They say that Slavic women are the most expensive type. These girls know their worth and are not afraid to accept gifts from foreign men. On the other hand, some people frown upon Ukrainian women because they are so high-maintenance, thinking that every girl expects gratification from her man. But is it so?

So how much do Ukrainian mail order brides cost? Will it be cheaper and easier to find a good mail-order service, or is it better to try on your own? What are the odds you will be together after all of those expenses?

Ukrainian mail order brides

Do Ukrainian women want to leave their homeland and why?

Some evil foreigners say that Ukrainian women are only after money. Oh well, people may believe what they are inclined to believe. There is a list of reasons why  Ukraine is still a developing country where women have every chance to be opportunistic. Here are some of them:    

Brides of Ukraine want to travel the world

Indeed, the majority of Ukrainians from smaller cities have never been abroad. So can you blame them for using every chance to live in a different country and try something new from time to time?

Ukrainian men are often abusive

Because Ukraine is a patriarchal country, abuse here is institutionalized without women understanding something is going wrong with their families. Because no one explains that emotional and physical abuse should be reported to the police, not silenced and enforced, women strive for international connections intuitively because they know that foreign men are more gentle.

In search of a better life

It would be a lie to say that Ukrainian women don't want to live on another level. It doesn't mean that all of them are gold-diggers because their amount of effort with a foreign man is unmatched. Selfless and caring, Ukrainian women would give all of them away to someone who would show them equal appreciation and a positive approach.

How much does it cost to meet a bride from Ukraine

Ukrainian women are a pricier choice than your local ladies because, well, they live abroad. So how much does a mail-order bride from Ukraine cost? Are they an appropriate option for a middle-class man? What will be your primary expenses?

Distant gifts

Even though Ukraine is not the wealthiest country globally,  native men are used to dishing out money on their women. Even if thousands of miles separate you, you cannot skip birthday presents or anniversary flowers. Things like coupons, toys, bouquets, jewelry, and other gifts are normal for long-distance relationships. These will cost you from $2 to thousands of dollars, depending on the impression you want to build. Additionally, international shipping companies take their fee, making these gifts even more expensive. Add delivery services, and you will receive an impressive sum of money for the cheapest gift.


A usual tourist visa will cost her $160 to $190. So it is relatively cheap and non-petition-based. However, if we're talking about a US citizen spouse visa, this will cost her $265.

mail-order bride from Ukraine


Plane tickets have different costs depending on what airlines you use and how early she buys them. These will cost $800 to $2,000, respectively. Of course, the closer you get those tickets to the date of departure, the more expensive they will be. Additionally, commercial flights drastically differ from first-class flights. It all depends on how much money you want to dish out on your girl. Although Ukraine mail-order wives are not against commercial flights, it is better not to be greedy during her first trip. You work on your image, after all.


Lodging can be expensive if you choose to stay separately during your trip. If you want to book a hotel for your girl, it may cost between $100 to $2,000, respectively. Everything depends on your city, the type of accommodation, the duration of her stay, and the quality of lodging. Of course, you can send a girl to the motel or ask her to move in with you right away, but will it be the right choice? She is a stranger, after all, who deserves special treatment.

Date expenses

A bride from Ukraine wants to feel desired as a woman and cared for once she arrives in your country. Your date expenses may vary from $10 to thousands of dollars because these are your choices. If you want to go on a standard first date, your lunch and flowers will cost you around $30 to $60. However, impressing a girl of her level may take much more than that. Calculate all of those expenses depending on where you go, what you will eat, what transport you will use, and how many dates you will have together while she stays in your country.


Gifts are a separate topic because there is no way someone can calculate those expenses. You already understand that everything depends on your status, financial possibilities, occasion, desire to impress a girl, and other important factors. Generally, women expect the following gifts:

  • Jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Sweets
  • Gift cards
  • Home decoration elements

Is it cheaper to use mail-order brides services?

Talking about Ukrainian bride costs,  is it cheaper to use special mail-order bride services or do it yourself?

If you apply logical sense, it's easy to understand that special services charge money for their help. Although it might be easier and faster to transport a girl to your country, these services take additional money for qualified translator's help, drivers and couriers, parties and special people who meet your women at the airport when you don't have enough time. The services are not cheap, so you will have to prepare to dish money for professional help. Generally speaking, it is cheaper to talk to a girl outside of these international services and arrange all of that yourself if you want to save money.

Ukraine mail-order wives

How much does a visa for a Ukrainian bride cost? How to get it?

As it was said before, most non-petition-based visas will cost your girl $160, while the petition-based visa will be $190.  If the girl you are inviting to the US is your future fiancé or spouse, the procedure will cost $265. Applying for a visa will start with visiting the US Embassy in Ukraine. Then, your girl will have to leave the application and receive a call within two business days. Non-immigrant visas need a DS-160 online form, appointment confirmation letter, and all the health documents connected to the global pandemic.

Generally speaking, Ukraine brides free relationships will be cheaper than pursuing a girl over a foreign bride service. Most Ukrainian women don't know much about traveling abroad, especially since America is a country with strict rules regarding traveling and receiving a visa. It is recommendable for you to assist this process and help the girl with most documents and application forms. Dating a girl from Ukraine is not as expensive as you thought. Gifts and lodging are common expenses you would most likely spend money on regardless of a girl's nationality. It will also take some time and money to transport a woman to your country. But all in all, it's worth it, right?