Although Odessa women say that “no true Odessa resident ever visits the beach,” these women really can’t live without the sea, becoming home-sick anytime they leave the city. Because the city is a place for solitude and fun, parties, and first kisses for many Odessa women, they will never forget the privilege of living by the huge body of water. To be precise, a whole living organism. 

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Where to meet girls in Odessa

There aren’t that many places to date in Odessa. Comparing to Kyiv, you are bound by certain locations everyone attends in the high season. Here are some of the best places to meet an Odessa woman: 

A beach

Although you have more possibilities to meet a foreign lady in summer than meeting a true Odessa woman; they still go to the beach. Some girls intentionally go to places like Arcadia or Itaka to search for foreigners. If you want to look for someone more lowkey, try visiting less crowded beaches like Otrada or Luzanivka, or any of the “Stantsiya Velykoho Fontanu” beaches. 

A club

You have a chance to meet Ukraine ladies chilling at a club on a Friday night. These girls usually take their friends and have the time of their lives, dancing and waiting for a handsome foreigner to buy them a cocktail. 

In the street

Odessa women frequently go on promenades with their friends because the rhythm here can be described as “chill.” Odessa girls don’t rush anywhere preferring to keep their tempo. There is a high probability you can spot a beautiful girl in the street and talk to her. 

In the mall

These women love going shopping and chilling with their friends. They go to pop-up stores and supermarkets there, doing groceries, and meet up with colleagues. 

Cafes and restaurants

Odessa women often eat out with their friends, so you have every chance to meet a Ukrainian girl at the bar after work, or dining with a glass of wine during a weekend.

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Greatest places for dating in Odessa


A famous Odessa beach will become your first dating spot as a tourist. Although here you can’t see women in bikinis, it is a place for lux hotels and restaurants. Langeron is especially beautiful at night when neon lights hit the white floor. Here, you can come across Odessa ladies descending from the Path of Health (Trasa Zdorovya) on their bikes. 

Port Club

If you are into techno raves and want to meet another Odessa demographic, Port should be one of your dating spots. Here you can meet hipsters, as well as artsy people and beginner entrepreneurs. Rave music may not be for everyone, but at least you will see a different side of Odessa nightlife. 

Park Residence

Park Residence is a restaurant complex in the center of Odessa, meant for high-end luxurious women who own businesses. Here, you can chat with masterminds of the city, and get yourself a date. It’s a good place for wining and dining, dancing and chilling. 

Mantra Beach Club

Because Odessa is known for its nightlife during the high season, most foreign men choose clubs and restaurants as places to find a sexy Odessa woman. Here, girls chill with cocktails by the poolside, read magazines, talk, and listen to some tunes. If you want to dance and throw a party with a colorful cheerful Odessa girl, it’s the best bet. 


Although you are not going to real Ibiza, the feel is truly Mediterranean. How to date women in Odessa? Go to a club by the beach to see concerts of Ukrainian and foreign stars and look at sexy women dancing from dusk till dawn. 


Now if you want to see historic Odessa, you may visit Privoz, a legendary market. Here, people don’t “do” groceries. They “make” groceries, as they would say in New Orleans. 

Vulytsia Derybasivska 

Vulytsia Derybasivska or De Ribas Street is the main pedestrian street lots of locals and foreigners visit to have an evening promenade. It has everything: colorful ponies, lovely cafes, street dancers, and, of course, beautiful women. This street is among the first things to see in Odessa.    

Primorsky Boulevard

Here, by the Potemkin Stairs, you can come across women walking down to Istanbul park with friends and family. Here you can see a statue of the Duke of Richelieu, the first Governor of Odesa, go to the Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet to meet Ukrainian girls. 

Odessa women are incredible, smart, sexy, beautiful, and with a zest for life. Would you dare and date one today? 

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