First of all, Ukrainian women are beautiful. And they always knew how to look irresistible — from the ancient times of “namysto” and “khustinki” to the present days of modern business suits.

Ukrainian girls really have many advantages. They are hardworking, musical, insanely artistic, and know how to create space where man will feel like a king. And, of course, they are gentle, lovely, caring, and kind mothers.

Therefore, men all over the world want to make them their brides! We're gonna help you with this and have selected the 10 best cities to meet women in Ukraine for you!

Top 10 best cities to meet a wife in Ukraine

If you’re wondering how to find a Ukrainian wife, let us tell you a little secret: you can find a beautiful, smart, modern and kind girl in any city in the country! Most single Ukrainian women are open to new acquaintances with foreigners.

However, if this is your first time in Ukraine, we recommend you to head to one of the cities with booming tourism, lots of attractions, modern infrastructure, dynamic nightlife, where most women speak English fluently.


best cities to meet women in Ukraine

This is maybe, the best city in Ukraine to find a wife! Women from all over the country come to the capital to study, build a career and find a soul mate. Therefore, here you can find a girl for every taste: fashionable and conservative, dark and pale, blondes, brunettes, and redheads!

The peculiarities of local women: tolerant and democratic, educated and striving for knowledge, have a business spirit and a clear speech, open to foreigners, always know how to dress elegantly and look irresistible.

Where to find single girls:

  • Business centers: Horizon Park, Podol Plaza, Renaissance.
  • Cafés: Jam, Bibliotech, Vogue, Monaco.
  • Streets: Andriyivskyy descent, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Dnieper/Obolonskiy embankment.
  • Malls: Dream town, Ocean Plaza, SKYMALL, Cosmopolit.
  • Bars and nightclubs: Hitchcook, Caribbean, SkyBar.


Odessa is called “a pearl near the sea”, or “the southern capital of the country”, it is one of the best cities to meet women and build romantic relationships. This European-looking resort city has its unique atmosphere, its fascinating history, its own identity that you won’t find anywhere else!

The peculiarities of local women: sincere, hospitable, represent a unique fusion of relaxation and emotionality, love looking chic at any time of the day or night, have an excellent sense of humor, modern, colorful, eloquent, have a creative mindset, responsive, self-confident and hardy, have a business mind.

Where to find single girls:

  • Beaches: Lanzheron, Arcadia (Ibiza, Itaka, Bono beach), Caleton, Luzanovka.
  • Cafés: Corvin pub, Bernardazzi, Dacha, Kumanets, Sophie.
  • Streets: Deribasovskaya, Grecheskaya, Lanzheronovskaya, Primorsky Boulevard
  • Malls: KADORR City Mall, Sady Pobedy, Aurum Art Centre.
  • Bars and nightclubs: Flacon, Fitz, Steam, Morgan.


Having arrived in this city once, you will fall in love forever with its atmospheric streets and incredibly beautiful architecture, various cafes with unique interiors, flower verandas, delicious chocolate, coffee, and, of course, local women. If not here, then where to find a Ukrainian wife?

The peculiarities of local women: family-oriented, have a strong sense of patriotism, sensual, feminine, adore coffee and chocolate. Oh, and they look different from the women elsewhere in the country, resembling more of Polish women than the “typical” Ukrainian women).

Where to find single girls:

  • Malls and shopping districts: Forum Lviv, Roksolana, Vam.
  • Romantic restaurants or cocktail bars: Baczewski, Terrazza, Valentino.
  • Parks: Stryiskyi, Zalizna Voda, The High Castle Park.
  • Bars & clubs: Hendrick’s, Fashion Club, Winston Churchill Pub, Libraria, FESTrepublic.


There are several of the biggest country’s universities in Kharkiv (which is why it is called “The City of Students”), so here you’ll feel the vibe of dynamic students’ life, meet some educated, well-read, and good-looking women. Even if you won’t find a wife here, then, at least, you’ll be able to have a really good time!

The peculiarities of local women: conservative and tradition-oriented, educated, friendly, optimistic, hospitable, know many foreign languages.

Where to find single girls:

  • Cafes and restaurants: Fortuna, Imbirniy Pryanik, Paris.
  • Night clubs: Panorama Lounge, Arizona, Radmir.
  • Malls: Class, Palladium, Cube.


best city in Ukraine to find a wife

Lutsk is another good place to find Ukrainian wife. It’s worth mentioning that people here aren’t “spoiled” as they may be in the capital and big touristic cities, so they’re always ready to help a foreign person and show you the place.

The peculiarities of local women: strong, brave, proud of their culture and traditions, caring, talented, patient, emotional.

Where to find single girls:

  • Malls: Varshavskiy, Port City, Image.
  • Restaurants: Korona Vitovta, Basilik, Mojo Family.
  • Café: Gold Ducat, Coffee Room, Croissants of Lvov.
  • Night clubs: Ring Dj Cafe, Versailles, Opera dance club.
  • Other places: “Old Lutsk” Reserve, Market square, park them. 900th anniversary of Lutsk.


Vinnytsia is a small, but very European-looking city: clean and well-groomed, with many alleys and parks, beautiful old architecture, and bicycle paths along the sidewalks. Also, here, you’ll see the calm life of a small town and won’t need to compete with other men in getting Ukrainian brides’ attention.

The peculiarities of local women: proud and independent, authoritarian, self-reliant, smart, generous, thrifty, obstinate.

Where to find single girls:

  • Cafes and restaurants: FreshLine sandwich-bar, Biblioteque, Red Zeppelin.
  • Bars & clubs: Hide and Seek, Beef Eater, Beer & Blues Art Pub.
  • Other places: Roshen light and music fountain, Planetarium, Liverpool square, "Autophototeleradio” retro museum.


The city is called “Ukrainian New York” because there are many modern high-rise buildings — business centers and shopping malls. The infrastructure of the city is quite developed and convenient. Keep in mind that most of the residents speak Russian.

The peculiarities of local women: proud, have a sober outlook on things, economic, reliable, honest, purposeful, self-sufficient, strong-willed, and independent.

Where to find single girls:

  • Malls: Passage, Daffee, “Most” city center.
  • Restaurants: Reporter, Portofino, Confetti, DoubleDecker Cake & Coffee.
  • Night clubs: Banka, White Beach Bartolomeo, Cotton.  
  • Parks: Shevchenko park, Rocket park, Sevastopol park.

Poltavawhere to find a Ukrainian wife

Poltava looks like it was made for romantic promenades. The downtown is quite nice with lots of fascinating malls, stores and places to relax, have fun and meet someone.

The girls here are especially friendly, open, and pretty, so it’s a good place to search for a soul mate. Here, you won’t have any problems meeting a woman that wants to make new friends!

The peculiarities of local women: attractive, friendly, polite, sympathetic, kind, open, original, flexible, modern, respectful.

Where to find single girls:

  • Malls: Sorochinsky fair, Zlato Misto, Picture gallery of Poltava.
  • Restaurants: Cossachka, Palazzo, Meat Wood.
  • Night clubs: Podium, AliceHookah, Drunk Cherry.  


Chernihiv is a city with slow-paced life full of green parks and families with kids. The local women are very friendly, open, and seem to be very family-oriented. It’s a good place to escape the fast pace of life of Kyiv and meet someone special to share your happiness with and get to know your future bride better.

The peculiarities of local women: generous, welcoming, humorous, slightly relaxed, sensual, calm, open, and friendly.

Where to find single girls:

  • Restaurants:  Alfonso, Kardinal, Sushimi City.
  • Night clubs: Concert Hall ECHO, Diamond club, 777.
  • Other places: Anthony Caves, Desna River, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Square, Zolotoy Bereg.


Uzhgorod is a cozy European-style town, known as a “city of brides”. It even hosts the so-called “Bride Parade”, a colorful creative festival.

Here you can take a break from the endless rush of the megapolis, fully enjoy the slow-paced life and enjoy adventures!

The peculiarities of local women: modern, beautiful, open, European, calm, freedom-loving, hospitable, and benevolent.

Where to find single girls:

  • Restaurants:  Stefanio, “Entresol Mrs.Greenwich”, Kilikia, Kitchen.
  • Night clubs: Funky lounge, Apriori, Eila dance club.
  • Other places: Uzhgorod castle. Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore, Linden alley.

Meeting Ukrainian girls is easy!

As you can see, there are a lot of modern cities in Ukraine where life is literally in full swing! Ukrainian women have quite multifaceted characters, and if you are lucky enough to meet your love here, such a girl will become a wonderful wife!